Whats Happening Iowa - EntreFest! 2011


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The Iowa landscape of help for entrepreneurs and small business owners is hard to navigate. The Business Concierge is Iowa's first service to assist small business owners to connect with organizations and people to help them start or grow and provides advanced market research information... all for free! This presentation was given in February of 2011 at the annual Iowa EntreFest! conference for small business owners. More information at http://www.entrefest.com.

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Whats Happening Iowa - EntreFest! 2011

  1. 1. WHAT’S HAPPENING, IOWA? Call, Click or ChatFree business assistance! Rob Williams, Business Concierge
  2. 2. I want to start a business,where do I start? I’ve been in business for 10 years, how can I grow?
  3. 3. WHAT CAN WE HELP YOU WITH?Quality Referrals… The Iowa Waste Reduction Center assists Iowa small businesses in complying with environmental regulations through free and confidential environmental consultation.
  4. 4. Quality Referrals Who can we help you connect with?Hi C,Here is a personal referral to Frank Morosky. Frank is the President of the IowaInventors Group. This email should serve as an introduction for you to contacthim; Ive copied Frank to make it easy for you to follow up. Frank may haveother ideas on where to look as far as finding assistance marketing your productto manufacturing companies.Frank MoroskyPresident, Iowa Investors Groupinfo@iowainventorsgroup.org206-350-6035http://www.iowainventorsgroup.orgThe next Iowa Inventors Group meeting is Feb 11 at 7 p.m. at the CommunitySavings Bank in Robins, Iowa. Their speaker is the Executive Director of theUnited Inventors Association- so if you can make it to that meeting, it might bean opportunity to network with another person who probably has a lot ofcontacts that could be beneficial. Frank Morosky, President Iowa Inventors Group
  5. 5. Quality Referrals Who can we help you connect with?Good morning M,Back in October, you posted a message on my bulletin board onMyEntre.Net (http://www.myentre.net) asking for assistance in potentiallyexporting to Africa and Liberia. I left you a voicemail, but did not hear backfrom you. We recently did a webinar with Patricia Cook on ExportingEssentials for Small Business and I thought this might be especially relevantto you. You can find a full copy of that webinar here:http://www.myentre.net/tabId/75/itemId/759/Export-Essentials-for-Iowa-Businesses.aspx.More importantly however, Id like to give you a personal referral to PatriciaCook. Patricia serves as an International Trade Specialist at the Des Moinesoffice of the U.S. Export Assistance Center(http://www.buyusa.gov/iowa/). This email should serve as an introductionfor you to contact her; Ive copied Patricia to make it easy for you to followup. Patricias office provides free one-on-one consulting to small businessowners like you who would like to get into exporting. Please give her a call Patricia Cook, International Trade Specialistor follow up with an email to set up a time to learn more about how they U.S. Department of Commercecan help you get into exporting.
  6. 6. Quality ReferralsHello D, Who can we help you connect with?My name is Rob Williams. I am the Business Concierge and part of the team at MyEntre.Net. Your emailabout the small business you are working to open in Hartley came to me and we are glad to be ofassistance!There are many ways we can help you. First, check out the other business owners on MyEntre.Net(http://www.myentre.net). There are more than 8,600 small Iowa companies online there and more thana few housekeeping businesses. Many small companies find they can easily seek advice from other smallbusiness owners on MyEntre.Net. Id encourage you to use the interactive map under the Find A..." tab tosearch for other housekeeping businesses in the state and ask some questions. Most folks are flattered tobe asked their opinion and youll likely meet some other great small business owners doing exactly whatyou want to do.Most importantly however, Id like to give you a personal referral to the Small Business DevelopmentCenter (SBDC) that serves small businesses in your region. Kelly McCarty is the SBDC Director who servesHartley. This email should serve as an introduction for you to contact him; Ive copied him to make iteasy for you to follow up. Kellys office provides free one-on-one counseling to small business owners likeyou. Please give him a call or follow up with an email to him directly to set up a time to learn more about Kelly McCarty, Directorhow they might help you. Northwest Iowa SBDCKelly McCartyNorthwest Iowa Small Business Development Center712-262-4213kmccarty@iowalakes.eduStarting a business is exciting and difficult, but youve taken the first good step in joining the communityat MyEntre.Net. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance as you get started. You can alwaysreach me by clicking on the Business Concierge icon at MyEntre.Net.
  7. 7. Quality Referrals Who can we help you connect with?State Requirements:I called over to the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade and spoke with someone in that office namedBetty. Betty said that the group organizing this event should be getting you the tax documents. You might want to contact them rightaway to see what they say. Just in case they dont, I had her share with me what you will need to do for the state. The first applicationto check out is the Sales Tax Special Event Application for the Colorado Department of Revenue. You can find that application here:http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite?c=Page&cid=1214992372945&pagename=Revenue/REVXLayout. The document number is DR0589. The tax return can also be found on that same page, under DR 0098, Special Event Retail Sales Tax Return.Local County/City Requirements:You will also be responsible for local county and city state sales tax. I called the City of Denver, Treasury Division (the option underSales, Use, Lodgers, Occupation Priviledge, etc- http://www.denvergov.com/ContactUs/tabid/424604/Default.aspx) and asked themabout local county and city sales tax collection. I talked with Carla Galletti. She said you will need to fill out the special event packet(attached to this e-mail) and return it. If you have any questions about the local requirements, you can contact Carla directly atcarla.galletti@denvergov.org or 720-865-7018.From what Carla shared with me, youre going to have to collect 7.72% tax on everything sold; then give 3.62% of that to the city ofDenver, and the remaining 4.1% to the state. I was assuming you are only selling t-shirts, so these percentages may be differentdepending on what you will be selling.
  8. 8. WHAT CAN WE HELP YOU WITH?…Research Services
  9. 9. FIRST TIME HOME BUYERSHigh Rent & Target Market Map
  10. 10. POTENTIAL PET PRODUCT BUSINESSObjectives: - Determine feasibility for this product in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls MetroKey Facts: - ~60% Households own Pet, also know what subset own dogs - Business was profitable in Dubuque market - Know the market sizes and differences between two regionsFindings: - Waterloo/Cedar Falls not a strong market for this product now
  11. 11. OTHER EXAMPLESCompany Profiles Winery Wages Financials Demographics
  12. 12. HOW IT WORKSTime is Money, 24 Hour Response
  13. 13. HOW IT WORKS Call, Click, or Chat319-273-43333 http://www.myentre.net
  14. 14. CONNECTIONS!For the do-it-yourself types
  15. 15. CONNECTIONS!
  16. 16. CONTACT INFO Rob WilliamsBusiness Concierge, MyEntre.NetBusiness Analyst, University of Northern Iowa 319-273-4333 Rob.Williams@MyEntre.Net http://www.MyEntre.Net