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How does a multinational corporation, a leader in engineering and marketing pioneer, raise the bar on conversations around sustainability?

After launching the company’s new magazine /answers in partnership with world-renowned content creators, Siemens sought to push the envelope again in its search for unique impulses on modern urban life.

Siemens launched “Changing Your City for the Better,” a video crowdsourcing campaign, in autumn 2011, inviting people from around the world to tell personal stories of how technology helps them overcome everyday challenges. The campaign marked a shift in communications for Siemens, from documenting stories to promoting the stories of those whose lives are most impacted by innovation.

“Changing Your City for the Better” received stories from twenty-eight countries, highlighting topics including urban agriculture, energy management, and urban infrastructure. By providing a storytelling platform, Siemens managed to reframe the discussion around sustainable development in a way that aligned its brand values with the people who are taking the first steps to change their own communities.

It’s “one of the best things we ever did,” tweeted Stefan Heeke, Head of Digital Marketing, at the close of the campaign.

Today, Siemens’ global homepage features stories captured through “Changing Your City for the Better,” underlining the indispensible role that technology plays in improving our daily lives. Siemens has since edited and distributed content across its online channels, adding new perspectives to how people benefit from sustainable innovations. In step with advertising’s new reality of authentic co-creation, TED nominated the top video from the campaign, “We Can Do Better,” which reimagines Los Angeles as a bike friendlier city, for its “Ads Worth Sharing” award.

In 2012, Siemens returned to crowdsourcing for their “Your Dream, Your Earth, Your Action” campaign to support the company’s presence at the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development.

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  • Launched in 2007 at H-Farm, a startup incubator locatedWe generate compelling video and design content for advertising campaigns through the dynamics of crowdsourcing Over 200 campaigns, with 150 brands including some of the world’s top brand marketers and advertisers
  • Social Media Week Chicago: "Changing Your City for the Better"

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    9. 9. After launching our new storytelling format/answers with renowned filmmakers andjournalists… crowdsourcing content for thismagazine was the natural step for us. – Tobias Dennehy Editor in Chief, Corporate Communications SMW Chicago #SMWCrowdStories “Changing Your City for the Better” presented by Siemens and Zooppa
    10. 10. Crowdsourcing drives Conversation SMW Chicago #SMWCrowdStories “Changing Your City for the Better” presented by Siemens and Zooppa
    11. 11. The Story of 2 SiemensCrowdsourcing Campaigns
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    13. 13. Explore how improvements in sustainabletechnology can change your city, or any city, around the world for the better Results: • 117 original mini-documentaries • 26 countries – 6 continents
    14. 14. Campaign No. 2
    15. 15. Showing what initiativesthe world can start on right now to make the world a greener place.Results:• 164 video submissions• In preparation for Rio+20
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