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- User Manual

  1. 1. www.iGuideStocks.com Overview Latest Overview
  2. 2. There are very few tools available for the stock market to do technical and fundamental analysis. Most of the stock market softwares are very expensive and cumbersome to use. User does also have to pay for the data feeds. As an educated investor you need a technical analysis tool flexible enough to adapt to your trading style and quickly complete a wide range of tasks. iGuideStocks is the one of the most flexible software on the market, which allows user to get the buy sell signals accurately based on popular / your own investment strategies. Whether you simply want to look at charts, add various indicators on the chart, run daily scans on the market for new stock picks, filter stocks based your own customized criteria, compare multiple charts at a time, compare multiple quarter results at a time or build a complete trading solution, iGuideStocks is the complete solution for a investor. With most of the popular built in indicators, back testing capabilities, optimization of strategies and a powerful scanning engine, iGuideStocks has all the essential tools any investor needs. Before using iGuideStocks software, Please go through this document. This document will help you use the software in a much better and easy and will clear any doubts that you might have This software is made for NSE and supports all stocks listed in NSE. Following are main menus in the software • File • Download • View • Configure • Tools • Info • Board Meeting • Indexes • Help Here are details on each menu sections: File -> has following submenus Setup Backtesting parameter
  3. 3. This option will setup backtesting parameter. You can use it when you do backtesting of any strategy or formula. When you click on this option following screen will appear You can setup your backtesting parameters on this screen. Here is the meaning of all available options Initial Amount  amount you want to use initially whenever you want to test backtesting Percentage amount to use for buying  Percentage amount you want to use whenever a buy signal occurs. Percentage amount to use for selling  Percentage of shares you want to sell whenever a sell signal occurs.
  4. 4. Brokerage type  What is the percentage of brokerage charged to you . It can be a fix amount on each transaction or percentage of amount you traded Brokerage amount or percentage  Brokerage amount or percentage broker will take on transaction. After filling all the values click on OK button and your parameters will be saved for backtesting. You can change the parameters whenever you want. Add/Delete New Category This option will allow you to create/delete custom category. There are a lot of category already created (eg. cnx500, nifty etc.) When you click on this option following screen will appear If you want to delete a pre existing category then you need to select the category and then click on delete. If you want to create new category then enter new category name and click on Add button. Add / Update stock to category This option will allow you to add / remove stocks to selected category. When you click on add/remove stocks to selected category following screen will appear
  5. 5. Now select category in which you want to add/update stocks. After selected category select a stock from left list and click on ‘>>’ and that stock will be added to right list. To remove a stock from right list select stock from right side and click on << . To submit request click on OK and stock will be updated in the select category. Save Graph as Template This option will allow you to save current displayed graph as a template, means a template will be created for applied strategies, indicators, etc which can be used any time. The purpose of this option is to allow user to create custom templates and then use the same layout, parameters etc in future.
  6. 6. To use this option the displayed graph must be a single panel graph. Here are steps to create a template: 1) Click on single panel graph  now a single panel graph will be displayed 2) Add any indicator you want to be added and apply any strategies you want to apply. 3) Now click on this option it will ask for name of the template, specify the name of the template and save it. Click on your saved template for future use. Download -> option has following submenu in it. Download data This option will be used by user to download data for IGS, if data is already downloaded then it will cache that data in computer’s memory for fast access. Download process works like this: First user select a category for which user wants to download data and cache it. Software checks if this category is already been downloaded or needs to be downloaded. If the category is already been downloaded then software will give an error message to unload already downloaded category and then downloaded. When you click on unload category all stocks in that category will be wiped out from cache. Downloading process runs in background so that user can work while downloading all data and all downloading process works in multi threaded environment.
  7. 7. Download financial data This option will download financial results of all stocks specified in the category. Once all the financial data is downloaded it can be used for financial query. Download EOD data This will download End of Day data
  8. 8. Manage split/bonus If any stock is split then you should use this option to get correct split data (will return 2 yrs data only). Suppose TCS is split then to manage split data, First select TCS and then when TCS is displayed on main graph click on manage split data and it will get correct split data for you. Download data for new symbol If you find data is missing for a specific symbol then click on this option and you can download data for a specific symbol. Following screen will be displayed. Enter symbol and name of the stock and then click on add. View -> menu has following submenu options. Open New Screen This will open a new window for selected stock. Compare Selected Period This option will allow user to compare stock’s performance for a selected period for different years. Suppose you want to see performance of HCL for period of Jan-April for each year. Then do the following steps 1. Click on four panel view to view multi-year’s performance 2. You will see 4 views in the panel for selected stock. 3. Now click on ‘compare selected period’ option. Following screen will appear
  9. 9. 4. Now select year as 2009, start month as Jan and end month as April and then Click on apply. 5. Now you will see all four panels will display graph for period of Jan-April for last 4 years. It will look like this
  10. 10. This feature is very useful as stocks follow some pattern in different time period. Like commodity related stocks usually go up/down in particular time period so by looking past performance you can predict on a stock. Single Panel View Related icon is Icon tool tip single pane view This option will display selected stock in single panel, Following screen will display Vertical Panel View Related icon is Icon tooltip is Vertical pane view This option will display selected stock in vertical panel, Following screen will display.
  11. 11. Horizontal Panel View Related icon is Icon tooltip is Horizontal pane view This option will display selected stock in horizontal panel, Following screen will display
  12. 12. Four Panel View Related Icon is Icon tooltip text Four Pane view When you click this option you will see following screen
  13. 13. Panel with formula window Related icon Icon text Graph with formula screen This panel will display icon with formula builder screen. This allows users to write and test formula same time. When we click on the icon or this option following panel will display.
  14. 14. IGS Analysis Panel Related icon is Icon tool tip text IGS analysis panel This will display analysis done by IGS software for this stock. It will look like this.
  15. 15. This screen will display support and resistance level, weekly high, weekly low, monthly high, monthly low and moving averages. This also does also does macd and mma analysis and provide recommendation accordingly. Configure Proxy Setup When iGuideStock is used behind proxy then you need to setup proxy. You need to provide proxy name, port, userid and password (if any). If it is checked then software will access internet using the specified proxy.
  16. 16. Settings Clicking on settings will display all setting that you can specify for the software. Following screen will appear.
  17. 17. There are five sections in settings which are ResultsAndColor UrlAndLocation GraphProperties TimeSetting ComponentProperties
  18. 18. When you click on any one of the section, all the properties are displayed like explorer. The properties and their values are self explanatory. You can change property permanently or for the session of the software. Once property is changed click on single panel view to see the new values. Login to Yahoo Use this when you sue yahoo data source to live data from yahoo. Provide your personal yahoo credentials and save it. When you click login it will display message “Login Successful” Tools Find Stock Icon Icon tool tip find stock
  19. 19. Enter few words of the company or stock and it will find the stock for you. Click ok button and graph of that company will be displayed. Stock Filter Icon Icon tooltip write/execute filter This option will allow you to filter stocks based on your criteria.
  20. 20. This screen has following icons . add result to tree When you execute a query and get result and if you want to create a category from the result displayed you should use this option. Suppose you would like to create a category of monthly low stock then you should run a query which will show monthly low and then click it and following screen will display
  21. 21. All filtered stocks will be displayed and will be added as a category in the left tree. select category Please select a category before running a scan. When Following screen will display. new formula Use this icon to write a new formula. open formula When you click this icon it will open file dialog box from where you can select any existing formula. save formula Save displayed formula with a same name. save as formula Save displayed formula with a different name. execute IGS query
  22. 22. This will execute query. download cache data This will cache data in computer memory for faster result. download file as csv This allows you to save displayed result in a csv file. By default It will create a file named as temp.csv in /igsentindia/temp folder and will open it for you. help This will open help for you. If you want to scan stocks for a specified category then do the follow following steps Step 1: Download data for the category you want to scan Step 2: Select the category Step 3: Write a new scan or open existing scan Step 4: Execute scan Live Nifty Icon Icon tool tip live market tool This will open graph with nifty stocks window where nifty stocks will be updates live (1 minute delay). The screen will look like this
  23. 23. Portfolio Icon Icon tooltip portfolio This will show your portfolio. Market Snapshot Icon Icon tooltip snapshot This will display a quick snapshot of the market. User can view the stocks on various quick filters, price up or down by varying percentage etc. When you click this option following screen will appear
  24. 24. Buy/Sell screener Icon Icon tooltip run stock screener This will help you do stock screening for buy/sell signals The formula will Formula Editor Icon Icon tool tip formula editor Formula editor will allow you to write and test your own formula. This editor is for expert users of the IGS programming language. When you click this icon following screen will display.
  25. 25. Formula editor has following icons. new formula To create a new formula open formula To open an existing formula
  26. 26. save formula Save a formula with the same name. Save as formula Save a formula with the different name. Inspect variable To inspect variable after execution Test formula before apply To test formula before applying Execute formula To execute formula Run as customized indicator To run formula as a customized indicator Back test your strategy To back test your strategy Semantic analyzer To check if formula semantically correct Output window To view output Clear window To clear output window
  27. 27. Help This will open IGS API help window. This has extensive help of all the formula and indicators supported in IGS Formula Language. To learn IGS formula language please read “How to use IGS Formula Language” in the help section. Portfolio back testing Icon Icon tool tip portfolio backtesting Portfolio backtesting is will allow you to back test any formula and will display profit / loss if you would have used a specific formula or strategy. For example, you want to compare mmastrategy.fl and buyhold.fl formulas and find out which formula returned what profit / loss returns then do the following: 1. Select formulas for which you want to run portfolio backtesting. Click on open icon and it will open following screen.
  28. 28. 2. Now click on add strategies and it will open file dialog for selecting a formula. In this example we have selected mmastrategies and buyhold strategy. 3. Now after selecting strategies click on cancel and this window will close. 4. Now select category, click on and select nse on it.
  29. 29. 5. Now click on ‘Execute Strategies for comparing’ and result will display like this At bottom of the result it will show the average returns by both strategies. Info This menus section has following options Announcement, board meeting, result, result compare, share holding, quote, company address, corporate action, annual report. These options will take you to NSE website for selected stocks. Let’s say acc is displayed on graph and now click on announcement link then browser will open with following data
  30. 30. Board Meeting It has following options Forth coming Today Tomorrows Latest Block Deals When you click any of the option it will take you to NSE web site with respective info. Indexes Indexes have various options to watch indices values like BSE30, BSE 100, CNX, midcap, CNX 500 etc. When you click on any of the option browser will display all stocks in that category.
  31. 31. Help Help has following options User info This option will display the user info, i.e. user id and computer name. When you want to update your account info (expiry date of the software) then please send email displayed on this screen to iguidestocks@gmail.com or customercare@iguidestocks.com . IGS team will update the account info with in 24 hours. Help This will open main help page Faq This will open FAQ page. IGS formula language This will open IGS formula language help page Formula charter This will open formula language help IGS sql language This will open IGS sql language help Version
  32. 32. This will show version info About iguidestocks This will open about company info Terms & Conditions This will open terms and conditions page. GRAPH PANEL When you click any stock the main panel will display graph of that stock. The graph panel has lots of icon; here is explanation of all the icons from top left corner. 1) The first top left corner has a drop down combo box which has recently visited stocks in the current session. Whenever you click on any stock that stock is added in the drop down combo box for quick reference. 2) The next combo box gives option to display graph from a certain period, by default it display year 2008. 3) The next combo box shows graph type. You can display graph as Line, OHLC or Candle stick. 4) The next combo box after graph type is graph resolution. You can see 1-day, 2-day, weekly monthly chart. Weekly chart is same as 5-day resolution and monthly chart is 20-day resolution chart. 5) The next combo box displays the mouse style used when you click mouse in the graph. There are three mouse styles Cross-hair  it will display horizontal and vertical line when you click mouse anywhere in the graph Cursor  it will display vertical line when you click mouse The first 5 icons are about zooming and resetting zoom. Previous data To watch data from previous screen click on this icon. Next data To watch data from next screen click on this icon.
  33. 33. Zoom in It ill zoom in the chart Zoom out It will zoom out the chart Reset It will reset the zoom. Expand by dragging using this option you can select a particular area and then that area will be zoomed. Suppose you are watching a graph in which starting year is 2007 and end year is 2009 and now you want to watch lets say some part of the graph zoomed fully, So to do so follow these steps: 1) Click on and then take mouse middle of the graph and click left mouse button 2) drag mouse till the area you want to expand 3) Leave the mouse button and now that area will be expabnded Upgrade drawing property  this option can be used when you have to display any drawing component like line, note etc and would like to change its boundary color or fill color or text color. To change the property, select graph component and then click this icon and following screen will appear
  34. 34. To add indicator , this will add indicator and following screen will display To remove indicator this will remove indicator Search stock, it will display stocks using which you can select a stock Apply strategies This option will allow user to add formula / strategies on graph. To write a formula you need to read more out how to write formula using IGS Formula Language. When you click this icon, this will open a file dialog box. Which will show all *.fl file under formula directory. You can select any formula and then click on open and that formula will be applied. It will show buy arrow (white arrow) or sell arrow (red arrow ). Here is example of one of the strategy: You can apply multiple strategies at a time. And remove strategy button will remove all of them at a time.
  35. 35. Back testing After displaying buy/sell signal if you want to back test any strategy and would like to know how a particular strategy performed then you need to use backtesting icon. Click on back Strategy Icon and it uses all the back testing parameters. Remove strategies This will remove all applied strategies. Save graph This will save graph with all drawing components. Add to portfolio When you click this icon, this will open a window, which will ask you to make an entry in trading diary. It will ask transaction type, quantity, price and date, then it will make an entry as a buy/sell transaction. You can watch it using portfolio option from main menutoolsportfolio or using portfolio icon. Intraday chart
  36. 36. This feature is specifically for intraday users. When you click this icon, this will open intraday chart for that stock like this IGuideStocks supports one month historical intraday data in which volume is adjusted and is shown as it occurred in specified time. By default graph shows today’s graphs to add historical intraday chart along with current chart you need to use drop down box and select the date from which you want graph and in background that data will be downloaded and automatically added to your current graph view. You can view graph from 1-min to 2-min, 5-min… etc . Show financial This will show financial info regarding stock.