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  • Slide Objectives:
    To map IBM offerings to SOA Operating Environment.
    Walk through the animation and talk briefly about each offerings. This diagram offers a complete picture of product mapped to a SOA reference architecture.
    Please note that the WebSphere Application Server is classified as Business Application Service and ND and XD are considered Infrastructure products.
  • The ESB allows you to focus on your core business. It enables you to add new services faster and to change services with minimal impact to existing services.
  • Customers face a range of ESB requirements. As a result, any given project might require an ESB or an Advanced ESB… OR BOTH.
    The two products work together. WebSphere ESB is designed to connect and transform using SOA standards only. WebSphere ESB is designed for universal connectivity connecting SOA standards to non-SOA standards such as EDI, SWIFT, FIX, COBOL Copybooks, HIPAA, ACORD, HL7, custom formats, etc. The Broker also handles a multitude of different connection types allowing you to integrate virtually your entire enterprise.
    As previously stated, our ESB offering is WebSphere ESB and is focused on full J2EE, JMS, and Web Services focus. Our advanced ESB offering is WebSphere Message Broker and is focused on the integration of services with non-services applications.
    The advanced ESB can support everything you can do with the basic ESB as well as a few additions.
    The first advantage is the ability to natively transform non-XML formats without the use of adapters. You can go directly from one format to another. This is very useful if you have data in your enterprise today that does not conform to the XML standard.
    The second is complex event processing. Complex events are those that are formed by identifying several earlier ones. By identifying complex business events your business can act and react much earlier that you might otherwise.
    Currently sensors and mobile devices don’t support the SOA standards, but they can be integrated into an SOA architecture using the Message Broker.
    The Broker also provides native integration of CICS and VSAM.
    Finally, many companies use a range of JMS services from different vendors within their organizations. JMS is an open standard API but implementations from different vendors do not talk to one another. The Broker can handle inputs from virtually all these 3rd-party JMS systems and work as an integration hub for different vendors. Unlike other vendors, like Sonic and TIBCO, whose JMS implementations can works as transactional clients but not transaction managers, WebSphere Message Broker can act as a transaction manager. This means that it is the only product on the market that can manage a transaction involving TIBCO, SONIC and WebSphere MQ.
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    1. 1. © 2007 IBM Corporation SOA on your terms and our expertise Software Использование интеграционных решений IBM в банкахИспользование интеграционных решений IBM в банках Леонид МаргулисЛеонид Маргулис IBM EE/A SWGIBM EE/A SWG
    2. 2. 2 SOA on your terms and our expertise Software Содержание  Опыт интеграционных проектов в банках  Инфраструктура исполнения приложений  Интеграция приложений  Управление бизнес-процессами
    3. 3. 3 SOA on your terms and our expertise Software Integration Software Market Results 2006
    4. 4. 4 SOA on your terms and our expertise Software Больше 2000 заказчиков IBM в банковской сфере …Over 15,000 WebSphere MQ заказчиков
    5. 5. 5 SOA on your terms and our expertise Software Российские банки, использующие IBM Websphere  Центральный Банк Российской Федерации  Сберегательный Банк Российской Федерации  Альфа-Банк  Pocбанк  Международный Московский Банк  РайффейзенБанк/Москва  Ренессанс Капитал Банк  БНП ПАРИБА Банк/Москва  и др.
    6. 6. 6 SOA on your terms and our expertise Software Основные движущие факторы внедрения SOA 17% 22% 21% 24% 27% 37% 44% 43% 50% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Разработка новых приложений Повторное использ-е приложений Уменьшение сложности IT Сближение с бизнесом Ускорение цикла внедрения Оптимизация затрат на интегр-ю Синхронизация данных в ИС Оптимизация экспл-х затрат Управление бизнес-процессами
    7. 7. 7 SOA on your terms and our expertise Software ESB Приложения иданные Инновационные службы и оптимизация бизнеса Инновационные сервисы и оптимизация бизнеса Сервисы взаимодействия Процессные сервисы Информационные сервисы Партнёрские сервисы Cервисы бизнес-приложений Cервисы доступа УправлениеИТсервисами Сервисыразработки Сервисы инфраструктуры Референсная модель SOA Process ServerWebSphere Portal Information Server Application ServerWebSphere Partner Gateway AdaptersXD MQ Message Broker ESB WebSphere Integration Developer Rational Application Developer Rational Software Architect Rational RequisitePro Business Modeler ND Business Monitor
    8. 8. © 2006 IBM Corporation8 IBM Financial Industry Solution Software Internal Applications enterprise payment platform data access: warehouse audit reporting legacy connections Business Partner Applications XML/PKI data transformation and mapping client services * deployable payment processes and models workflow choreography * user interface monitor samples * business state machine gateway services Portal Server WebSphere TX WBI for Financial Networks WebSphere Partner Gateway WebSphere Process Server WebSphere Process Server WebSphere Message Broker * internal standardized format and * deployable data models WSDLWSDL Information Management DataPower Архитектура Enterprise Payment Platform * Part of the enterprise payment platform accelerator assets
    9. 9. 9 SOA on your terms and our expertise Software Корпоративная сервисная шина (ESB) Travel Reservation Process Flight Availability Service Enterprise Service Bus Новый сервис Book Hotel Service Hotel Availability Service Book Car Service Новая версия Старая версия Book Flight Service Check Credit Service Модернизация одного сервиса не влияет на остальные Быстрое добавление новых сервисов
    10. 10. 10 SOA on your terms and our expertise Software IBM WebSphere Message Broker IBM DataPower IBM WebSphere ESB IBM ESB products SpeedandPerformance Vertical and Horizontal Standards, Protocols, Data formats Web Services JMS WebSphere MQ HTTP XML WebSphere Adapters TIBCO Rendezvous Weblogic JMS TIBCO EMS JMS SonicMQ JMS Biztalk MQe Tuxedo Real-time IP FTP Multicast MQTT COBOL Copybook EDI-X.12 ACORD EDI-FACT ebXML AL3 HIPAA HL7 FIX Custom Formats Word/Excel/PDF SWIFT
    11. 11. 11 SOA on your terms and our expertise Software Поддержка жизненного цикла процесса Service Service Service Service 2 Service Service Service Service Service Service Generate Decline Service WebSphere Integration Developer WebSphere Process Server WebSphere Business Monitor WebSphere Business Modeler Передача моделей и метрик на уровень разработчиков Создание динамических бизнес- процессов на базе интеграционной платформы Управление бизнес- процессами в реальном времени Обратная связь для последующей оптимизации ESB Поддержка полного цикла разработки СОА
    12. 12. 12 SOA on your terms and our expertise Software Эволюция продуктов IBM (cumulative) WPS and ESB WBS Fabric  Business Services Lifecycle Management  Dynamic assembly and delivery of Business Services  Process driven choreography of services  Create/Deploy components and atomic services WAS Atomic Services Composite Services Business Services WBS Fabric includes WPS Product Packaging: WebSphere Process Server includes WAS WebSphere Application Server (which encapsulates atomic services) (which encapsulates atomic and composite services)
    13. 13. 13 SOA on your terms and our expertise Software Banking Pack ускоряет внедрение многоуровневых SOA приложений Business Services Web app CustomerEmployee Partner Service Oriented Application Atomic and Composite Services Operational Systems Service Interfaces Service Subscribers Knowledge Assets Banking Common Services IBM SOA Foundation Products (including WebSphere Business Services Fabric) Banking Business Object Model Banking Web Service Interfaces IT Infrastructure Banking Business Services Metadata Banking Business Glossary Banking Packs assets:
    14. 14. 14 SOA on your terms and our expertise Software