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Skydiving, jet skiing, skiing, mountain biking
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Skydiving, jet skiing, skiing, mountain biking


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this PowerPoint will talk to you about the equipment for skydiving, jet skiing, skiing and mountain biking where you do these activities. what the sport is and loads more

this PowerPoint will talk to you about the equipment for skydiving, jet skiing, skiing and mountain biking where you do these activities. what the sport is and loads more

Published in: Education, Sports

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  • 1. • Skydiving is a sport involving a skydiver jumping down from an airplane while it is flying and parachuting to the ground. Skydiving can be done individually and with other people. Training is required to go solo. skydiving involves three phases of activity: the free fall, the descent with open parachute, and the landing. For reasons of safety, skydivers are required to open their parachutes at about 2,200 ft. If it is your first time at skydiving then the most common way to skydive is Tandem skydiving Free-fall, securely connected to a highly qualified instructor who will safely control your descent. this only requires a small amount of training • (about 30 minutes long). • there is a weight limit for the tandem jump a person must be no more than 15 stone to do a buddy jump •
  • 2. • The parachute is the most important piece of equipment you need • The altimeter tells you when to deploy your parachute. • A skydiving jumpsuit protects you and your clothing from high winds as you fall, and from any objects or shrubs on the ground when you land • Protective skydiving equipment like a helmet, padding and spinal protector can help prevent injury in case something goes wrong on your jump. • The automatic activation device (AAD) will launch the parachute even when you do not manually pull the ripcord. This crucial piece of skydiving equipment detects how fast you are falling, and releases the backup parachute if the speed of your descent indicates that your main parachute did not deploy.
  • 3. • In the uk there are many places on where you can go skydiving for example • St Andrews airfield • London parachute school • go skydive in Portsmouth • these are the most popular ones people tend to go for but there are others in the uk such as hibalstow, Devon south west England parachute centre • You can also go skydiving around the world here is just a small list to show you where else you can go to skydive • Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungry, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Turkey United kingdom • And so many more
  • 4. • The benefits of taking part in skydiving are so huge that you will have an ultimate thrill. You will feel excited, nervous, fearful it will be a moment to never forget. • The skills you will pick up during your experience will help you later on in life you will learn how to overcome fear become more confident within yourself. • team work is definitely needed with this activity especially if its your first time. You must remember when your doing a tandem jump to listen to your partner and to have pure trust in them, its so important with tandem jumps that team work is the key to a safe an amazing jump !!! • skydiving doesn’t necessary make you fit but it can improve your self-esteem you will probably feel lighter within yourself and emotionally better • the enjoyment will be terrifying at first but once when you get over the edge you will enjoy every signal minute and most definitely want to go back up for another ride of your life
  • 5. • The training that is required for skydiving isn't huge. An instructor will give you a lecture of the health and safety rules then after that you will have a few dummy runs on opening the parachute. This will include you sitting on a chair and practicing where the rip cord is ready to release the parachute. once you fill confident and your instructor feels satisfied with you he/she will take you up for a chance in a life time
  • 6. • jet skiing is an outdoor adventures sport that is great for people that love adrenaline. It is quite an easy and simple sport to learn. When you do jet skiing you have to have to use your muscles a lot. When you do jet skiing it gives a lot of excitement and it is a great way to go at high speeds on the water. • jet skiing is a brilliant sport to do in the summer or if your away on vacation, you will never be let down by doing jet skiing because you can get a lovely view of the ocean and the beach when you ride through the waves. • when doing jet skiing there is different types that you can do and there are also different ways to experience it depending on where you do it, it can be quite different to other sports. Also when doing jet skiing you need a lot of upper body strength because you hardly can sit down and you need very good balance to prevent you from falling of into the water
  • 7. • a life jacket- the life jacket is there to help you if you struggle to swim . • a wet suit- having a wet suit provides you with thermal insulation to keep you warm. • a helmet- the helmet is there to protect you from damaging your head I case of an accident • sea- to ride on • eye goggles- this to protect you from sea water getting into your eyes because obliviously you will be going at high speeds on the water . • gloves- you will be standing most of the time but it recommended to wear gloves for a better and more comfortable grip to your handle bars. • jet ski boots- this gives you a better grip for when you are standing up on the jet ski and they will keep your toes and feet warm because they will be getting very wet from when you start riding your jet ski • flare- in case your jet ski stops working in the middle of nowhere, then you can set a flare off to set a signal out that you need help then the rescue team will come and search for you.
  • 8. • before you even start jet skiing you need a jet ski licence • preparation before you are about to ride your jet ski: check your jet ski over, fully charge your jet ski before you even think about going out to sea. Top up on the fuel tank and carry spare spark and tools. Before getting on a jet ski you need special training for it, which will prevent you from injuring yourself.
  • 9. • these are some places where you can do jet skiing in the UK. • middle moor water park woolavington summerset • tor bay south Devon • church wilne jet ski centre, Derby • Monk stone jet ski and PWC club, West Wales • Colwyn jet ski club, Wales • Mudeford personal watercraft club, mudeford quay
  • 10. • Skill development- doing jet skiing is really good skill development because it gets you using a lot of techniques like having a good balance, and using the strength you have all the time • self confidence- jet skiing does give quite a bit of self confidence because you have to be quite brave to do this sport, so in a way you have to have trust and faith in yourself to do this, which gives you a lot of confidence in itself • team work- you may think that jet skiing is an individual sport but you are wrong. Jet skiing is as much as team sport as football is. For starters you have the instructor that teaches you about how to ride the jet ski safely. Then you have the air and rescue in case of an emergency. You have the jet ski trainers and all the staff that help out
  • 11. • Fitness- doing jet skiing is very good fitness because you need good upper body strength for it, so you have to use your muscles a lot , especially in the arms and the legs because for the arms you need good strength and muscles to hold onto the handle bars, and for the leg muscles you need good strength in them to help you to keep your balance on the jet ski. Which is very good for fitness for you and exercising your muscles especially. • enjoyment- there is so much enjoyment in doing jet skiing because you get a massive thrill from doing it and the excitement of it and going high speeds on water makes it even more enjoyable, and it doesn’t matter what sort of a person you are because jet skiing is a sport for everybody. So don’t be scared give it ago !!!!!
  • 12. Skiing involves two individual skis which are two long thin plastic strips, there are different skis for different types of skiing like; slalom skiing and fast skiing, you van have longer or shorter skis. The smaller skis increase speed and the longer ones allow you to go slower but also have more control, the smaller ones let you go faster and do tricks, they are also less controlling so you are more at risk of injuring yourself. to ski you generally need snow, although there are dry slopes which allow you to ski on a wet carpet, its not as easy to ski on as snow but if you can ski on dry slope then then you will be better at skiing on the snow.
  • 13. To ski on snow you will need • a pair of skis, to go down the mountain with • a pair of ski boots that fit into the skis securely so you don’t fly out • salopettes that is waterproof so you don't get wet or very cold • thermals to keep you warm • ski jacket to stop you getting wet and keep you warm • helmet so that if you fall over it will protect your head from any injuries • goggles or sun glasses so that the wind and snow can’t affect your eyes when you go fast down the slope and to stop the sun from shining in your eyes • Chocolate encase you are lost and you need sugar • Money encase you get lost from your family so you can buy a drink or some food until you get in contact with them • electrial devise of some sort like a radio encase you get lost or separated you can contact your family or friends or help • ski pass, so you can get on lifts and go higher up the mountains
  • 14. You need to be reasonably fit as it is an exhausting activity, as you are constantly on your feet and using your muscles a lot. You should have basic training at least as it can be a dangerous activity because you van pick up speed and go very fast down a hill that has a server drop from a grate height. Also you can ski into other people so you need to know how to control your skis in the direction you would like them to go and how to control your speed and your stopping distance from people. You might be in the middle of nowhere for a while constantly on your legs so you need to have strong leg muscles as there might not be a safe and practical place for you to sit down for a while. Also you need to be train for all slopes and conditions, like ice patches and different colour slopes. This is because the different colour slopes are different difficulty and you could easily take a wrong turn and go down a slope that you can’t cope with.
  • 15. You can do this activity in a few places in the UK, but on a smaller scale of snow, like Milton Keynes or a dry slope like Knock hatch. Knock hatch is close; it is in Hailsham so that would be more convenient for people who live in Eastbourne area. Milton Keynes is further away but a good place to practice on snow. Otherwise there is other countries where it is known for snow like; Canada, Austria, France ect.
  • 16. • skill development for skiing you are developing your fitness and making it better and your muscles stronger. Having stronger muscles means that you will have more balance, when you have more balance you can control your stance better and means you will ski as you can control your speed, balance, turning and stopping. Also the more skills you have you can start to do jumps or even moguls. Moguls are like speed bumps in the snow, they are fun to do but also require strength in the legs, balance and control as you pick up speed or fall over by catching your skis in the bump. • Self confidence You have to have confidence when skiing because it can be quite a scary and dangerous sport. This is because you can go quite a fast speed and not have much control especially when it’s a narrow slope with steep sides which you could fall of and there might be people in front of you round a corner so you have to have the confidence that you wont go into them or off the edge, you have to be able to keep it under control and be calm. Also you could possibly get lost as it is all snow or trees and many different routes down the mountain, so you have to have the confidence if you get in that situation to ask someone or to be able to cope with yourself until you find or contact someone
  • 17. • team work For skiing there is also team work involved, for example the person who taught you, rescue team, ambulance stand by team, lift workers bars and restaurants on the mountain ect. Without any of them it would be either more dangoureos or less enjoyable for your experience for example, without the ambulance team on snowmobiles you could be stuck up on a foreign slope who you don’t understand waiting for ages but because of the ambulance they can get to you quickly and take you down the mountain by a snowmobile. If the injury is serious then they contact the rescue team who will air lift you off the slopes. Without a lift worker and you would have to walk up every time you came down the slops, so having a team of lift workers means it will make your holiday easier and more enjoyable and you will get more out of it. The bars and resuarnts are very useful on a slope as you could be skiing all day and get dehydrated or hungry and as there are bars all the way down the mountain it means you wont dehydrate and your day will last longer as you can have a sit down and have a brake whilst preparing to go skiing for the rest of the day.
  • 18. • fitness Skiing is good for your muscles for example your stomach. To keep still on steady on a slope especially as a beginner you will be using your stomach as you don’t want to fall over. All the bending and twisting will strengthen your muscles from either side of your spine leading up to your stomach down to your pelvis. It also improves your cardiovascular system because; Your cardiovascular system means elevating your heart rate which increases blood circulation, bringing more nutrients and oxygen to your tissues and helping to remove waste more quickly .
  • 19. • enjoyment Skiing is a fun activity, and I say this from experience. It’s exhilarating and it goes your adrenaline going. Adrenalin is a chemical called endorphins which are released into your blood stream which give you a rush of excitement you get this when you re going fast and know you’re at risk of injuring yourself but you do it anyway because it feels good, although you shouldn’t do this as you could hurt yourself by getting to confident. Also if you fall over you might not realise you have hurt yourself at the endorphins are like painkillers and will numb the pain when it could be serious but you wont think twice about it and it could progress and get worse. There are different types of skiing so if you are bored of going down a slope all the time you can do moguls or go to the park and do jumps or grinding. There is also a off piece skiing which you can do, it’s thick snow that takes strong legs to do, it is fun and dangerous but if you fall it will be on soft snow
  • 20. Mountain biking is a sport which consists of riding bicycles off road ,often rough terrain ,using specially adapted mountain bikes. Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes ,but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain. This picture helps show you what mountain biking involves
  • 21. Many riders would carry the required equipment in a backpack includes a water bladder , also essential tools in case the bike would break or if they would get a flat wheel and etc. Many riders would also carry emergency supplies in the case of a injury and not able to get outside help .
  • 22. There are many ways to start training and preparation , you could always start from almost anywhere from a back yard to a gravel road just as long as it is off road biking. Also you would need to have the knowledge of fixing a mountain bike in case of any accidents when riding if you do not then then It would be a good idea to start to learn for the future. Also when riding you need to be able to navigate a map which is a skill in mountain biking.
  • 23. No matter what the season you can visit anywhere is the world and you can mountain bike anywhere as long as it is off road. There is place in Scotland that is specially for people going away on holiday that want to mountain bike. It talks about it being the best place to go mountain biking and it is an adventurous, outdoor activity good for spending time with family and friends and doing something new for everyone to enjoy !!!
  • 24. Skills development • When mountain biking you must consider keeping pedals spinning when going up hills or on a flat services • your body position is important to get smoothly up hills • make sure you keep in balance with your body and the bike itself • Try and keep your energy levels high
  • 25. Team work is very important when mountain biking it is always best to be in a pair or a group when going mountain biking. This is the safe option being in a group in case of an emergency. By doing this activity it builds on your team work skills as by you all being there to help each other and this is working in a team. Team work encourages you to work together and build on confidents and communication skills as this is vital in this activity. The fitness side is extremely good because it is something fun and enjoyable. It makes you want to do it even though not all fitness is meant to be fun as it is by working hard that you become fit and healthy. Mountain biking is an enjoyable outdoor adventurous activity which helps you discover the world like you have never seen before.
  • 26. Mountain biking is such an amazing activity the amount of fun you can have with mountain biking is just endless!! Every time you go for ride you will have a totally different experience. The enjoyment is yes you enjoy yourself but by enjoying yourself that means you enjoy becoming fit and this make you want to go out and have FUN and for the first time people you will/ can enjoy something amazingly new. So come along grab a bike and have the time of your life !!! mountain-biking-34617/