Constellation by PrimaFrance (PMI COS)
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Constellation by PrimaFrance (PMI COS)






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  • Stars are forming constellations, visible together, constitute a identifiable group. Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Cassiopeia, Draco
  • SAP – collaborative application, virtual war room, probably open towards google wave NASA - Project Constellation is a NASA program to create a new generation of spacecraft for human spaceflight, consisting primarily of the Ares I and Ares V launch vehicles, the Orion crew capsule, the Earth Departure Stage and the Lunar Surface Access Module. These spacecraft will be capable of performing a variety of missions, from Space Station resupply to lunar landings. Cancelled on 1 st of Feb 2010 by President Obama
  • As listed at the points, project managers need to have accurate, credible and timely information at hand to achieve the goals. When companies are increasing in size and getting more and more geographically diversed, this taks becomes more and more difficult to achieve. The result is slow reaction, decreasing quality and market loss against competitions. A tool needed which is acting globally, and taking into account the local initiatives and cultures. Managing multicultural projects are getting complex, especially when project is operating under time pressure.
  • Company overture towards new markets and incorporation of new units are placing huge challenges on the shoulder of the PM. The PM needs result quickly. Corporate based solutions are really the solutions for the future, while a project is happening now. There is no time to wait till major processes are synchronized, the resources are available, etc. Resources are one of the main cost items on a project, and most of the projects are constantly operating with limited resources, having key personal retained to perform tasks which can be automated is waste of money and the resource. Dynamism in « fighting » the concurrence is vital, a project can not slow down due to the slowness of the mother organization – but it should respect the policies and the strategy of the company. Decisions are based on information available, if the info is not accurate and not credible no good decision can be taken and the management goes into a firefighting mode to ensure completion. Reporting is key, the 1 st thing a PM is asking for.
  • 1 unit responsible for the project, this unit is called Leading Unit, this is the only one visible towards the Client and represents the whole organization. Participating Unit is a kind of Subcontractor, hidden from the final client and responsible for only certain part of the scope.
  • 1 unit responsible for the project, this unit is called Leading Unit, this is the only one visible towards the Client and represents the whole organization. Participating Unit is a kind of Subcontractor, hidden from the final client and responsible for only certain part of the scope.

Constellation by PrimaFrance (PMI COS) Presentation Transcript

  • 1.  
  • 2. CONSTELLATION A Method to Complex Project Scheduling Zsolt PUTNOKY PrimaConsulting Senior Consultant
  • 3. Constellation “ Is group of celestial bodies (usually stars) that appear to form a pattern in the sky or appear visibly related to each other”
  • 4. Constellation Cancelled, On-going, Done
  • 5. Constellation Why?
    • Global market
    • Short duration
    • Increased competition
    • Multicultural environment
  • 6. Constellation What?
    • Reduce process alignment to the minimum
    • Liberate resources
    • Create more dynamic environment
    • Increase visibility & data reliability
    • Simplified and streamlined reporting
  • 7. Constellation How?
    • Rely on predefined processes and systems
    • Link existing planning systems
    • Simplify and automates processes
    • Promote collaboration & responsibility
    • Increase schedule flexibility
  • 8. "Management means helping people to get the best out of themselves, not organizing things." (Lauren Appley)
  • 9. Controlling Approaches Centralized Management
  • 10. Controlling Approaches De-centralized Management Advantages Disadvantages Relatively low start-up cost Clashes in policies Flexibility & Reactivity Duplicated resources Increased responsability Co-location of several systems Scaling to local needs Multivendor (IT) Increased system reliability
  • 11. Constellation Method The elements Processes
    • Corporate policies
    • Project processes
    • Scheduling system
    • Reporting system
    • Project Managers
    • Planners & Schedulers
  • 12. Constellation Method The Actors
    • LU = Leading Unit
      • Facing the Client
      • Responsible for the project
    • PU = Participating Unit
      • Its client is the LU
      • Hidden from Client
      • Responsible for a deliverable
  • 13. Constellation Method The Process (based on William Edwards Deming’s cycle) Leading Unit Participating Unit Connection by Constellation
  • 14. “ Choreography is the art of designing sequences of movements in which motion, form, or both are specified.”
  • 15. Constellation Method Processes - Delegation Leading Unit Master Project Schedule Participating Unit Detailed Project Schedule
  • 16. Constellation Method Processes – Update Delegation
    • Budget or duration change by Leading Unit.
    • Duration over-run by Participating Unit.
    • Update depends on acceptance by parties.
    Participating Unit Detailed Project Schedule Contractual project duration Duration overrun
  • 17. Constellation Method Processes – Recall Delegation
    • Delegation recalled by Leading Unit.
    • Contractual relationship cancelled.
    • Link between schedules cut.
    • Remaining unit set to 0 (manual / auto).
    • Detailed project schedule archived.
    Undo delegation Delegation
  • 18. Constellation Method Processes – Progress Update Data date Leading Unit Master Schedule Participating Unit Detailed Project Schedule Delegation Progress Update
  • 19. Constellation Method Processes – Project Connection Information Demanded Information Provided Participating Unit 2 Providing information Participating Unit 2 Demanding information Leading Unit Controlling & Brokering
  • 20. Constellation Software
    • Semi automatic processes
    • Controlling schedule structure
    • Simplifies data integration
    • Reducing operator error
    • Provides data exchange history
  • 21. Constellation Conclusion
    • De-centralized model drawbacks reduced
    • Schedule management simplified
    • Improving transparency
    • Reducing process alignment
    • Rapid IT implementation
  • 22. Constellation Conclusion SIMPLE: Integrated on top of the project management processes as well as the planning system ROBUST: Designed to transfer and synchronise information easily across the globe SAFE: Information exchanged over the network is encrypted; each user can verify the incoming information and decide to accept or reject QUICK: to implement, as CONSTELLATION is using industry standard processes
  • 23. "A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline." (Harvey Mackay)
  • 24. Thank You For Attending!