JBoss enterprise soa platform


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JBoss enterprise soa platform

  1. 1. JBoss enterprise soa platform What is it? this goal by deploying departmental, functional-area and enterprise-wide ESBs, business process integration and The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform includes service- automation systems, and SOA integration platforms within oriented architecture (SOA) open source middleware such their IT infrastructure. While many of today’s packaged as JBoss Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), workflow for Java ESBs, process servers and BPM systems help enterprises developers based on jBPM, a business rules engine based deploy SOA to improve business process execution, only on Drools, and the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform can deliver the benefits to integrate applications, services, transactions, and busi- of a no license fee, subscription-based solution built on ness components into automated business processes. a flexible and scalable underlying platform. What does it do? Because it is deployed on JBoss Enterprise Application Platform — the industry’s #1 J2EE-certified application The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform enables enterprises to platform — access to dynamic information is made easy integrate services, handle business events, and automate and performance and scalability are assured. Choose business processes more efficiently, linking IT resources, the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform whether you require data, services and applications across the value chain. a departmental SOA and business process integration Unlike other offerings, the open source components can be solution or an enterprise-class SOA business process used individually, together, or with third party components automation platform for the full range of value chain to better suit evolving development needs. integration challenges. Why should i care? Benefits The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform provides the integra- tion and SOA fabric to build enterprise SOAs that allow eliminate Manual Pain Points businesses to gain competitive advantage. By allowing from your Business Processes a business to automate business processes, facilitate Many business processes involve unnecessary manual human participation in business processes, and connect intervention to move data or make calculations that could the full value chain, the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform easily be automated by computers. However, the data enables enterprises to optimize business performance. semantics have not been reconciled across applications or business logic has not been written down and codified, overvieW often resulting in the need for people involved in a busi- Many IT organizations look to achieve a competitive advan- ness process who are not doing value-added work. This tage for the enterprise by improving business productivity work creates “pain points” or points of potential failure and reducing costs. Today’s top enterprises are realizing in a business process. www.jboss.com
  2. 2. The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform relieves these business accelerate Business execution process manual pain points by providing the simple, open and improve Business Performance and affordable integration and business process automa- tion platform to deal with data semantic transformation The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform integrates services, and integration of business logic across the enterprise. business logic and data making these IT assets available to business processes. With business process workflow reduce Business Process execution error and rules capability, the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform enables IT and the line-of-business to automate the work- Eliminating unnecessary manual intervention within busi- flows and rules that drive the business processes and work ness processes also reduces the opportunities for error. of the organization. This automation, reduced error and With the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, routine data mes- human task management provided by the JBoss Enterprise saging, transformation and routing tasks are automated SOA Platform drives faster business process execution and eliminating human error and reducing costs associated better business performance, increasing business agility with unnecessary human errors. Additionally, since the and delivering better ROI. JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform can leverage business logic or services hosted in a wide variety of environments, busi- increase return on existing it investment ness processes can share logic giving all requests the same answer for the same inputs using the same logic implemen- Enterprises and value chains have a myriad of data, tation. This eliminates cumulative error business logic and business process resources already introduced into a business process as a result of using deployed across the IT organizations and in the line-of-busi- multiple algorithms and implementations for the same ness. The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform enables these IT business logic. and business assets to be used to support all appropriate business processes increasing return on these IT invest- create Better customer experiences leading to ments. Put simply, the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform higher customer satisfaction allows you to leverage your existing infrastructural invest- ments in both software, hardware and manpower. With the unnecessary manual pain points removed, processes integrated, and fewer errors, an enterprise enterprise-class reliability and scalability is enabled to create better customer experiences by delivering service, support, product and answers faster The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform shields users from ser- and with higher quality. JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform vice disruptions by leveraging JBoss Enterprise Application brings together IT assets — data, business logic and busi- Platform as its proven foundation for applications that ness services — to enable business processes to better require superior performance and scalability. Its high- serve customers. availability services provide the clustering, caching, fail- over, load balancing, and distributed deployment features expected in a best-of-breed platform. 2 www.jboss.com
  3. 3. autoMating Business execution figure 1 Automated business execution requires that your IT infra- BUSINESS structure can handle business events, integrate data, SOA SOX Basel II HIPAA services, and business logic within applications, and incor- Business services, processes and rules porate value-added human interaction such as content creation and decision making into the process. This auto- Portal User JBoss Enterprise mation provides competitive advantage and, with well-de- SOA Platform Channel Partner fined services and an open integration platform, the ability Workflow and Business to be flexible and responsive. Businesses who modernize Rules Execution PEOPLE PARTNERS their IT assets in this manner see higher customer satisfac- Enterprise Service Bus & Event Management tion, lower costs, and greater financial returns. Supplier Collaboration Integration & Messaging As shown in Figure 1, the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform enables automated business execution by delivering a 2nd Unstructured Relational Data generation, open source and standards-based SOA plat- Data form that brings together all enterprise stakeholders and IT INFORMATION assets required to run the business. in addition to SOA, this new architecture supports event management and even- driven architecture (EDA) deployments. With a rules engine utilized both within the ESB as well as available to business features and coMPonents processes, the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform provides a foundation to support complex event processing (CEP). JBoss enterprise service Bus The workflow capabilities of JBoss jBPM are included both JBoss ESB intermediates interactions between enterprise within the ESB to facilitate service and event orchestration applications, business services, business components, and as well as are available to process developers to automate middleware to integrate and enable automation of busi- business processes. The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform ness processes. JBoss ESB supports various messaging brings together leading open source technologies to deliver products for transport, component models as SOA end superior business execution, simply, openly and affordably! points, and data transformation for seamless communica- tion. JBoss ESB provides a registry for service discovery and integration. JBoss ESB is designed to enable simple to advanced governance software from the open source community and commercial software vendors. Due to its flexible and open architecture, JBoss ESB enables partner products to plug in to supplement and extend the JBoss Enterprise SOA platform. www.jboss.com 3
  4. 4. Business rules engine JBoss enterPrise PlatforM suBscriPtion Benefits: JBoss Rules is a fast and highly efficient rules engine that provides rules services to the SOA deployment. Rules also Subscriptions to JBoss Enterprise Middleware are not just may be used within the ESB for advanced content based an outstanding value, they are also easy to purchase and routing. JBoss Rules also supports a variety of language consume. Sold in both 4 CPU and 32 CPU Units, all JBoss and decision table inputs, making it easy to quickly mod- Enterprise Middleware production subscriptions include: ify your business policies to respond to opportunities and competitive threats. • Product access: Source and binary code; documentation Workflow for Java Developers • updates: Regular updates that provide general JBoss jBPM enables enterprises to create and automate enhancements, new features, etc. business processe workflows that coordinate between • revisions: Access to the latest bug fixes and people, applications and services. Designed for the mass security errata market as well as supporting enterprise scale applications, JBoss jBPM brings process automation to a much wider set • upgrades: Rights to new versions of JBoss Enterprise of business problems ranging from embedded workflow to Middleware released during the subscription lifetime enterprise business process orchestration. When coupled with JBoss ESB and JBoss Rules, it enables a business pro- • flexibility: Subscriptions are not version-specific, so cesses to leverage SOA deployments more simply, openly access to, and support for previous version is included and affordably. • JBoss customer support Portal: Connect directly to JBoss support staff, open and track support cases JBoss enterprise application Platform in real-time, customize patch or upgrade alerts, and By leveraging JBoss Enterprise Application Platform download certified patches and updates enterprise features such as JEE services, robust cluster- • support: Multiple support services providing ing, and the Java Connector Architecture (JCA), the JBoss unlimited incidents and coverage up to 24x7 with Enterprise SOA Platform builds upon an enterprise-class 1 hour response foundation enabling it to solve business automation, enter- prise application integration, SOA integration, and process • long term stability: Multi-year support and update orchestration challenges found in business value chains policies for all JBoss Enterprise Middleware world-wide. • legal assurance: The Red Hat Open Source Assurance program safeguards customers who are developing and deploying open source solutions from legal harm Subscriptions of 32 CPUs or greater include additional value-add features, including JBoss Operations Network and Portfolio Developer Professional Subscription. For subscriptions totaling less than 32 CPUs, both JBoss Operations Network and Developer Subscriptions may be purchased separately. 4 www.jboss.com
  5. 5. ManageMent for JBoss enterPrise MiddleWare • Manage, monitor, and tune your applications for improved visibility, performance, and availability. The JBoss Operations Network is a single, integrated management platform that delivers centralized systems • Coordinate the many stages of application lifecycle management and simplifies development, testing, deploy- and expose a cohesive view of your middleware ment, and monitoring for JBoss Enterprise Middleware. components through complex environments. From the JBoss Operation Network console you can: • Improve operational efficiency and reliability via • Inventory resources from the operating system thorough visibility into application availability and to applications. performance, effectively managing configuration and roll-out of new applications across complex • Control and audit your application configurations environments with a single, integrated tool. to standardize deployments. For detailed product information about JBoss Operations Network visit: www.jboss.com/products/jbosson suPPorted oPerating systeMs JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform is certified on the following JVM and OS Combinations: oPerating systeM chiP architecture Java virtual Machine Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 x86, x86_64 Sun JDK 1.6, Sun JDK 1.5, BEA JRockit JDK 1.5 (latest update) Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 x86, x86_64 Sun JDK 1.6.0_07, Sun JDK 1.5.0_15, BEA JRockit (latest update) JDK 1.5 Microsoft Windows 2003 x86, x86_64 Sun JDK 1.6.0_07, Sun JDK 1.5.0_15, BEA JRockit JDK 1.5 suPPorted dataBases suPPorted standards MiniMuM systeM requireMents JBoss Enterprise SOA is certified • SOAP 1.1 • JAX-WS • JDK 1.6 on the following RDBMS's: • WS-Security • UDDI 3.0 • 512 MB RAM • Oracle • MTOM • W S-Addressing 1.0 • 300 MB of hard disk space • My SQL • WSDL 1.1 • Full Java EE5 compliance • Postgres • Java Management Extension (JMX) 1.2 For additional standards support by JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform see: jboss.com/products/platforms/application/standards/ For additional details on supported JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform configurations, see: jboss.com/products/platforms/soa/testedconfigurations/ www.jboss.com 5
  6. 6. JBoss sales and inquiries NORTH AMERICA 1-888-REDHAT1 www.jboss.com © 2009 Red Hat, Inc. Red Hat(R), The Shadowman(R) Logo, JBoss(R), and Fedora(R) are registered trademarks www.jboss.com of Red Hat, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Linux(R) is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. # 1577847_0210