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  • 2.  2012 is the European Year for Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity promoted by the European Commission; it is intended to raise awareness, identify and disseminate good practice and to encourage policymakers and stakeholders at all levels to promote active ageing.
  • 3.  Education Institutions need to act in a responsible way to include all groups of society and encourage older people to take an active part in society in all areas. However, it is sincere opinion that the future challenge is "mainstreaming ageing" – learning in later life is not only referring to learning after retirement, but also to people still in employment who want to actively shape their career at a later stage.
  • 4.  Have you ever realized what does ICT mean? It is everywhere around us, we even do not realize their influence on us. There are more and more Technologies and devices used every day by us.
  • 5.  When you press the button, you get the ticket, or the door opens, most of the machines, cars work with the help of complicated technologies, we cannot imagine our life without the PC, the Internet and so on. We, young people can use ICT without any problems easily, they make our life more colourful and easier.
  • 6.  But what about elderly people? Is it so easy for them too? Of course not. They do not know what will happen when they press the button,they are afraid to click the mouse of the PC.
  • 7.  Yes, ICT means distress for elder people. That is why WE – Slovak students involved in the project „Forum of Generations @ School“ have organized 3 meeting with elderly people from our town Levice and tried to teach them how to manage the basic information about ICT, the PC and the Internet. We have taught them how to use the PC, look for needed information, write emails and contact each other with the help of Skype or ICQ.
  • 8.  Our elederly participans were very nice and willing to learn new things. Some things took longer time to teach them, we had to repeat some new technologies, practices and activities related with new things to learn but our classes were worh it!
  • 9.  As Mrs Kovačova said:“I was glad I could learn something new! It will be great to contact my niece in New York. I only used a telephone and it was so expensive for me. And now I will see her and talk to her without paying anything. Thank students from Business Academy in Levice involved in eTwinning project „Forum of Generations at schol now I feel as I used to when I was young. Thank you, dear students!“
  • 10.  Not only our participants were happy to learn new things, we were delighted to give them something we know very well... At the end of our course, the elderly participants got the certificates 