Managed Methods Partners with Gigamon


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Managed Methods Partners with Gigamon

  1. 1. Managed Methods Partners with Gigamon  Partnership will expand options for scaling JaxView in large SOA deployments Managed Methods, the supplier of JaxView tools for visibility into Web Services operations, announced a strategic partnership with Gigamon Systems, the leading supplier of next-generation data access switches, to expand options for scaling JaxView in large SOA deployments. Network Architects and IT operations managers working with web services in production need visibility into the operation and performance of XML-based service exchanges. At the same time, many of these IT organizations are constrained to do more with smaller budgets, shorter time horizons, and less impact on systems. Most solutions for SOA monitoring on the market provide a rich set of management features but require a significant investment of resources to implement. These management tools also tend to add traffic overhead into networked systems. Managed Methods developed an agentless monitoring capability for Web services to address the demand for a management solution that can easily plug into existing infrastructure without the need to modify server configurations or system architecture. Combining Gigamon's out-of-band aggregation ability with JaxView passive SOA monitoring solution totally eliminates extra impact on the already high-overhead XML text based messaging traffic in SOA environments by using out-of-band data. Two important considerations in large and complex IT environments are scalability and manageability. JaxView provides a centralized, web-based portal to efficiently monitor Web services and manage events and reports. The GigaVUE®-MP product from Gigamon, enables a resource efficient way to scale JaxView Web services visibility in large environments while sharing that visibility with other deployed monitoring tools. The GigaVUE®-MP has the ability to aggregate network traffic and filters the data stream so that only the packets that are needed are forwarded to JaxView. In very high traffic situations, GigaVUE®-MP can also load balance network data streams to two or more JaxView servers. The JaxView cluster then aggregates the Web services messaging information, providing the following: • Service response performance metrics • Operation throughput metrics • Fault message management • SLA management metrics • Client usage metering • Metric baselining and trend analysis "We are pleased to be able to enhance JaxView's scalability with our GigaVUE®-MP product." said Tom Gallatin, VP of Marketing and Sales at Gigamon Systems. "Gigamon's success is built on enabling multiple system management and monitoring tools to do their jobs more efficiently and unobtrusively in complex IT network environments ".
  2. 2. Managed Methods Partners with Gigamon  "The GigaVUE®-MP from Gigamon provides an efficient and robust approach to scaling JaxView deployments." said Julie Cobb, Director of Sales at Managed Methods. "Our most important objective is to help our customers achieve visibility into their Web services and SOA environments in the least intrusive way while remaining cost-effective. We feel confident that we have achieved that with our partnership with Gigamon Systems for our customers with certain scaling needs." About Gigamon Gigamon delivers intelligent data access solutions to enhance monitoring of service provider and enterprise data centers. The company’s world-renowned GigaVUE “orange boxes” aggregate, filter and replicate customized data streams to all monitoring tools. Gigamon pioneered technology for multi-tool environments to address new demands for reporting and analyzing organizational data. Now in its third generation with global deployments in over 40 countries and 90 percent market share for intelligent data access, Gigamon’s GigaVUE platform is the only proven, fully-integrated, total solution for all data access needs. Gigamon’s patented technology enables companies to realize day one ROI by increasing tool value and operational efficiencies. GigaVUE ensures seamless and controlled delivery of the right data, at the right time to the right tools. Organizations deploying Gigamon solutions enjoy greater uptime, reduced threat vulnerability and improved regulatory compliance. For more information about Gigamon and its award- winning solutions, visit About Managed Methods Managed Methods provides Web services management and runtime SOA governance solutions focused on the needs of IT operations. We draw on over ten years of system management experience to build products that fit the dynamic pace and requirements of production IT environments. Based on open standards, our JaxView products are designed for ease of installation and integration with Web services. Every aspect of JaxView from integration, metric engine, alerting, data persistent, and aggregation is customizable. No matter what stage of SOA implementation you are JaxView can help you monitor, manage, and secure your Web services. Managed Methods press release Media Contact: Grant Swanson Marketing Manager Gigamon Systems 408-386-9842