IASourceLink & AdvanceIowa - Two New Resources for Iowa Small Business Owners


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Presentation given on November 8th, 2012 to the Institute of Managerial Accountants at one of their continuing education workshops. Content surrounded the new IASourceLink web portal for Iowa business owners and the new Iowa Economic Gardening initiative called AdvanceIowa.

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  • IASourceLink & AdvanceIowa - Two New Resources for Iowa Small Business Owners

    1. 1. Rob Williams, Business Analyst University of Northern Iowa
    2. 2. “Dizzying Array”....I want to start a business,where do I start? I’ve been in business for 10 years, how can I grow?
    3. 3. • Website built to connect business owners with the right resources, at the right time• Main Features Include: – Iowa Business Concierge powered by MyEntre.Net – Business Webinars powered by MyEntre.Net – Resource Navigator – Resource Directory – Blogs & E-Newsletter
    4. 4. Iowa Business Concierge• ‘Ask us Anything’• Database Resources• Social Media Help• Find Grant/Loan Programs• Make Key Connections• Mailing Lists• Powered by MyEntre.Net http://bizhelp.iasourcelink.com
    5. 5. Iowa Business Concierge Database & Market Research Patrick Luensmann Lead Business ConciergeHigh Rent & Target Market Map 319-273-4335 patrick.luensmann@iasourcelink.com
    6. 6. Business Webinars• Free Online Seminars• Bi-Monthly• Expert Speakers• Topics: – Social Media Marketing – Accounting/Tax – Hiring & Finding Talent – Search Engine Optimization• Hundreds to watch on-demand• Powered by MyEntre.Net http://webinars.iasourcelink.com
    7. 7. Resource Navigatorhttp://navigator.iasourcelink.com
    8. 8. Resource Directoryhttp://directory.iasourcelink.com
    9. 9. Iowa’s Economic Gardening PilotDan BeenkenAdvanceIowa, Team Lead
    10. 10. What is Economic Gardening?• Entrepreneurship Development Strategy• Focus on Stage 2 Companies• Team Consulting Approach• Business Strategy Analysis• Leverages Advanced Market Data & GIS• Social Media & New Market Tools• EG Certified High Fidelity Program at UNI
    11. 11. The Process• Client Recruitment/Identification• Interviews - Assessing Needs & Motivation• Team Call• Magic Happens• Wrap Up Call• Ongoing Check-Ins
    12. 12. Stage 2 Companies in Iowa Iowa Jobs by Company Stage, 2009 Iowa Company Sales by Stage, 2009450,000 60,000,000,000400,000350,000 50,000,000,000300,000 40,000,000,000250,000200,000 30,000,000,000150,000100,000 20,000,000,000 50,000 10,000,000,000 0 0 Firms Jobs Sales Source: YourEconomy.org
    13. 13. Team Consulting Approach Patrick Luensmann AdvanceIowa, Market Research Sarah Bey 319-273-4335 AdvanceIowa, GIS patrick.luensmann@uni.edu 319-273-4327 sarah.bey@uni.edu Dan Beenken Rob Williams AdvanceIowa, Team Lead AdvanceIowa, New Media 319-273-4322 319-273-4333 dan.beenken@uni.edu rob.williams@iasourcelink.com
    14. 14. Business Strategy Analysis• Beyond Typical Business Consulting – Core Strategy (Commodity v. Innovation) • Commodity: Price • Innovation: Niche, Specialization – Temperament Issues • Engineer Consultants / No Marketing (SJ) • Creative Consultants / Carry Through (N) • Old Company Facing Change / Resistance to Change (STJ) • Lack of Strategy (SP) – Marketing Issues • New Markets / Unknown Markets • No SEO/web marketing
    15. 15. Advanced Market Research & GIS• Leverage Dozens of Paid Databases – Consumer Data – Business Data – Market Information/Trends – Lifestyle Analysis• GIS Resources – Customer Mapping – Geo-Targeting of Existing/New Markets
    16. 16. Social Media | New Media Tools• Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Analysis and/or Recommendations• Online Monitoring• Competitor Research• Online Advertising Assistance (Keyword Research)• Search Engine Optimization
    17. 17. The End Game• Provide companies with advanced market intelligence coupled with strategy consulting, refined through years of experience and research, to help them grow and add jobs.• The tools, process, and approach are unique to the EG model.• Successful statewide EG programs have been launched in Florida, Oregon, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, with many more in the works. Preliminary findings support positive economic impact of these initiatives. – In Florida for 2011: 250 firms served resulting in 1,400 jobs in 32 counties.
    18. 18. Questions?• IASourceLink – Rob Williams, IASourceLink – Patrick Luensmann, Iowa Business Concierge – http://www.IASourceLink.com• Economic Gardening – Dan Beenken, AdvanceIowa Lead – http://www.AdvanceIowa.com