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Itec 299 multimedia

  1. 1. Synthesis Project:Social/Collaborative LearningNicholas Duenas
  2. 2. Learning Preferences• In the beginning of the class I took the learning preferences survey. What I remember from the survey is that I was a visual, verbal, sensing, active, and learner. My learning preference quiz scores were active-7, sensual-9, visual-5, and sequential-3. The learning preferences that I was not so strong in were intuitive, global and sequential. My thinking has changed because I have learned what my strong points of learning are and what my weak points are. It has helped my learning overall now because I know now that I mainly a visual and active learner. Knowing this has benefited me a lot because I know the ways of studying that will benefit me the most. This has definitely made a huge difference on my personal learning success. The ways I use to study did not help as much yet after knowing what my best learning preferences were I have started to apply those preferences when studying and I have seen nothing but positive results. Nicholas Duenas
  3. 3. Learning Pathway• When the class first started I chose to be a learning warrior because I felt that this pathway was what I wanted to learn about.With this pathway I got to learn the more broader and deeper knowledge about multimedia technologies. The broader aspect of this quest was learning about how flash games work and how they can be used for education. When I did the multimedia activities I got deeper into the multimedia technology. When learning about the flash games and how they worked I started to understand that these games were designed for active and visual learners. I gained a lot of information through these activities and progressed much farther then I thought I would. As a learning warrior I got a chance to learn the broader and deeper details of multimedia technology. Nicholas Duenas
  4. 4. Learning Activities• Working on the multimedia activities were one of my favorite things to do in this class. I think I enjoyed it because the flash games and videos really engaged me into the topic. With most of the multimedia activities I learned with my active and visual learning preferences. The topic on the bridges gave me a broader understanding of how bridges are built especially the visual images as well as verbal images that showed the steps on how to build a bridge. In addition to that activity I thought “building the human body” activity was different from the others. I found it interesting because I got to apply what I knew from my anatomy class and tried to build a human body from scratch. It is hard to say if any of these activities would help learning with others because I feel that these activities are based for solely for learning alone. Nicholas Duenas
  5. 5. Exploration of Technologies forLearning: Screen Cast• For the technology quests I decided to explore screen cast, podcasts, and multimedia. Out of the three I feel that screen casts helped me the most with my visual and verbal learning. The screen casts were easy to follow because they both provided visual images and audio lectures. I found an individual on the Internet that makes screen cast for human anatomy. There are actually a lot of people who make screen casts for different topics such as history, science, and literature. I found that screen casts on Youtube were the most helpful for me because they provided visual images along with the audio. Nicholas Duenas
  6. 6. Exploration of Technologies forLearning: Podcasts• The second technology quests that I decided to explore were about podcasts. Personally I think that podcasts are useless and I do not see how anyone could learn with podcasts. Podcasts only provide audio and I feel that if someone wanted to learn with podcasts they would have to take notes while listening and keep rewinding over and over again to understand the material. Because my learning preferences are active, visual, sensual and sequential I think I would only use podcasts if it were the last resort. Podcasts would be better learning tools if they provided some visual images. Nicholas Duenas
  7. 7. Exploration of Technologies forLearning: Multimedia• The last technology quest that I explored was about multimedia. This technology helped the most because it made me learn through active, sensual and visual learning. I enjoyed working on the multimedia activities because they provided all the information and material I needed to successfully learn about that topic. On the Internet I found some websites where I could use multimedia to learn about anatomy. These websites provided quizzes where I could quiz myself on certain areas of the human body that were supported with words and images. The multimedia helped my learning because I am a visual and active learner. I thought these sites were fun to explore because they provided fun games along with interesting information. Nicholas Duenas
  8. 8. Synthesis• The multimedia technologies that I found most useful were the screen cast because I could use this technology as learning tools. When first learning about screen casts I did not think that I could ever use this type of technology as a learning tool yet I was definitely wrong once I got into deeper knowledge of screen casts. When searching up screen casts I was a little shocked at how many screen casts there were for different school subjects. In my opinion I feel that podcasts are useful learning tools and they should be stop being made for educational purposes. I would like to explore multimedia-learning tools deeper because I feel that they could benefit me. Multimedia learning tools are enjoyable activities to work on while learning. Nicholas Duenas
  9. 9. Synthesis Cont.• The social technology that benefited me the most was the website Youtube. On the website people could post and comment on videos. There are numerous screen casts on this website. As a visual learner screen casts have made my learning preferences a lot easier by providing visual images and audio that goes along with the images. Nicholas Duenas
  10. 10. What’s Next..• After this class is over I will continue to use my visual and active learning strategies. These strategies can be used during school presentations, work presentations and any other place one would have to use a presentation in. I feel that screen casts can be used to teach new employees the policies of the company or perhaps they can demonstrate how something works. I feel that podcasts are not and never will be good learning tools. The only positive thing about a podcast is that one can download the podcast onto their iphone/mp3 and have it where ever they go. Nicholas Duenas
  11. 11. What’s Next Cont..• I will definitely keep using screen casts as one of my main learning tools. I am surprised of all the things I can benefit from screen casts. I will absolutely be using screen casts in the future where its regarding school, a job, or a family party. I was searching around the Internet for the perfect science screen cast site and I came upon on the website This website has a bunch of different screen casts for specific subjects. I know that this site will come into more use throughout the next couple of semester when I have to take more science classes. Nicholas Duenas