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    Overview Overview Presentation Transcript

    • Overview
      • 1- The Libyan Stock Market (LSM) has been established by the decree of the General People’s Committee No. (134) for the year of 2006.
      • 2- LSM is under the supervision of Secretary for the People’s Committee for Economic, Trade and Investment (Ministry of Economic).
      • 3- The headquarter is located in the city of Benghazi while the main branch in the capital city of Tripoli.
      • 4- LSM is organized as a corporation and acting as exchange, depository center and capital market authority.
    • Vision Mission Strategic Goals Enhance Libyan companies Efficiency and Competitiveness Protect Investors & Minimize Risks Promote Fairness & Transparency Develop LSM Rules & Regulations Continuous Development of LSM Institutional Structure Implement Electronic Systems Increasing Investment Awareness Continuous Training of LSM Staff and enhance Internal Work Processes Joining Regional and International Capital Market Organizations
    • What the Libyan Economy could benefit from LSM?
      • 1- Creating a suitable environment of bond and share investment.
      • 2- Encouraging saving and raise investment awareness.
      • 3- Improving the allocation of financing sources.
      • 4- Allowing the comparison of the investment opportunities.
      • 5- Facilitating the privatization program and transfer the ownership of economic public units, state- owned establishments and companies, to the general public.
    • What the Libyan Economy could benefit from LSM?
      • 6- Facilitating the program of distributing wealth to the poor Families in Libya.
      • 7- Diversifying portfolios and more importantly, converting shares to cash when required.
      • 8 - Attracting foreign investors.
    • LSM Development Structuring LSM organizational chart Implementing Administrative Regulations Investing in Human Capital Improving the working environment Implementing Management of Information Systems
    • Promoting Investment Awareness
      • Media Campaign.
      • Public Seminars.
      • Website.
      • Publications:
        • Periodical publications: weekly Newspaper (Called the Economic Index).
        • Manuals:
        • Basic concepts on investment.
        • Legal concepts relating to Libyan Capital market.
        • How to understand Financial Statements.
    • Regional and International Cooperation
      • Signing MOUs with regional and international Capital Markets and Regulators.
      • Participating in International conferences and Training courses (SEC, NYSE, Amex, London Exchange, Moscow Exchange).
      • Participating in Regional conferences and Training courses (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Mascat).
      • Joining AMEDA, Arab Union for Stock Exchange and ANNA.
    • What is next?
      • Publishing the Roles and Regulations which have been already issued.
      • Continuous Training for Staff and Employees.
      • Selecting Electronic Systems for Trading and settlement.
      • Examining and Licensing the broker-Dealers.
      • The Electronic Trading will be started in early 2008.
    • Central Depository and Registory Department (C D R)
      • sole of Libyan stock market (LSM) department providing clearing and settlement service to Libyan market.
      • Facilitate securities trade to encourage higher level of trading activities compared to what used to take place under the previous system .
      • Clearing and settlement of operation executed at (LSM).
      • Handing corporate actions ( cash and stock dividend etc ….) according to the issues assemblies decisions.
      • Management of a pledge system for all securities lodged into the central depository.
      • Management of the settlement guarentee fund to eliminate suspended movements due to broker’s defaults.
      (C D R) main activities and services.
    • Registry & Depository Dep. Investor Custodian Custodian Broker Trading Dep. TRADE EXC. Broker Investor Clearing Bank Clearing Bank 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 8 8 9 10 SETTLEMENT CUARANTEE FUND 7 Controling Dep.
    • First subscription in LSM
      • Total number of executed subscriptions is 468 .
      • Number of subscriptions is 447 subscriber ( 12 legal & 435 natural ) .
      • Total shares by bonds is 4,603,250 shares .
      • Total value is 32,222,750 L.D ( 27,136,004 legal & 726,678 natural ) .
      • The percentage covered is % 115.080 .
    • لمزيد من المعلومات زوروا موقعنا على شبكة الإنترنت ... www.lsm.gov.ly سوق الأوراق المالية الليبي Libyan Stock Market www.lsm.gov.ly
      • Thank you