DataPower SOA Appliances Simplify, Accelerate, and Help ...


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DataPower SOA Appliances Simplify, Accelerate, and Help ...

  1. 1. Jumpstart your SOA project with ESB Messaging & Enrichment Untangle your Connectivity Infrastructure Rodolphe Lezennec WebSphere Integration Solution Architect © 2008 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. IBM Vision at a Glance… Smarter Planet  people  instrumented  companies, institutions, industries  interconnected  man-made systems  intelligent  nature’s systems
  3. 3. The Need for Action is Clear The European retail sector wasted nearly EUR 2 billion (£1.36 billion) in 2006 because of a lack of document output control $11.5B worth of produce is wasted in India because of outdated processes U.S. CPG companies and retailers lose $40 billion annually due to inefficient supply chains. 6
  4. 4. Today’s Imperatives Are Cost Optimization Agility + to slash operational and to take advantage maintenance expense of new revenue and maximize efficiency opportunities and necessary for all address competitive economic climates threats To Survive… To Succeed!
  5. 5. IBM's Smart SOA Powers Smarter Business Outcomes Across a Continuum Business Extend Adapt Foundational Transform End-to-End Dynamically IT From Basic to Advanced, SOA Connectivity & Integration is fundamental for linking business processes, applications and information together
  6. 6. Organizations Leverage SOA Connectivity & Integration To Address Critical Business Needs Business Needs Common Adoption Patterns “Fast, flexible & reliable access to business ESB Messaging information” & Enrichment “Trust, management & Service Visibility security for business & Governance applications” “Make it easy for a the company’s customers, Extend Connectivity to partners & suppliers to Partners & Customers conduct business”
  7. 7. The Power of ESB Messaging and Enrichment Lower process Telephony Hub Save disruptions with reliable time and money by data movement centralizing services Confirmed Flight Booking Telephony Hub ESB Adapt business faster Prepare for regulatory by easily connecting compliance by preserving services and creating data integrity new, low-cost Web 2.0 apps Auditable Stock Trades Web-based Bank Transfer and Routing
  8. 8. ESB Messaging and Enrichment Addresses Customer Needs Across All Industries Insurance  Used by 95% of top global insurances firms  Improved transactional time by over 30% Business Flexibility Government  Agency sends 675m messages per day  ~ 7,500 agency users & 50,000 citizen transactions daily “We implement the services of the future today, bringing the convergence of voice, data, Banking Internet, video, television,  $7-$35 trillion messaging traffic per day advertising, local services and  213+ million messages daily  Used by 80% of the top banks in USA social networks,” ….. “We achieve this by integrating with many established technologies, Retail products and service suppliers in  One store reduced SAP development by 60% the industry.”  Global retailer moved to real-time inventory, reduced stock-outs to zero CEO Telecommunications IBM – 15 years of customer experience totaling 10’s of billions of messages every day
  9. 9. Atlas Air takes flight with Smart SOA ESB Messaging and Enrichment Industry Pains Smarter Business Outcomes:  Operations becoming  Enabled unified user experience regardless of increasingly complex underlying systems while leveraging existing apps  Inflexible “homegrown” apps  Accelerated integration with customer and partner that didn’t integrate systems to exchange real-time logistics info Why Smart SOA Connectivity & Integration? Simplified, SOA-based integration and messaging capability vastly improves Atlas Air’s efficiency & ability to rapidly respond to dynamic customer needs.
  10. 10. Agility and Savings Begin with Integration The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Connects everything Transforms between Identifies and to everything different data formats distributes Business events Enrichment ESB Messaging Matches & routes Converts between communications between different transport services protocols Optimizing Costs •Integrate new customers and partners up to 80% faster •Improve performance more than 10x, with lower costs •Achieve full ROI within as few as 6 months •Leverage existing skills and assets •Supports business growth and agility
  11. 11. Reliability Counts! The Situation • Costly security and audit exposures • Information loss of critical data • Unable to make real time business decisions Your Opportunity • Prevent up to $4M in security breach costs • Preserve data integrity with 100% guaranteed delivery • Publish ultra-low latency ,time- sensitive data feeds
  12. 12. Extreme Reliability & Assured Delivery Message & Message & Transaction Transaction Integrity Delivery Assurance Prevent costly Reduce costs and security breach process disruptions exposures from data loss Ultra-low latency, time-sensitive data feeds Enables real-time business decisions
  13. 13. District Health Bureau consolidates patient information With Smart SOA ESB Messaging and Enrichment District Health Bureau – China Industry Pains Smarter Business Outcomes:  No single, comprehensive  Maximizing the efficient utilization of medical electronic medical record resources (EMR) consolidating  Integrating community healthcare service patient data from all centers with large hospitals providers Why Smart SOA Connectivity & Integration? Enables the Health Bureau to establish a standards-based approach for consolidating all patient information into a single EMR.
  14. 14. Integration can be Complex and Inflexible The Situation •Inflexible, “homegrown” applications don’t integrate •Variety of different platforms, networks, and devices •Changes to the business impact current IT environment Your Opportunity •Single integration hub to connect applications up to 80% faster •Immediate access to virtually any system •Improve performance more than 10x, with lower costs
  15. 15. Unifying, Cross-enterprise Integration Hub  Connect applications regardless of the platform, network, or device  Enable access to virtually any Into system through transformation of this… data  Develop new business services from existing applications and data
  16. 16. Sprint adds flexibility to it’s business model With Smart SOA ESB Messaging and Enrichment Industry Pains Smarter Business Outcomes:  Increasing demand for access  Added new flexibility to Sprint’s business model that to back-end systems and data provides faster time-to-market for new services by enterprise customers,  Improved throughput 100x and at lower cost than resellers and partners software solution Why Smart SOA Connectivity & Integration? "The consumability of appliance technology, like IBM's WebSphere DataPower technology, is vital to enabling the necessary unification by increasing the speed and efficiency of how IT delivers value to the business." -- Dick LeFave, CIO, SprintNextel
  17. 17. Lack of Cost Optimization The Situation • Ongoing integration costs I.T. Budget preventing new IT projects 100% New IT projects • New assets and skills required for 76% new projects • ROI not achieved to cover costs Your Opportunity 50% Maintenance and management of • Cut integration costs up to 55% existing IT apps • Leverage existing assets and skills for new IT projects • Achieve ROI in six months Time • Decouple connectivity and integration logic from application
  18. 18. Free Up Costs and Personnel for IT Projects  Decouple complex integration logic from each application Personnel Costs  Leverage existing assets and skills utilizing one integration hub Automated Process  Provide universal service delivery including messages, processes, files and events IT Systems
  19. 19. Retail – grows their web sales With Smart SOA Connectivity Industry Pains Smarter Business Outcomes:  Multiple, diverse, siloed  Enables more rapid creation and deployment of e-commerce systems retail Web sites  Facilitates cross-selling between brands Why Smart SOA Connectivity & Integration? will enable the individual brands to do things they would never have been able to cost-justify before and provide unprecedented agility.
  20. 20. Old Technology with no Differentiation The Situation • Unable to create differentiated and low cost services • System performance impacts business • Unable to react to critical business events Your Opportunity • Use Web 2.0 technology to create new low cost, differentiated services • Improve system performance by 10X • Unify and capture events as they occur with 0% delay
  21. 21. Easily Bridge to Next-gen Technology  Connect new Web 2.0 technologies to back-end, core applications  Isolate complex mediations in a high-performance, central hub  Unify and capture events in an ESB
  22. 22. Connect & Save with ESB Messaging and Enrichment IBM ESB Messaging and Enrichment Portfolio  WebSphere MQ: providing a messaging transport on distributed platforms to connect virtually any commercial IT system  WebSphere MQ LLM: high throughput transport optimized for speed for your SOA  WebSphere Message Broker : built for universal connectivity and transformation in heterogeneous IT environments  WebSphere ESB: optimized with WebSphere Application server for an integrated SOA platform  WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI50: purpose-built hardware for simplified deployment and hardened security  WebSphere DataPower LLM: predictive, low latency messaging and routing for data distribution in a purpose-built, hardware appliance
  23. 23. The Latest Evolution of SOA Messaging Introducing WebSphere MQ V7  Highly consumable & easy to use for faster time to market  Turbo-charged performance to do more with less  Enhanced dynamic & scalable Pub/Sub features Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced Tooling Performance Resilience Pub/Sub Enhanced JMS New MQI HTTP Bridge New Pub/Sub Support Commands for Web 2.0 for z/OS WebSphere MQ V7 Messaging
  24. 24. Innovation Delivering the Latest in Technology Introducing WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus V6.2  Policy-driven connectivity to provide greater levels of governance  Greater web services standard support for improved interoperability  Enhanced service mediation capabilities for less custom coding Enrichment Streamlined Increased Integration Simplified integration flexibility with WSRR Administration For WPS WESB V6.2
  25. 25. Innovation That Simplifies Complexity Introducing WebSphere Message Broker V6.1  Simplified programming and easy-to-use tools to provide a flexible and dynamic infrastructure  Enhanced routing and transforming of messages  Increased operational management and performance Enrichment Performance and Administration Platform Coverage and Security Consumability and Enhanced SOA Extended Productivity Support Connectivity WMB V6.1
  26. 26. Innovation That Expands Connectivity Introducing WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance V3.7.2  Enhanced database connectivity for broader connectivity in heterogeneous environments  Expanded integration with IBM and 3rd party products for improved interoperability Enrichment Expanded Added Support Improved Integration Security Capabilities For SFTP with TAM, TFIM With RACF Integration and WTX XI50 V3.7.2
  27. 27. StatoilHydro increases their production and other efficiencies with ESB Messaging and Enrichment Industry Pains: Smarter Business Outcomes:  Need greater production out  5% annual oil and gas production increase of existing fields  Reduction in unplanned equipment downtime  30% cost reduction via predictive maintenance Why Smart SOA Connectivity & Integration? Used WebSphere MQ and WebSphere ESB as part of an integrated infrastructure to simplify and link systems across their rigs, across the globe, and across the enterprise.
  28. 28. SOA Connectivity & Integration Leadership Largest Customer Base! Strongest Ecosystem  10,000+ Customers  1000+ SOA Connectivity  Customer Success Stories; business partners 100+ on  Largest users group Unparalleled expertise, and level of investment  Over 15+ years of industry leadership  100’s of assets  Broadest, Deepest solution portfolio & services
  29. 29. Exemple : Prise en compte d’un dossier de sinistre Client SINISTRES  Approche multi-canal (Web,  Assurance disposant de Agence, Call-Center, etc.) plusieurs back-office de gestion  L’assuré souhaite envoyer un de sinistres (suite à des fusions/ dossier de sinistre acquisition).  Système « legacy » où l’intégration via des standards n’est pas possible Besoin de réactivité, de fiabilité et d’adaptabilité aux changements de l’entreprise 29
  30. 30. Exemple : Mise en œuvre avec WebSphere ESB Client SINISTRES Consommateur Fournisseur de Service Médiateur de Service Envoi d’un Réception d’un dossier sinistre dossier sinistre via l’appel d’un via la dépose Service Web d’un fichier dans un répertoire 30
  31. 31. Etape 1 – Création d’un Module de Médiation WebSphere Integration Developer 31
  32. 32. Etape 2 – Création des objets métiers et des interfaces Représentation uniforme des objets métiers et des interface, indépendamment de leurs implémentations (Copybook, HTTP/SOAP, etc.) Approche 100% orientée service 32
  33. 33. Etape 3 – Assemblage du composant de médiation Interface Reference Comment on Quels composants invoque le sont invoqués? composant? Client SINISTRES Composant Représentation Export uniforme d’une Import « Binding » Module SCA implémentation « Binding » technique technique (= 1 projet = une unité (ex. Flux de médiation) (Connecteur Fichier) (HTTP/SOAP) de déploiement = 1 EAR) Repose sur une architecture de composants de services : « Service Component Architecture » Permet de composer les services entre eux et de paramétrer la qualité de service et la sécurité de manière transparente. 33
  34. 34. Etape 4 – Implémentation de ma médiation Flux de Médiation Enchaînement d’opérations techniques permettant de réaliser la médiation Primitives de Médiation Opérations techniques unitaires « prête à l’emploi » (Routage, transformation, trace, erreur et sous-flux 34
  35. 35. Etape 5 – Tests unitaires et mise au point Client de Test Gestion des bouchons et des jeux d’essai, trace fine d’exécution, etc. Serveur de Test Accès local ou distant à un serveur WebSphere ESB pour le déploiement des modules 35
  36. 36. Etape 6 – Déploiement, Administration & Supervision  Modules packagés dans un fichier Enterprise Archive (EAR) standard  Différents moyens de déploiement : – Via WebSphere Integration Developer – Via la console d’administration de WebSphere ESB – Via des scripts ANT – Via la ligne de commande « Business Space » Interface Web unifiée commune à notre solution ESB et à la suite BPM de WebSphere 36
  37. 37. Conclusion Client ESB Messaging SINISTRES Bénéfices  Plus de perte de dossier de sinistre  Possibilité de sous-traiter les petits sinistres à un partenaire avec un faible impact sur le S.I.  Plus grande réactivité sur la gestion des sinistres (alerte sur un évènement tel que l’appel à un call center)