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  1. 1. Vadim Tkachenko (602) 321-5203 BACKGROUND AND SUMMARY • Computer Science and Engineering since 1985 • Strong background in C/C++ system programming • Java/J2EE experience since 1996 • Expert knowledge of object oriented analysis and modeling, software architecture, design and programming, combined with system and network administration and architecture • Deep understanding of the software life cycle, solid experience in technical project leadership KEYWORDS  UML (Rational and others), RUP, Zachman, TOGAF, Rummler-Brache, C2B, B2B, SOA, ESB, ECM, EDM, BPM, CMS, SSO, Identity Management, Configuration Management, design pattern frameworks (GoF, Schmidt, Fowler), applied cryptography (symmetrical, PKI)  Java/J2EE (JAAS, JAXB, JDBC, JMX, JNDI, JNI, Swing, reflection, introspection, annotations, generics, concurrent, 1.5, Spring, Struts),  XML (DTD, XSD, DOM, SAX, StAX, XSLT), LDAP  WebServices (SOAP, WSDL, Axis, Glue, XML over HTTP)  Ant, JUnit, Maven, Forrest, web servers (Apache, Netscape /iPlanet), application servers (WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss, JOnAS), directory servers (Netscape/iPlanet, OpenLDAP), SQL (PostgreSQL), Netegrity SiteMinder  C, C++, Shell, Perl, autoconf, automake, make, texinfo, CVS, Perforce  Windows (all), UNIX (SunOS/Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux) SKILL HIGHLIGHTS Enterprise Architecture: Firm understanding of the interrelations of heterogeneous software, hardware, infrastructure, support and other decision-making factors within an enterprise. Experience in managing the technology transition, maintenance, and integrity enforcement. Software Engineering: Reliability, quality assurance, massive distributed, concurrent and parallel processing, design patterns, frameworks, reusability, and complexity management. Infrastructure support: Unique combination of software engineering and network architecture experience, capable of spotting the problems usually unnoticed. Security: Established track record of outstanding performance in mission- critical banking/financial environments. Versatility: Proven ability to quickly adapt to new technologies without losing the old.
  2. 2. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY HIGHLIGHTS May 2005 - July 2007 VCommerce Corp. Software Architect Responsible for client-driven and strategic enhancements, primarily to the order fulfillment system. Details:  Architected and designed a Struts based wizard framework, subsequently provided implementation for a client supplier setup application;  Performed stress analysis and refactored the middleware architecture to enable horizontal and vertical scalability sufficient to survive the holiday season volume peak, twice (2005 and 2006);  Architected and designed speculative lock pool framework;  Provided a metric collection and visualization module to monitor the system load during critical volume spikes;  Architected and designed integration adapter to enable eBooks products offerings;  Architected and designed integration adapters for several major online payment providers (including PayPal and Google Checkout);  Provided a core contribution to the Java related positions interview checklist;  Participated in interviewing candidates for Java related positions;  Provided ongoing analysis of high traffic error reporting reduction solution;  Provided ongoing legacy application code and architecture refactoring to prepare the system for evolutionary J2EE and service oriented architecture migration;  Started content system architecture refactoring. 2002 – 2005 Information Technology International Senior Software Engineer Participated in PHS3 project ( Architected and designed enterprise security subsystem based on JAAS. Gained significant experience dealing with HL7 (, LOINC ( and other health care related standards. Architected and implemented web services for interfacing with USPS Address Matching System and Delivery Point Validation native libraries, using JNI. Architected, implemented and integrated web services providing token (2-factor) authentication. Architected and implemented Netegrity SiteMinder integration for the application. 2000 – 2002 Silverline Technologies, Inc. Sapphire division (American Express) Senior Software Engineer
  3. 3. Performed My Card Account J2EE migration proof of concept. Project involved replacing pure Servlets oriented application with classic J2EE architecture, relying on Servlets, JSPs, EJBs and JMS. Performed duties of American Express Interactive Technologies Architecture Group member, including, but not limited to, setting the standards, issuing the recommendations, performing the American Express project reviews. Created the implementation architecture and project infrastructure support system, supervised and coordinated the implementation of the Customer Information Broker. 1997-2000 4C Solutions, Inc. Team Lead Supervised midsize development teams. Provided the architecture guidance. Performed code reviews and quality assurance. Performed reusable code management for the company. Provided the turnkey solution for Kane County news center website. Performed the duties of a tech lead and architect for John Deere’s Equipment Remarketing Services website. Worked on mapping components for John Deere Precision Farming project. 1995-1997 KPMG Peat Marwick & Barents Group Senior Network Administrator/Architect Created and managed heterogeneous countrywide mission-critical network supporting securities trading (NASDAQ software and hardware). Created the network architecture following the NASDAQ architecture guidelines and taking budget and technology constraints into account, performed network monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting, supported the corporate DNS, mail delivery system, website and news server. The network in the current state can be reached at 1993-1994 Arcada Bank IT Director Performed the duties of the technical architect, project leader and business liaison for the Banking Operations Division support software. EDUCATION 1982-1988 Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Kiev, Ukraine M.S. Computer Science 2001 Sun Educational Services Architecting and Designing J2EE[tm] Applications (SL425)
  4. 4. AWARDS 2006: DIY Zoning Project ( becomes Google's #1 on search on “temperature zoning”, bypassing all other commercial temperature zoning systems manufacturers. 2001: Extra Mile Award for exceptional performance from Seranova, Inc., for Customer Information Broker implementation architecture delivery. 1999: JavaWorld Reader's Choice Award: JServ, Best Free Product: 1998: Jukebox submitted and accepted by Sun Microsystems Solutions Catalog. 1998: Excellence: Technical Innovation Award, given for the design and development of Jukebox (reusable client/server framework architecture and Java implementation) by 4C Solutions, Inc. 1997: Reusable client/server library (to-be Jukebox) gets the Top Rated, 2+ stars index from JARS ( RELATED EXPERIENCE • Independent research and development of computerized HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) zoning system, including process control applications and embedded software architecture, design and implementation (; • Independent development of the Jukebox: reusable distributed multiprotocol framework ( – core framework behind Customer Information Broker (American Express) and DIY Zoning Project (above); • Independent development of ServoMaster: hardware and platform independent servo controller driver (; • Participated in the Java Apache Servlet Engine development ( - one of the core development team members; • Participated in the JBoss - Enterprise Java Beans Open Source Server project (http://; • Participated in Linux Phidget Library project (; • Participated in OWFS project (; • Participated in Java USB project (; • Book reviews: Deitel & Deitel Java: How to Program, Advanced Java 2 Platform How to Program, Wireless Internet & Mobile Business How to Program ( WORK STATUS Authorized to work in US for any employer.