The f1 to f12 keys


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The f1 to f12 keys

  1. 1. The Function keys on your key board Bilal Farooq Admin Weblyceum
  2. 2. F1 key Almost always F1 is used as the help key, almost every program will open the help screen when this key is pressed. Microsoft word help Assistant
  3. 3. F1 key While starting your computer pressing F1 key take to you in Computer BIOS setting also called as CMOS setup.
  4. 4. F1 would open the Microsoft Windows help and support center. You can search the topic which you want .
  5. 5. F2 Key Ctrl + F2 displays the print preview window in Microsoft Word.
  6. 6. While starting your computer pressing F2 key take to you in Computer BIOS setting also called as CMOS setup.
  7. 7. In Windows F2 is used to rename a highlighted icon or file. highlighted Icon renamed Icon
  8. 8. Alt + Ctrl + F2 opens a new document in Microsoft Word
  9. 9. F3 Key Shift + F3 will change the text in Microsoft Word from upper to lower case or a capital letter at the beginning of every word
  10. 10. F3 key In MS-DOS or Windows command line F3 will repeat the last command. Press F3 repeating the command
  11. 11. F3 Key A search feature for many programs including Microsoft Windows
  12. 12. Alt + F4 will close the program currently active in Microsoft Windows. F4 Key
  13. 13. F5 Key Open the find, replace, and go to window in Microsoft Word.
  14. 14. F5 Key In all modern Internet browsers pressing F5 will refresh or reload the page or document window.
  15. 15. F5 Key Starts a slideshow in PowerPoint
  16. 16. F6 key  Move the cursor to the Address bar in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.  Ctrl + Shift + F6 opens to another open Microsoft Word document.
  17. 17. F7 Key Commonly used to spell check and grammar check a document in Microsoft programs such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, etc.
  18. 18. F7 Key F7 key Turns on Caret browsing in Mozilla Firefox. Shift + F7 Runs a Thesaurus check on the word highlighted
  19. 19. F8 key Commonly used to access Windows Safe Mode
  20. 20. F10 key In Microsoft Windows F10 activates the menu bar of an open application. Shift + F10 is the same as right-clicking on a highlighted icon, file, or Internet link. Right click options
  21. 21.  F 10 Key Access the hidden recovery partition on HP and Sony computers.  Enter CMOS Setup.
  22. 22. Full-screen mode in all modern Internet browsers
  23. 23.  F11 key Access the hidden recovery partition on eMachines, Gateway, and Lenovo computers. Ctrl + F11 as computer is starting to access the hidden recovery partition on many Dell computers. F 12 key Open the Save as window in Microsoft Word. F12 Save as window
  24. 24. Shift + F12 save the Microsoft Word document Ctrl + Shift + F12 prints a document in Microsoft Word Printing a document