How Facebook's Biggest Brands Posted About Thanksgiving


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How Facebook's Biggest Brands Posted About Thanksgiving

  1. 1. Know what works on Facebook Facebook Content Report: Nov 30, 2011 Holiday Posting How the Top Ten Brands posted about Thanksgiving and Black Friday Report Period Nov 21 to Nov 27, 2011 Brand Pages Analyzed Coca-Cola, Converse All Star, Disney, Facebook, MTV, Oreo, Red Bull, Skittles, Starbucks, YouTube
  2. 2. Summary Heading into the holiday season, we thought it would be interesting to look at how the Top Ten brands on Facebook (defined by Fan count) posted on the themes of Thanksgiving and Black Friday over Thanksgiving week.  Those ten brands posted a total of 14 times on the subject. Mostly about Thanksgiving, with 3 posts mentioning Black Friday. The following 6 slides look at what they posted, and how well it engaged. Zuum
  3. 3. Day by Day posting on Thanksgiving/Black Friday theme Naturally the activity spiked on Thursday. It's interesting to see Starbucks posting more on the day before Thanksgiving -- a big travel day when people are passing Starbucks' on the road and in airports. Smart. 
  4. 4. YouTube and Facebook don't celebrate Thanksgiving? Interesting that Facebook and YouTube, the so-called kings of social media, didn't post about the holiday. You'd think that at least YouTube could find a Thanksgiving-themed video somewhere in that vault of theirs. 
  5. 5. Quantity works if your content is good Brands can post on holiday themes fairly frequently without over-saturating the subject, as long as they keep the content fresh and relevant. This chart indicates most brands are below average on volume and engagement, implying they aren't 
  6. 6. Thanksgiving posts ranked by engagement rate
  7. 7. Holiday posting doesn't have to be complicated For Thanksgiving, several brands simply said "Thanks" to their fans. Those posts were at the top of the list in terms of Engagement Rate. Also note that Starbucks had 3 of the top 4 posts. Of all the Top Ten brands, they do the best job delivering holiday-themed products, and have created that association in their Fan's minds.
  8. 8. Adding some edge to the holidays MTV shows that holiday themes and the term "b*tches" can coexist in social media posting. (Not sure other brands can take that to the content bank, though.)
  9. 9. Know what works on Facebook That's just a sample of what Zuum can reveal about what works with Facebook marketing Sales [email_address] Join any of our social media networks to know what works for marketers on Facebook. Register at for access to free sample reports. Facebook Twitter