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The Penny Stock Tool Chest - eBook

  1. 1. Brought To You By: The Penny Stock Tool Chest For Support, Email: Within Our Online Information Packet, you will find all of the Resources, Tools and Information you need to profit consistently buying and selling penny stocks on the Nasdaq/OTC-BB. What most small cap traders forget is the importance of the proper investment resources & tools. Those who are not prepared tend to become mis-informed about what's really going on in the markets, and the results are financial losses in the market. With our resources, you will have the most popular tools the majority of penny traders use on a daily basis, which will maximize your Return On Investment "ROI" when buying and selling penny stocks in any financial market worldwide. The categories covered in our Online Information Packet are as follows: Brokers, Mailing Lists & Message Boards, IPO News Sites, OTC-BB Stock Lists, Penny Stock Software, Related Web Sites, and Penny Stock Links.
  2. 2. Click Here For A List of Online Penny Stock Brokers Yahoo! Finance Message Boards Super Stock Pick listserv Mailing List MicroCap Investor Network "Most Active" Mailing List Newsletter Newsletters Forums and Live Chat Mailing List Message Boards Newsletter Message Board and Newsletter Newsletter Global Penny Stocks Newsletter PennyStockProphet.comMailing List Penny Stock Talk Mailing List PickScreener Newsletter alt.invest.penny-stocks USENET Newsgroup Penny - Penny Stock Watch List Company - Message Boards News Andover.Net to try open but unproven IPO process E* (E*Trade) on OpenIPO's The The Standard Test-Drives the Open IPO WR Hambrecht & Co Click Here For An Updated & Complete List of OTC-BB Penny Stocks
  3. 3. *** Featured Stock Analysis Software *** Personal Criteria Formula Generator for Rolling Stocks Free Quote Tracking Software MedVed Quote Tracker Netstock Option Insight Quotes Now Quote Stream StockVue 2000 WinStock Pro Personal Stock Monitor Quote Ticker Bar Quote Java Quotes Station PennyGold Software
  4. 4. Penny Stocks, Emerging Growth Stocks, OTC BB Issues Listservs, Mailing Lists, and Newsgroups Think Quest Market Simulation - Penny Stocks Better Business Bureau Literature - Penny Stock Frauds California Department of Corporations Donald J. on Penny Stocks Report on Penny Stock Brokers ZDTV Message-Board Stock Scams ZDTV Don't Risk It All for a Penny (Stock) ZDTV Investors Beware Penny Stock Insider Stock Club The Penny Report Stock Detective The Hedgehog HotStockNews.Com Penny Stock "Supersite" Integrity Capital InvestorGuide - Stocks Penny Board Penny PI Penny Stock Insider Penny Trends Raging Bull Silicon Investor Small Stock News Network Stock House Stock Pulse Stock Quest The Online Investor
  5. 5. Trade More Due Diligence Links We Use Todays Market Mkt Summaries Tool Kit Stuff Point & Figure Charting Major Indexes Bloomberg Movers Active-Investor DWA P&F U Dow Jones Briefing Comments Ask Research invest-o-rama! S&P 500 Briefing Story Stocks Buy Hold or Sell Mutual Funds CNNfn! Stock Screeners Industry Groups DBC Snapshot Commodity Futures Dailystocks Industry Indexes DBC Stock Movers Conference Calls Easy Select New York Stock Exch. Fool(12:30P EST) Corporation Research Hoover's American Stock Exch Fool(6:00P EST) IQC Currency Exchange Rates Nasdaq Stock Exch Investor's Business Daily InvestorGuide Data Warehouse 100 Alberta by Volume OLI Reflections MarketPlayer: EDGAR Archives Montreal by Volume MarketRap Price Gaps 5% EDGAR Database Nikkei Evening News MSN Stock Screening Tools EDGAR Latest Filings Overseas Markets MoneyBR StockTables Toronto by Volume MoneyDaily Wall Street City Global 500 Vancouver by Volume NBR Goldsheet World Markets TheStreet Technical Analysis Go2Net Options Yahoo Art of Day Trading Historical Pricing BigCharts Chart Patterns INVEST$LINK 1-m Chart D | N | SP Canada Hard Right Edge InvestorLinks World Indices(current) Alberta Most Active Introduction to TA InvestorMap Global Indices(DBC) Montreal Most Active Suite101 TA Global Stocks(DBC) Toronto Most Actives TASC Magazine NASD Regulations SE Asia Currencies(DBC) Vancouver Most Active Tutorials Options Symbol Search Digest Graphs PAWWS Quotes Canada Markets Reviewed The Penny Plays Insiders Real Time Quotes Canada's Newswire Copia's Penny Picks BG's Insider Tips SEC & Exch Com Canada Stockwatch Pennystockland Bloomberg Insider Focus SEC Litigation Rel Carlson On Line Services CDA Investnet Stock Comparison Directions Day Traders DailyRocket StockMap Day Traders On-line InsiderTrader Financial Post Stock Market Contest Wall Street Journal The Globe and Mail Stocksite DT'ers of Orange County StockSites on the Net Decision Point Mkt Timing Earnings Investors On-Line StockSpin IRC Chat Channels BigCharts EPS(N) National Post Stocktools Linda Bradford Raschke BigCharts EPS(Q) The Northern Miner Top 50 by volume Market Statistics BigCharts EPS(A) Up & Downgrades Stock Watch DBC Wall Street View What's Hot / What's Not Shorting Stocks FirstCall Articles World Stock Exchanges Anthony@Pacific Hot off the presses Joe Battipaglia Yahoo Mining/Metals Herb on TheStreet I/B/E/S Bloomberg The Motley Fool Motley Fool - Beat Estimates BusinessWeek Inside Search Engines NASDAQ Short Interest Motley Fool - Miss Estimates Buying/Recommending All4One Cents Fin Journal Alta Vista Ask Jeeves!
  6. 6. Yahoo Fortune Business & People Locator Zacks - Extreme Investor Online DejaNews Bob Metz DejaCom IPOs / Filings MorningStar Dogpile Alert-IPO! MSN Excite Bloomberg IPO Center John Murphy Galaxy DBC Daily Report Tom Petruno GoProfit IPO Central WallStreet Google IPO Maven Worth HotBot Infoseek Newsletters Lycos TechIPO Aftermarket Canadian Min. Newsletter Magellan This Week's IPOs Inner Circle PathFinder Yahoo IPO News Investools REX StockGroup SpryNet Calendar Stockhouse Switchboard DailyStocks Today WebCrawler Earnings(rolling 6 days) News Services World Wide Web Worm Earnings(this Week) Business Wire Yahoo! Canada Econ. data this week CNET Desktop News Yahoo Econ. data this month Inter@ctive Investor Investment Net Events Investors Business Daily Search Pages Recent Stock Splits Nasdaq Newsroom All In One Stock Buybacks NewsAlert FrameSearch. Stock Split History Newslinx Info Space Tech Earnings(1 mo) PR Newswire Internet Resources & Tools Upcoming Stock Splits Reuters Money Network SavvySearch Upcoming Stock Splits2 Washington Post Search.Com Starting Point Futures News Sources W3 Search Engines QuoteWatch Link to 40+ Sites Web Central Stock Pickers Audio CBRofTX Bloomberg Radio Conference Calls Prudential Securities Vcall Home Page Wall Street Interviews Wall Street Newscast
  7. 7. Exchanges NASDAQ Stock Market Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board New York Stock Exchange American Stock Exchange Pacific Stock Exchange Philadelphia Stock Exchange Glossary With over 5,000 definitions and 15,000 links between related terms, InvestorWords is the most comprehensive financial glossary you'll find anywhere, online or off. Just click on one of the links below to begin Message Board Abbreviations. Listening to posters on various boards can be confusing if you don't know the acronyms. This is DLJ's investment glossary. If you don't have the terms down, here's where you'll find them. Yahoo's investment glossary. Informative Sites Lots and Lots of information here. Penny heaven! Great site with alot of links and information. Good site with good information. Pennystock Reporter is an unbiased European stock information service for penny stocks. Wallstreet-Europe is the premier information source for professional investors seeking successful new investment ideas.
  8. 8. MarketVolume™ - Forecasting of S&P 500 and other indexes based on the volumes of major stock market indexes. Real time indicators for stock market changes. On line signals and alerts for long, mid- and short-term investors. Links Delivering Hard Hiting Fact Based Research that Turs Pennies To Dollars Looking at hot penny stocks trading 5$ and down Search descriptions of public companies. Add free business content to your website. Company information on all the Hot stocks! The Ultimate Financial Directory. Penny stocks for penny investors Penny stocks selected by the expert! Daily updates, 2 new selections per week, and special penny stock reports. Free! The ultimate penny stock book reveals everything there is to know about penny stocks. Penny stock picks and tips, daily updates, 2 weekly picks, and Profit Maker articles. Learn all about penny stocks, including how to trade them, how to find the best ones, and how to avoid the risks. The Ultimate Financial Directory. By far the best free site out there for free realtime updating portfolio. They also have a streaming quotes. This is a must for all members. Great customization tools. If you are going to trade penny stocks, you need real time quotes! Great thing is, it's FREE! Great site! Excellent TA, charts and education site. A must visit by any investor. Great site! Get detailed quotes, last 10 trades, historical price and volume detail. Get your Pink Sheet Quotes here!
  9. 9. Get your Pink Sheet Quotes here! Great chart site. Create custom charts to track your portfolio. Customized Javaticker for your portfolio. Another charting site. After Hours Quotes. Great intrady charts that show green and red volume bars indicating buys and sells. Shows strength of the stock you're looking at. TradePro- e-mini and stock day trading direct access broker Link Exchange News OTC News Only! Over-The-Counter News! Over-The-Counter News! OTC Information
  10. 10. "Fifth Symbol" Directory. Find out what it means here. Research SEC filings here. WoW! A complete list of all the securities that trade on the BB. Great site to find a company trading on any exchange. Searchable database. If you're investing in OTC stocks you better have this site bookmarked. Find out when a company is going to be delisted, relisted, file for bankruptcy and information regarding Market Makers. Nice site with market maker reports. Nice site with market maker reports and a ton of links to investor sites. Penny Stock List 1500 Provides a list of 1500 OTC-BB Penny Stocks, and an online trading tutorial which teaches any small cap trader, regardless of experience to consistently profit in the penny stock market. Stock Screeners Nice site that will give you free consulting on stocks. overbought, oversold, trending, etc. This section of Quicken allows you to rate or view fellow investor ratings of stocks. Nice site. Stock screener site. Check it out. Free Investment Chart projects stock price ahead 5 days. Stock screener site. Stock screener site. Great stock screener here! You can enter in any search criteria and get any matches. (example: enter stockprice from .001 to .01 to find low priced pennies.) Another great stock screener. Scans stocks and gives a report on them.
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