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  • 1. www.iGuideStocks.com Overview Copyright 2009 by iGuideStocks.com LLC
  • 2. Overview There are very few tools available for the stock market to do technical and fundamental analysis. Most of the stock market softwares are very expensive and cumbersome to use. User does also have to pay for the data feeds. As an educated investor you need a technical analysis tool flexible enough to adapt to your trading style and quickly complete a wide range of tasks. iGuideStocks is the one of the most flexible software on the market, which allows user to get the buy sell signals accurately based on popular / your own investment strategies. Whether you simply want to look at charts, add various indicators on the chart, run daily scans on the market for new stock picks, filter stocks based your own customized criteria, compare multiple charts at a time, compare multiple quarter results at a time or build a complete trading solution, iGuideStocks is the complete solution for a investor. With most of the popular built in indicators, back testing capabilities, optimization of strategies and a powerful scanning engine, iGuideStocks has all the essential tools any investor needs. Here is a highlight of the iGuideStocks Features: Language support - IGS FL (iGuideStocks Formula Language) iGuideStocks has its own proprietary programming language which will allow you to create your own strategies, indicators, scans, queries and more, which will guide you to make smart investment decisions. Some of the features supported by IGS FL are: 1. Easy and powerful language 2. Major candle stick pattern recognition library, which can be used while creating strategy 3. Support of if-else loop, while loop, arrays etc. 4. Create your own function library (or use existing one) 5. Support of function call in any strategy 6. String operation, Print, Alert messages. 7. Support of drawing component in language like text, circle, rectangle etc. 8. Plot graph using any plot function 9. Support Mathematic operation like abs, sqrt, pow 10. Support of Buy, Sell function with buy / sell arrow on chart as condition is met 11. Support of in-built major indicator like RSI, MACD, Bollinger bands, Moving averages etc 12. Customized indicator support 13. Comment support to understand your own logic of strategy 14. Inspect variables after execution. IGS Query Support: iGuideStocks has its own proprietary robust and powerful Query Engine which will allow you to use existing or create your own filters to get any filtered scan with custom output fields at lightning speed.  User can export the result on csv format.  In-built 50+ filters  Allows user to sort data using any expression  Scans and sort data within 5 seconds for complex queries.  Can make a library call in your own query  Can display expression in output data Copyright 2009 by iGuideStocks.com LLC
  • 3. Back testing: Create, back test, compare, and optimize multiple securities against multiple systems using different parameters. We also provide a a panel for comparing multiple strategy for back testing. User can select multiple strategies and then can apply all strategies on a category. This will allow user to compare returns of different strategy for each stock. This will allow user to decide on the best one among all strategy for his / her investing style Stock Screening: Write your own strategies to screen the stocks to get strong buy and sell signals.  User can define different color for signals and can also identify particular pattern.  IGS also has in-built 15+ stock screening strategies which will help you find stocks with the best potential.  IGS has in-built strategy to identify any candle stick pattern (like hanging man, hammer, doji, shooting star etc).  IGS provides in-built formulas for Moving Averages, MACD, RSI etc. Multi chart comparison: iGuideStocks provides you with facility to compare up to 4 charts at a time and user can apply all the indicators and features independently on any of the 4 charts or all charts at once. This feature helps trader to compare multiple stocks at a time on one screen and helps make rationale investing decision. Multi Year comparison: iGuideStocks provides a very unique features, which is not provided most of the charting software. Using Multi year comparison feature user can compare a select period of a year for different years. For eg. User wants to see performance of GE for last 4 year for period of Jan to March. This features allows user to view 4 different quarter stock movement in 4 different panels Data Manager: Data manager allows user to download data of particular category. IGS has a proprietary way of storing and processing data, by default all data starting from 2009 for each stock is cached, which allows all the operation faster than any other product in the market. Create your own category: User can create a new category and can add favorite stock of any market in the world. User can create multiple categories Reasons why we are better than competition:  FEATURE RICH - the most complete set of feature list available plus we add new features every day on user request.  SPEED - highest quality technical analysis software running faster than other competing products.  RELIABILITY and ACCURACY - thoroughly tested. Our back testing feature can reproduce virtually any trading strategy with real-life accuracy.  FLEXIBLE - you won't be limited by the software anymore. With iGuideStocks the limit is just your imagination. You can use all the popular strategies and define your own strategies fitting your investing style. Copyright 2009 by iGuideStocks.com LLC
  • 4.  COST-EFFECTIVE – iGuideStocks is one of the best investments you can make to improve your trading.  OPEN ARCHITECTURE - we provide an interface where you can change the strategies and write your own strategies.  MODERN AND COMPATIBLE - our software is compatible and well tested with all modern Windows versions including Windows Vista (both 32 and 64 bit editions), Windows XP (all 32 and 64 bit editions), Windows 2000. No matter which Windows version you use, you can run iGuideStocks on it. Feature Comparison Chart Feature Other Products IGS Historical Data NO (Pay extra) Yes Stock Screening Yes Yes (Much better than most of the products) Portfolio Back testing Yes Yes Back testing compare or No Yes portfolio Formula Builder Yes Yes Formula Building Language Yes (difficult to Yes (easy to understand) support understand) Customized indicator Yes Yes Stock screening Yes Yes Inbuilt stock screening No Yes strategies Multi panel stock screen No Yes In built SQL Engine for No Yes filtering stocks Graph view on stock No Yes screening Stock analysis No Yes by IGS analysis window Support to add more features No Yes More than $500 Only $99 / year with all upgrade (early Price bird special $69) Copyright 2009 by iGuideStocks.com LLC