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Our approach to your mobile needs

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openTrends Mobile Solutions brochure

  1. 1. Mobile SolutionsOur approach to yourmobile needsThe right solution foreach scenario An IT Company specialized in open source software development Social technology at the service of your organization
  2. 2. Mobile Solutions Optimiza la experiencia de usuario de manera transparente al dispositivo Our vision of Mobility Scenarios is based on needs that must be fulfilledMapping your specificalproblems and business needs tothe right solution: Multiplatform Web Native Apps Specialized Solutions Native Applications for advanced solutions Available to the general public Using the devices capabilities If your potential client is the general public, developing a GPS, HD cameras, multitouch gestures, accelometer native application is probably your best option. or high-resolution screens, add new capabilities, such as augmented reality, to your solutions. Using on-line and off-line If necessary, local data management enables off-line Strong visual component working mode. The data is synchronized when the OpenGL and other libraries are available to deploy connection is available again. rich and engaging user interfaces. Newer devices on the market: Smart-phones and tablets Hybrid apps: Next-step in your current web apps Take advantage of the capabilities of the latest trends in mobile hardware. Turn your existing web apps into completely redesigned new native applications, adapting the existing functionality and adding native capabilities and features. Multiplatform development Multi-device solutions can be implemented even on native platforms by using the same code on different platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry. // Our capabilities... Highly customizable User options and interface can be easier to use, more powerful and customizable, including use of push notifications. This document mustn’t be reproduced or distributed without the express permission of openTrends Solucions i Sistemes S.L.
  3. 3. Mobile Solutions Optimiza la experiencia de usuario de manera transparente al dispositivo Multiplatform web solutions for mobile portals are transparent to both end-user and developer The openFrame | mobile web framework adds a new Rich UI layer to the design of web portals for mobile devices, // Device independence: no specific independently of the device type and its capabilitites. pages defined for each device and no source–code filled with It offers a collection of tools that simplify and structure the conditionals–pages are set only once. project development process of mobile devices by eliminating former restrictions or the device-oriented development of the // Optimization based on device: presentation layer. pages are rendered and displayed according to the type of device. Regardless of the device used to access the portal, openFrame | mobile web aims to optimize de end-user experience. // Cost reduction: compared to a solution based on the specific Feels like native mobile applications implementation for each device. Source: StatCounter Global Stats EUROPE 2010 openFrame | mobile Web features Available to the General Public Using common device If your potential client is the general public, developing a capabilities web application with a multiplatform solutionis the fastest Using the power of the comon components in option. devices such as GPS or accelerometer, when available Multi-device development Automatic code generation for positioning and rendering, Adaptation to the most resolution and orientation device-independent. efficient and simplest option Automatic selection of navigation mode (AJAX orDynamic image generation POST), control displays or form widgets. Highly productiveImage selection by resolutionAutomatic style adjustments Effects and animations are included dynamically.Font adaptation Automatic and configurable insertion of headers and footers.Supported platforms: iPhone iPod Touch Android IE Mobile Blackberry Opera Mobile Opera Mini Symbian This document mustn’t be reproduced or distributed without the express permission of openTrends Solucions i Sistemes S.L.
  4. 4. Mobile Solutions Specialized Solutions for customized applications Field force // OBMobile Aimed at organizations that perform important tasks integrated that require monitoring outside the office (sales mobile solution force, field engineering, etc.). for sales forces. Strong IT Systems Integration When two-way communication with ERP, CRM or other business server is required. High performance applications // Embedded Systems Solutions where CPU consumption, memory usage Specific software for... or performance is often critical. ...problem ...device Controlled app distribution Applications containing information about the organization business should be only accessible in certain repositories and for certain devices. Legacy apps and devices Adapted to existing devices or integrated with ... with our own tools existing applications. Low-level device add-ons Access to attached peripherals for specific tasks, or implementation of solutions for on-board devices. // Our capabilities... Our main mobility customersTorre Llacuna C/ Llacuna 166, 10ª | Districte 22@ | 08018 - Barcelona Tel· 93 320 84 14 Fax· 93 300 35 27| www.opentrends.netMobile Solutions (c) 2011 by openTrends all rights reserved.