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  • 1. Dennis Nadler Chief Technology Officer Merlin Technical Solutions
  • 2. SOA: How Does It Support My Business Processes?
    • Product Landscape
    • Business/Organizational Strategy
    • Case Study
    • Lessons Learned
  • 3. SOA Product Landscape
  • 4. SOA Strategy
    • Business Assessment
    • Services Identification
    • Mission Thread Pilot
    • Enterprise Governance
    • Enterprise SOA Foundation
  • 5. Case Study
    • USTRANSCOM Enterprise Architecture Transformation
      • Continuous Business Process Reengineering
      • Detailed Cataloging of System Architectural Artifacts
      • Solid Technical Reference Model
      • SOA Strategy
      • SOA Enterprise Foundation
      • SOA Governance/Policies and How-to Guides
  • 6. Goal: Networked Value Chain (Plug-n-Play)
    • Process Architecture
    • Governance Architecture
    • Integration Architecture
    • Application Architecture
    • Physical Architecture
    • detailed closed–loop process flows, responsibilities, cycle time, workflows
    • ownership and influence of decisions, policies, decision flows, objects
    • roles, responsibilities, organization, control-system, performance metrics
    • applications, functionality, data and flows, interfaces, middleware
    • servers, drives, firewalls, network, scalability, reliability, security, management
    Governance Ownership Business Process Model Applications Landscape Physical Hardware Site and Network Plan
  • 7. IT Capabilities as Composeable Services Stovepipes Composeable Services
    • Best of Breed
    • EAI
    • TCO
    • Complexity
    • Numerous Special
    • System-to-System
    • Interfaces
    Stovepipe Systems Approach + Cost Efficiency - Flexibility Service-Oriented Architecture + Cost Efficiency + Flexibility + Lower TCO + Lower Complexity Weapon Systems Management Materiel Supply Systems Personnel Systems
  • 8. USTRANSCOM/DPO Services Platform New Users Reach knowledge workers and management processes New Solutions Combine transactions, analytics, and collaboration New Opportunities Integrate with engineering and embedded systems Analytics Composites DPO UDDI Services Repository Composite Enterprise Services Framework Application Platform Objects, Web Services, and Components Bus. Process Platform Partner Web Services Legacy 3 rd Party Services Web Service Security Calling Application Web Service Proxy Web Service UDDI Registry Web Service Management Web Service Metrics Enterprise SOA Foundation
  • 9. Lessons Learned
    • Start By Examining Your Business Or Agency Processes
    • Must Have Buy-In From Management And User Community
    • Don’t Focus On SOA Products.
    • Think Big, Start Smart, Scale Fast
  • 10. Dennis Nadler Chief Technology Officer Merlin Technical Solutions 8 Executive Dr, Suite 150 Fairview Heights, IL 62208 Tel: 618-622-9192 Cell: 618-531-4007 [email_address]
  • 11. Backups
  • 12. SOA Enterprise Foundation Web Service Security Service Requester Web Service Proxy Web Service UDDI Registry Web Service Monitoring Agent Web Service Metrics Governance/ Policy SOA Foundation
  • 13. SOA Applications - ESB Implementations Business Services System Integration Backbone (SIB) – Application Server, Integration Platform Federated Portal Service Registry Service Management Support Services WS Security Application Notification Mgmt. Item Mgmt. Task Management Collaboration Analysis Workflow Application Admin. Document Mgmt. Records Mgmt. Alerts/Notifications Logging Monitoring Application Config. Exception Handling Personalization Entitlement Enterprise Services Legacy App Legacy App Files Other Data Data Repository Legacy Access (non-Web Service Interface) Data Services eForms Synchronization Federated Search Entity Extraction Indexing Reports
  • 14. Project Summary
    • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Framework
      • Customer: USTRANSCOM
      • Requirements: SOA Framework for Business Process Re-engineering and Composite Applications
      • Deliverables:
        • Enterprise Architecture and Best Practice Recommendations
        • Identify Mission Threads and Associated Services for SOA Implementation
        • SOA Taxonomy for Distribution Business Process
        • Distribution UDDI Registry
        • Enterprise Governance Model and Implementation
        • Web Service Security
        • Web Service Management Capability
        • Web Service Composite Applications Foundation
  • 15. Flexible Business Architecture Stovepipes Composeable Services Networked Value Chains are a set of relatively autonomous units that can be managed independently , but operate together in a framework of common principles and service-level agreements. Weapon Systems Management Materiel Supply Systems Personnel Systems
  • 16. Enterprise Service Architecture (ESA) Rapid composition of services creating business processes that deliver value Composites Framework Services
  • 17. Transformation Flexibility in Operational Strategies Extend to new user communities Continuously change or expand processes Add new partners & organizations to the process Distribution Enterprise Services Network Planning Procurement Transportation Disposition ERP (Supplier) CRM (Supplier) SRM Services (Internal) ERP Services (Internal) CRM Services (Internal) SRM (Customer Invoicing (External Agency) Other Needed Services Planner Purchaser Logistics Customer Service Enabled Stovepipes
  • 18. BPM & Composite Applications Composite Application Framework Guided Procedures Ad-Hoc Workflow m m m w ERP CRM SRM 3 rd Party WMS 3 rd Party ERP Cross-Component BPM UWL Application Integration Framework People Information Process Application Multi-Channel Access Portal Collaboration Knowledge Mgmt Business Intelligence Meta Data Integration Broker Business Process Mgmt J2EE Application Abstraction DB and OS Abstraction Message/Document Work Item Item Business Workflow Human Interaction Collaboration Inter-Application Process Automation Inter-Application Process Automation