Considering a career in a marketing agency


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Considering a career in a marketing agency can be a viable option.

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  • 8 great reasons

    Clients – amazing organisations like APPLE, UNIVERSAL MUSIC, MICHAEL HILL, WESTFIELD, MOET HENNESSY, SIMPLE SKINCARE, MACQUARIE UNI, other side of sexy in healthcare like ROCHE, PFIZER, BAXTER and across associations.

    Everything I’ve learnt on each client is education for the next piece of work I deliver

    Solutions focused – an extension of the client, so effectively an extension of 10 different business categories

    No day is the same – in the morning I’m working on communicating to 12-25 year olds about cyber safety and anti-bullying behaviour, lunch time I’m constructing a digital execution to promote a prescription drug to GPs and by the afternoon I’m running a 3 hour training and education session for Australia’s cutting edge marketers.
  • Innovative & Dynamic

    Providing solutions means you need to staying current – all the time. Technologies can quickly dictate consumer behaviour – just think of the iphone, so you need to know what’s happening with consumers, where their confidence lies, what technologies they are adopting before they are mainstream.

    You take all this thinking, everyday, and apply to each client. Your mind never stops working, there’s always another solution to a problem to you hadn’t thought of yet.

    Exploring and playing with new solutions and technologies – it’s not enough to “know” about it, you need to have the answers for your clients, so it forces you to explore and play.
  • I once mentioned that to a class of mine that I spend my time at the pub talking about client marketing, and I was laughed at.

    I’ve had to think about great ideas to engage customers, people like you, to do all sorts of things. I was a media buyer for Apple. My job was to convince people to buy something they had no need for – the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad. I launched The Presets, Cut Copy and Lady Hawke in the Australian market for Universal Music (plus many others like Tame Impala). I’m actively changing the attitudes and behaviours of young people using digital technologies. I’ve given Australians hope through reality TV, engaging and managing 8 million SMS votes in a single evening to bring you the Big Brother winners – the first time around!

  • Things change very quickly. Consumers change. Technologies change. Trends come and go. If you don’t move quickly, in an agile way, you’ll be left behind.

    Many brands didn’t move fast enough – Kodak or Nokia.

    Many brands move ahead of their time, like Apple, Google, Amazon, Red Bull.

    Those that move, reap the benefits and agencies are an extension of these businesses to keep them innovative and relevant
  • Opportunities for people who want to move.

    I started as an EA, back when my boss would handwrite a note, I would type it, he would edit it and then we’d fax or post it.

    Within 12 months I was asked to take on a role in media programming because they thought I would be a good match for a difficult personality.

    When I started in Account Service, I was an account manager within 6 months of commencement, and a promotion followed every 6 months. I moved into a media buying role because I understood the landscape and complexities. I went back into account service to help grow and develop the team.

    There are awards to enter, award ceremonies to network in, conference and seminar days to attend and learn from. You just need to apply yourself and ultimately the development is there to be had. Develop your confidence. Express your opinions. Use your voice and be heard.

    It’s an open platform for your own development if you want it.
  • The environment is so collaborative because you’re working with the best of the best in every area.

    Every word spoken is an opportunity to learn and grow your own skills and knowledge.

    You can play to your strengths and develop your weaknesses through others.

    Fascinating backgrounds and stories of your own team to learn from. Mentors. Opportunities. Not as bureaucratic
  • Work hard, play harder
    Social Scene
    Youth basis
    Hack Days
    Creative Days
    Cultural Days

  • I’ve been in every role in Account Management - 7 of them

    Account Executive
    Account Manager
    Senior Account Manager
    Account Director
    Group Account Director
    Business Director
    Client Relationship Director

    I’ve been a producer, just not a very good one

    I’m definitely not a “creative” type

    Client Service (Account Management)
    Technology / Development
    User Experience (UX)
    Media Services
  • Considering a career in a marketing agency

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