Service Oriented Architecture


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Service Oriented Architecture

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> Service Oriented Architecture Sean Donahue
  2. 2. What does FUSION mean exactly? FUSION FUSION Applications Architecture FUSION FUSION Tech Stack (Apps Unlimited)
  3. 3. Application Development Framework Oracle Fusion Architecture, Middleware Unified Portal Enterprise Management & Security Business Activity Intelligence Monitoring Oracle Custom ISV Apps Apps Apps Business Process Orchestration Fusion Service Bus Fusion Service Registry Grid Computing
  4. 4. Fusion Middleware Guiding Principles PROTECT your Existing Investment • Ensure customer success for go lives and ongoing production • Extend performance, security, and compliance • Maintain current product capabilities and open platform support EXTEND the Value of your Applications • Enhance product to support new application products • Lower cost of ownership & continue to simplify platform • Add customer requested features EVOLVE you to the Next-Generation • Leverage standards and modernize Application technology • Build Fusion technology and concepts into Oracle’s Applications • Simplify Application and Fusion upgrades
  5. 5. Acronyms… • What is BPM? • Business Process Management • What is SOA? • Service-Oriented Architecture • What is BPMN? • Business Process Modeling Notation • What is BPEL? • Business Process Execution Language • What is BPA? • Business Process Analysis • What is BAM? • Business Activity Monitoring
  6. 6. “Strategy to Execution” Gap Customers / Employees / Partners IT BPM Implementation Cost New Business Model •BPM can help close the gap between IT and Business Time
  7. 7. Many BPM initiatives lack Business/IT collaboration Business - Requirements, powerpoint, IT – Executable modeling visio model, Export files Strategic modeling Enter order Update Update Sell Service Get ERP GL products customers paid Fulfill Print order invoice • No visibility into IT ? • Disconnect between conceptual model and implemented process • Requirements not clear ? • Not sure how to • Business side is improve process and constantly asking for reduce costs ? changes
  8. 8. Oracle BPA Suite – Powered by ARIS Business Process Architect Business Process Simulator Oracle SOA Extensions Business Process Publisher
  9. 9. Growth & Change Typical Scenario CRM Financials Procurement HRMS
  10. 10. The Architectural Challenge
  11. 11. Service Orchestration Design Monitor Optimize Execute & Optimize Business Processes Cross-Application Business Process Automation Application Services CRM Financials Procurement HRMS
  12. 12. Key SOA Standards Fusion Effect Richer Experience More Adaptable More Interoperable ERP/ Portal Legacy Apps Security Reliability Custom Apps Web Application Logging & Services Failover PKI Process Flow Dynamic Routing Dashboards Logic WS API Web services MONITORING USER INTERFACE PROCESS ORCHESTRATION SERVICE BUS BUSINESS SERVICES BAM WSRP, JSR-168 BPEL WS-Security XML/XML Schema JMX Struts/JSF XSLT/XQuery WS-Policy, SAML WSDL/WSIF Web Services Mgmt SOAP JCA JMS
  13. 13. Business Activity Monitoring Real-time Process Feedback & Optimization Model Optimize Simulate BPM Monitor a Process Lifecycle Monitor Implement • Track each process step Deploy • Identify failures Execute Process Aggregation • Averages, KPIs, SLAs • Identify bottlenecks Complex Event Processing • Correlate events • Identify threats & opportunities
  14. 14. Process Models – continuous refinement 1. Business Process model Oracle BPA Suite - EPC/BPMN models Business Business Process Model Modeling Shared Metadata Logical Design Technical Modeling Physical Design Oracle JDev - Process Designer (BPEL) 3. Complete Executable Process 2. Process Blueprint (Logical Design)
  15. 15. Integration Philosophy for Closed Loop BPM Oracle SOA Suite Process Monitoring and Management Oracle BAM Packaged Apps Custom ESB Integration ESB/ /Integration Apps Framework Framework Conceptual & Logical and BPEL BPEL WebService /EJB Analytical Physical Process Process Process Process Engine Engine Biz Human Workflow Models Models HumanWorkflow Partners Framework Framework / /Rules Work List Rules Process Instance Process Instance Data Data Jdev Process Designer fx BPA Suite Process Manager/Server Rules Engine
  16. 16. Operational dashboard Order Booking SOA Demo Focus on ESB, Rules, Workflow, BPEL SHOPPING PORTAL ESB Order Booking BPEL PROCESS BAM receive Order DB Insert Order getCustInfo Web Services Interface: XML, SOAP, WSDL, WSIF Rules EJB 3.0 repository Customer service Rules Engine Decision Manual Rule Author Service Review ? Approval (Rich Workflow) SelectMfr RapidMfr invoke invoke 5-15 min ESB receive receive Product Suppliers Fulfill Order FedEx USPS Notify Cust Notification Service end
  17. 17. HR On-Boarding Process
  18. 18. SOA & Business Process Management Service Architecture For Simple Integration Business Process Analysis Suite Business Process Designer Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Model & Analyze Generate & Capture Connect & Route Business Analyst Process Developer Routing Routing QOS QOS Transform Transform Rules Rules Shared Business Enterprise Service Bus Model Enterprise Service Bus Metadata Model Repository WSIF WSIF Business Process Manager (BPEL) Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Web Services Manager Orchestrate & Transform Visualize & Optimize Manage & Govern Performance Mgmt Performance Mgmt 4. Optimize Availability Mgmt Availability Mgmt Security Mgmt Security Mgmt Event Management Event Management 1. Define Human Workflow Policy Definition Policy Definition 2. Deploy Human Workflow 3. Monitor Web Services Manager Business Process Engines Business Process Engines Clustering, Dehydration Clustering, Dehydration Enterprise Service Bus Enterprise Service Bus Business Process State – Audit Trail WSIF WSIF Standards-based
  19. 19. BPEL Adoption within Oracle APPLICATIONS MIDDLEWARE Peoplesoft Oracle Content Services CRM 9 release uses BPEL PM and BAM internally BPEL PM for document workflows (see next slide) BPEL PM for invoice processing solutions 8.48 Peopletools certified with BPEL PM 10gR2 to orchestrate services. 8.51 now being certified with WebCenter 10gR3. BPEL Worklist portlet iFlex BPA Suite to model financial services processes Identity Management and BPEL PM to execute them BPEL PM for identity provisioning workflows Application Integration Architecture (AIA) Business Intelligence Predefined integration processes between apps implemented with Oracle ESB and BPEL PM Analytics over BPEL “Dehydration Store” Retek Initiate BPEL processes from BI dashboards BPEL for synchronizing Retek sales data with Oracle Financials Enterprise Manager SOA Management pack – BPEL PM mgmt Oracle JMS and ESB to replace SeeBeyond Siebel Distributed Order Orchestration OPERATIONS JD Edwards Oracle BPEL and ESB to replace Web Methods Internal Global IT Fusion Applications BPEL PM for Oracle Alerts workflows BPEL PM and SOA Suite 11g as the foundation for OnDemand the next generation of Applications Oracle SOA Suite for Integration as a Service 20
  20. 20. Re-Thinking Application Infrastructure Software Framework Pressures Hardware Capacity Impact Service Oriented Architecture Compute Power: SMP/Multicore Web 2.0 Memory Arrives: “In Memory Option” Event Driven Architecture Network Speed: Gbe/10G/IB Extreme Transaction Volumes Storage: Flexibility Enterprise Manageability Requirements Enterprise Infrastructure Requirements Grid Automation Scalability – Capacity on Demand Service Level Management Performance – Zero Latency Application Performance Mgmt Reliability – Transactional Integrity Provisioning Availability – Continuous
  21. 21. SOA + BI + ODI Integrated Environment Examples of Event-Driven BI Oracle BPA and Oracle BI Human Workflow Invoke Invoke Dashboards, Reporting, Analysis, Publishing Invoke BPEL Process Oracle Data Integrator Oracle BAM Manager Transformatio Invoke n Services Data Services Invoke Invoke E-LT Agent Metadata Repository Active Knowledge Modules Data Cache WSDL Generate Service as High speed High speed CDC based Data Services Data Source Batch ELT JMS ELT ELT XML Oracle JMS Oracle BI Enterprise Data CDC Warehouse
  22. 22. Application Grid Persistence Services Via Flexible and Standards-Based Persistence Platform Web 2.0 Frameworks Java EE 5.0 SOA Data Grid Services ORM OXM XML Database EIS SDO (JPA) (JAXB) Relational Web Services JDBC JCA Persistence Services
  23. 23. General Business Requirements • Close the Business to IT Gap: How can I quickly respond to, and implement, processes from business analysts? How can I improve brand recall and become synonymous with the industry? • Infrastructure Optimization: How can I utilize IT systems to help optimize costs? What advantages can I derive by integrating business processes? How can I enable employee productivity throughout the employee lifecycle? • Adhere to Government Regulations: How can I comply with various regulatory requirements while reducing associated costs?