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Presentation given for the Webster City Chamber of Commerce on March 13, 2013.

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  • Webster City Twitter Presentation

    1. 1. Making “Cents” of Twitter Rob Williams, Business Analyst University of Northern Iowa
    2. 2. Making “Cents” of Twitter Agenda• A Broad Overview• The Case for ‘So What’ 1. Search Engine Optimization 2. Branding/Customer Service/Top of Mind 3. Competitive Advantage• Review User Profile• How to Setup a New Account• How to Start Using Twitter• Other Services (shameless plug)• Questions!
    3. 3. Twitter: A Broad Overview• Twitter = “Micro” Blogging Service• Massive Public Chat Room• 1 Billion Tweets per Week• 400k+ New Accounts per Day• Basic Building Block: Tweet (very short message)• Social Media Site • Allows Users to Share & Network with Others Worldwide • Few Restrictions on Who Can Follow or Share Others’ Tweets • Few Restrictions on Who Can ‘See’ Tweets
    4. 4. Twitter: So What?1. Search Engine Optimization • Daily Freeman Journal • Webster City RV Center • KQWC Radio • Hamilton Co. Conservation Board • McMurray Hatchery • Seneca Foundry
    5. 5. Twitter: So What?2. Branding/Customer Service/Top of Mind
    6. 6. Twitter: So What?3. Competitive Advantage • If no one is doing it, guess what?
    7. 7. Twitter: Gotta Know the LingoTweets – Posts to TwitterReTweets (RT) – Reposts of content from other users on TwitterDirect Messages (DM) – Posts directed to another specific user (e.g. not public)Replies (@username) – Tweets intended for another account (public)Mentions (@username) – Tweets intended to ‘touch’ another account (public)Follow – When you subscribe to see another accounts ‘tweets’Follower – When someone else subscribes to see your account’s ‘tweets’Hashtags (#) – Keywords associated with an idea or common topic areaShorthand – w or w/, btw, b/c, b4, ab or abt @WebsterCityIA Tweets #technology
    8. 8. Twitter: User Profile Overview @CrestviewNRC Twitter Profile
    9. 9. Twitter: Basic Use1. Set up a free Twitter account – Set a Username that = your Business Name (or close match!) – Fill out Description with Keywords & Location – Use a Profile Picture – Add your Website Address2. Post at least ten Tweets to the world3. Follow first other users in Webster City – See this List from @WebsterCityIA – Use This Search Query4. Use Twitter search for industry keywords – Follow Industry Experts – Follow Current & Potential Customers5. Use RTs when Appropriate6. Add a link on all marketing material 1. Signature line in E-mails 2. Facebook Page 3. Business Cards 4. Flyers/Posters 5. At your store location
    10. 10. I am currently using the bathroom...1. Things you would submit in a press release2. Commentary on the state of your industry3. Funny or nice things you’ve heard customers say4. Meaningful business quotes or lessons learned5. Pictures of you and staff hard at work (or with permission, your customers!)6. RT anything from other businesses in your area, or from your friends at Webster City Economic Development/the City7. Ask a question that pertains to Webster City or your industry8. Give (or ask) for feedback9. Share when you will be an exhibitor at an expo or when you attend an event – Bonus: Live tweet with the event hashtag, see #EntreFest10. Keep in mind... It’s all public!
    11. 11. Bonus List of Twitter Users to Start With@WebsterCityIA @DavidKToyer@WebCityChamber @WCPawPrint@DebWorks @WakemanJoe@Darcswon @WCMiddleSchool@WCDistrict @ShantiDaySpa@Duncombepat @BriggsGolf@WebCityRV@theGrillTopper@CrestviewNRC@Stone_Ridge_TH@WebCityFed@IASourceLink@BusinessIOWA@_RobWilliams Who Here has Twitter, Again?
    12. 12. Live Demo of Twitter http://www.twitter.com
    13. 13. • Website built to connect business owners with the right resources, at the right time• Main Features Include: – Iowa Business Concierge powered by MyEntre.Net – Business Webinars powered by MyEntre.Net – Resource Navigator – Resource Directory – Blogs & E-Newsletter
    14. 14. Iowa Business Concierge• ‘Ask us Anything’• Database Resources• Social Media Help• Find Grant/Loan Programs• Make Key Connections• Mailing Lists• Powered by MyEntre.Net http://bizhelp.iasourcelink.com
    15. 15. Iowa Business Concierge Database & Market Research Patrick Luensmann Lead Business ConciergeHigh Rent & Target Market Map 319-273-4335 patrick.luensmann@iasourcelink.com
    16. 16. Business Webinars• Free Online Seminars• Bi-Monthly• Expert Speakers• Topics: – Social Media Marketing – Accounting/Tax – Hiring & Finding Talent – Search Engine Optimization• Hundreds to watch on-demand• Powered by MyEntre.Net http://webinars.iasourcelink.com
    17. 17. Resource Navigator & Directoryhttp://navigator.iasourcelink.com http://directory.iasourcelink.com
    18. 18. Questions?Rob WilliamsRob.Williams@uni.edu319-273-4333
    19. 19. Even More Resources!• https://business.twitter.com/build-your-community• https://business.twitter.com/best-practices• http://collectormentor.com/resources/beyondbreakfast.pd f (PDF Resource)• http://www.iasourcelink.com/blog/iowa-business- blog/2011/04/01/twitter-101-the-basics• http://www.inc.com/jon-gelberg/10-things-you-should- tweet.html• http://www.iasourcelink.com/blog/iowa-business- blog/2010/05/22/funny-creative-ways-to-utilize-twitter- for-your-business• http://www.business2community.com/twitter/42-things- to-do-on-twitter-besides-tweet-spam-coupons-0148318