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C++ ppt



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  • 1. Presentaition By:-Ashi GuptaHarshitaMadhurima
  • 2. Types of computer Digital Analog Hybrid computer computer computer Main frame Super Micro Mini computer computer computer computerHome PC
  • 3. Analog computers measures and answers thequestions by the method of “HOW MUCH “.•Signals are continuous of (0 to 10V)•Accuracy 1% approximately•High speed•Output is continuous.•Time is wasted in transmission time
  • 4. Analog computers
  • 5. Digital computersDigital computers counts and answers the questions by the method of HOW MANY. The input data is represented by a number. These are used for logical and arithmetic operations. Signals are of two levels (0V or 5v) Accuracy unlimited Low speed sequential as well as parallel processing Output is continuous but obtain when computation is completed
  • 6. Digital computers Digital Computers
  • 7. •Micro computers are the smallest computersystem.•There size range is from calculator todesktop size.•It is also known as Grand child Computer.•Applications- Personal computer, Multiuser system, offices.
  • 8. Micro computers Micro Computers
  • 9. •These are small general purpose system .•They are generally more powerful and mostuseful as compared to micro computers.•They are known as Child computer.•Applications- Departmental system, Networkserver, Work group system.
  • 10. Mini computerMini computers
  • 11. •Main frame computers are those computersthat offer faster processing and greaterstorage area.•The word main frame comes from metalframes.•It is also known as Father Computer.•Applications-Host computers, Centraldata Base server.
  • 12. Main frame computers Main Frame Computers
  • 13. •Super computers are those computers which aredesigned for scientific job like weather forecasting andartificial intelligence etc.•They are fastest and expensive.•It contains a number of CPU which operate in parallelto make it faster.•Application-Weather forecasting, Weapon researchand development.
  • 14. Super computers Super Computers
  • 15. •The combination of features of analog anddigital computers is called hybrid computer.•The main example are Central Defense andpassenger flight radar system.•They are also used to control the robots.
  • 16. Hybrid computers Hybrid computers
  • 17. • Desktop• Workstation• Notebook• Tablet PC• Handheld computers• Smart phone
  • 18. desktop
  • 19. WorkstationWork Station
  • 20. NOtebook
  • 21. Tablet pcTablet PC
  • 22. Handheld pcHandheld PC
  • 23. smartphones