Supercharge Your Subscription Lifecycle by AutomatingOperations: Reed Business Information (Subscribed13)


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Your customer base is loaded with revenue opportunities, but how do you optimize your pricing and packaging model to maximize value? Recurring revenue optimization is a discipline that uses analytics to help you predictably sell the right subscription to the right customer at the right time for the right price. Learn how SaaS businesses are leveraging

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Supercharge Your Subscription Lifecycle by AutomatingOperations: Reed Business Information (Subscribed13)

  1. 1. Super charge your SaaS Automate Customer Engagement to Maximize Results Cassie Frazier Senior Solution Analyst
  2. 2. The Nine Keys to Subscription Success $ PRICE   ACQUIRE   BILL   COLLECT   NURTURE   ACCOUNT   MEASURE   ITERATE   SCALE  
  3. 3. Agenda 1.  Reed Business Information Company Introduction 2.  How Reed Construction Data Uses Zuora 3.  Our Top 4 Subscription Keys 4.  Lessons Learned 5.  Wrap Up & QA
  4. 4. RE World leading provider of professional information solutions
  5. 5. RBI Leading provider of business information, data and marketing solutions in multiple formats.
  6. 6. RCD Background Business Model The Challenge •  Subscription product offering in place for many years. •  Target audience includes all participants in the lifecycle of construction where timely and actionable data is important. •  Legacy order-to-cash system retired between fourth quarter 2010 and second quarter 2011 with focus on maximizing existing IT investments. B2B Self-service and managed inside and strategic account sales Improve customer management and retention with relentless focus on tackling the cost base •  Drive business efficiency and cost / process innovation •  Improve margins •  Deliver increased organizational efficiency
  7. 7. Viper  (Fulfillment)   CFO   Financial  Analysts  Customers   LEADS OPPTYS BACK OFFICE MarkeEng   Account  Managers   Customer  Service   Billing  Ops   Product  Managers   Renewals  Team   Financial  Analysts   RCD
  8. 8. Our Top 4 Keys Flexibility  in  pricing  allows   RCD    to  maintain  a   compe77ve  edge  with   rapid  launch  of  new   products,  bundles  and   promo7ons.  This  is   especially  important  for   new  customer  acquisi7on.   RCD  has  automated  the   quote  to  cash  process  and   has  improved  the   automa7on  of    renewal   and  reten7on  efforts  by   leveraging  Zuora  and   integra7on  with  Zuora.   Acquire Nurture A c q u i r e , N u r t u r e , M e a s u r e , S c a l e Order-­‐to-­‐cash  system   scalability  is  a  primary   focus  for  RBI  and  RCD   Corporate  Solu7ons.   Leveraging  Zuora   delivered  func7onality   meets  many  business   needs  due  to  extensive   configura7on  op7ons  and     aggressive  release   cadence.   Scale At  the  7me  of  customer   acquisi7on  it  is  almost   impossible  to  guess  the   revenue  that  will  follow   from  a  sale  since  the   contract  is  subject  at  any   7me  to  churn  or  expand.   Leveraging  Zuora  and   SFDC  func7onality,  RDC  is   able  to    more  accurately   forecast  and  measure   renewal  numbers  from   month  to  month.   Measure
  9. 9. Nurture and Scale C u s t o m e r R e t e n t i o n Legacy System •  CRM segregated from quote to cash system(s) •  Highly customized •  Poor renewal forecasting •  Lack of customer intelligence SFDC – Zuora •  Integration leveraged for customer 360 •  Fully automated renewal process •  Customer touch point program gathers intelligence •  Retention improved •  Reporting/forecasting accuracy improved New WayOld Way
  10. 10. Lessons Learned Point 1: B E S T P R A C T I C E S Point 2: Point 3: Think through customer lifecycle to minimize churn Best Practice: Understand value proposition for all customers with action plan to address their needs –Analyze the retention component and then Automate Customer Engagement Avoid heavy customization Best Practice: Leverage delivered functionality and integrated system configuration Leverage the innovation offered by your cloud vendors Best Practice: Focus on unique business situations and processes; however don’t get lost in them. You may just miss the next innovative release while you’re focused on an aging enhancement request.
  11. 11. Q&A Thank You!