The top 10 celebrities and politicians who use black berry smartphones


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The top 10 celebrities and politicians who use black berry smartphones

  1. 1. The Top 10 Celebrities and Politicians Who Use BlackBerry Smartphones
  2. 2. Despite the fact that the iPhone has been leading thesmartphones sales in the past few years, RIM’s BlackBerrysmartphones seem to be racing in a different field. In recentreports, we found out that more celebrities prefer using BlackBerrythan iPhone. About 543 celebs were spotted using their BlackBerrymobile phones with BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry Bold takingthe lead.Just why do celebs and politicians prefer BB? For the most part,BlackBerry has been known to champion email and PDA functionsso schedules, fan mails and Twitter feeds are easier to do. In thecase of world leaders and politicians, BlackBerry is more popularthan Apple’s iPhone because it has extremely good dataencryption methods and has more secure servers. The BlackBerrysmartphone is also known to be wiretap proof. So before you sellused BlackBerry phonesin the black market to get what yourfavorite celebs are using, take a look at the top of the list of theten famous people who use BlackBerry.
  3. 3. 1. Barack ObamaThe number one on our list is no otherthan the current President of theUnited States, B. Obama. He was theformer senator of Illinois and is afreakin’ alumnus of Harvard. HisWikipedia page is longer than anypages of the people that areaforementioned in the list and he isalso the first black U.S. President. Butthe primary reason he’s number oneis because he once said “I’m stillclinging to my BlackBerry. They’regoing to pry it out of my hands.” Mr.President, why wouldn’t you want tosell used BlackBerry phones?
  4. 4. 2.Queen Elizabeth IIAlmost every one of us must be familiarwith the English monarchy. Come on, it’sin every history book. And who would’veknown that the Queen’s companionwould be a BlackBerry phone? Elizabeth IIis known as the queen of theCommonwealth and is the head of theCommonwealth of Nations. She is alsoconsidered as the Supreme Governor ofthe Church of England. Why is she on thislist? It’s because she’s been in thronesince World War II but she can still use .
  5. 5. 3. Lady GagaThe little monsters must be so happy to see their mother on the top of the list. LadyGaga can be considered a BlackBerry gaga because aside from her iPhone shesports a BlackBerry Curve and a BlackBerry Tour. The mere fact that her name isoften linked to pop culture (or cult) would be enough explanation as to why she’son number three, but we’d also like to point out that she has sold 23 million albums,has five Grammy awards, was listed as WH1’s 100 Greatest Women in Music andwas hailed by Time as one of the most influential people in the world. If she were tosell used BlackBerry phones on eBay we’re sure it would bound to be a hell of anauction.
  6. 6. 4. Katy PerryNot everyone knows that Katy Perry wasonce a gospel music singer and was bornin a very Christian family. But what weknow for sure is that she is the only artist tostay for over 52 consecutive weeks in theTop Ten of the Billboard Hot 100. She haseight Grammy awards under her belt andmore than 11 million albums soldworldwide. She was also the first female inmusic history to ever have five numberone singles in one album. She’s a solidBlackBerry user from the start but she alsohas a Windows Phone 7 which shepromoted in her album.
  7. 7. 5. Justin BieberJust like best buddy Taylor Swift, JustinBieber also has the option betweeniPhone and BlackBerry but often uses BBfor his Tweets. This Canadian teen iconhas been turning heads by singing andsongwriting. He was first discoveredthrough YouTube and was very muchremembered for his hair. He was also thefirst artist to have seven songs from adebut album to ever hit the Billboard Hot100 Charts. His numerous number one hitscatapulted him to netting an Artist of theYear award from the 2010 AMAs.
  8. 8. 6. Taylor SwiftIf you weren’t aware of theexistence of the first four peoplementioned, you may as well knowthis one. She’s the ever sweetcountry pop icon that every girl inAmerica wanted to be. Taylor Swift isvery much known for bagging fourGrammy awards and numerous Artistof the Year awards. She is also the69th most powerful celebrity inForbes’ 2009 list. Apparently, sheowns an iPhone too but she isspotted carrying her BlackBerry Tourmore often. With that pretty face,we think she could easily sellBlackBerry to any teenager outthere!
  9. 9. 7. Sarah PalinShe went head to head with Joe Biden in therace for the Vice Presidency in 2008 and gotthe lowest vote of confidence from theAmericans since 1988. She’s not that badthough; she’s actually the first Republicanwoman and Alaskan to ever be nominated forvice president position. She’s also the formergovernor of Alaska and she’s actually theyoungest and the first woman who had thatposition. She’s also an author and a TV host.Her BlackBerry text mates? Probably co-BlackBerry user Mike Huckabee who is theformer governor of Arkansas.
  10. 10. 9. Felipe CalderonHistory and politics junkies may bevery familiar with his last name or himfor that matter. Felipe Calderon isthe current President of Mexico andis the son of Luis Calderon Vega whofounded the National Action Party ofMexico. He was very well known forinitiating the establishment of manyhospitals and his strong initiatives inenvironmentalism, educationprograms and wars against drugs. HisBlackBerry buddies include HugoChavez who is the current Presidentof Venezuela.
  11. 11. 10. Tenzin GyatsoYou may not be very familiar with him but we’re pretty sure that the Chinese nationknows him. And if that’s the case then it means he’s popular because not only isChina considered the most populous country in the world, it’s also the world leaderin mobile phone ownership. So who is he anyway? He’s the 14 th Dalai Lama of theTibetan Buddhist lineage. He’s the heir of government of the Tibet AutonomousRegion and won the Nobel Prize way back in 1989. He actually falls in the line ofpolitical world leaders and is regarded by many Buddhists as the reincarnation ofthe Bodhisattva of Compassion. And yes, he uses BlackBerry to send out Buddhistprayers to people inside and outside of Tibet.
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