Dedicated resources for software development from contus


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Contus is a Web and Mobile Application Development Company which outstands in delivering quality products. The company focuses on coming up with exemplary solutions for all your mobility and app-based requirements. Contus, through its successful venture named Apptha, provides ultimate extensions and themes for world’s top CMSs like WordPress, Magento and Joomla. Understanding the significance of mobile app development and mobile commerce in today’s world, the company has found out an absolute solution in the name of ‘mobecommerce’. Contus was launched in 2008 and is currently serving customer-base in more than 40 countries.

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Dedicated resources for software development from contus

  1. 1. Dedicated Resources For Software Development From ContusOnline PR News – 12-March-2011 –Contus which has completed more than 400 projects forSME clients around the world, is a global tech savvy and futuristic software solutionscompany which is currently excelling in the web development and mobile applicationsdevelopment: With 5 years of adept experience, Contus has beenproviding end to end solutions, as well as dedicated resources for the areas of web basedenterprise solutions, Web and mobile application development, web portal development andInternet marketing services.What is ‘Dedicated Resource’?By ‘dedicated resources’ we mean the technical and intellectual manpower that can be hiredfrom a company, by a client who requires them for a part or whole of his project functionssuch as development, testing, designing or maintenance or all of them. A client can hire 1 ormore programmers or as a Team with a Team Leader who will lead and co-ordinate theproject according to the clients’ directions.Who can hire dedicated resources from Contus ?Anyone who wants to develop web application, E-commerce web development, ContentManagement Systems, customized web applications and mobile application development canhire a dedicated programmer or a programming team from Contus . That ‘Dedicated Team’will exclusively working for that particular project and would be communicating directly withthe respective client.The company possesses highly experienced programmers, project managers and designerswho have 3 to 5 years of intensive experience in php and CMS (Content managementSystem) such as Joomla, Magento, Wordpress, Zencart and Drupal. The latest technologiesthey have been monitoring are the iPhone OS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Microsoftplatforms. They provide dedicated resources for software development and web developmentneeded by all range of clients in the web and mobile application market.For the past three years the company has seen a sustained and outstanding growth in the E-commerce web development by creating a few super hits such as the Group Clone (one ofthe best clone scripts for Groupon:, add ons for MagentoCMS, HD FLV Player for Magento etc. The popular HD FLV Player has been recommendedas one of the best web FLV players for Magento sites: TheProducts Team of Contus has been extensively researching on all the latest trends, platformsand applications in the E-commerce web development and customized web applications.Clients can hire the well experienced programmers from Contus for their projects involved indevelopment, testing or maintenance for the following web development services:- Web designing in php- E-commerce web development- Web applications development
  2. 2. - Mobile applications development including: iPhone, Android, Microsoft- Clone scripts for Groupon and other prominent portals- Software Testing- Maintenance of already existing websites and web applications- Not only the mentioned software platforms, Contus is training its experienced technicians onhalf a dozen more of latest technology.With a well defined strategy and ‘Open Management Policy’, the company provides individualprogrammers as well as dedicated teams based on the clients’ need. With Contus’ flexibleservices, the client can shape the operational design according to his interest and utilize themaximum of the resource for a reasonable cost. Contus has an excellent track record ofcustomer satisfaction since its existence.Contus is a tech-savvy, futuristic software and one of the best mobile application developmentcompanies in Chennai, India. The popular products of Contus include Groupon Clone, HDFLV Player, HD Video Share, Contus Video Gallery for Wordpress etc. To know more aboutContus and its products: Phone:+1 718 717 2229,Web: chat - or throughEmail –