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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Crowdsourcing Partner


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Thinking about crowdsourcing your next video advertisement? Consider these five factors when choosing a partner.

Thinking about crowdsourcing your next video advertisement? Consider these five factors when choosing a partner.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Tips on How to Determine WhichCrowdsourcing Platform is Right for Your Project • Twitter: @CrowdCreativity View the original • Blog: blog post here! • Email:
  • 2. Video remains one of the most effectiveways to engage online audiences about abrand, product or service.
  • 3. Online video advertising isexceeding print in 2012 for thefirst time ever.* *eMarketer, Digital Intelligence
  • 4. One solution:TAP INTO THE MASSESPartnering with a video crowdsourcing platformlike Zooppa can help your marketing team meet thegrowing demand for video content across a varietyof channels.
  • 5. “The response to the videocampaign with Zooppa wasoverwhelming and indeedpositively surprising-both interms of quantity and quality.” - Tobias Dennehy, Siemens Editor in Chief Corp. Communications Download the full case study here!
  • 6. The Crowd PromotionsIn considering acrowdsourcing platform as a Managementvideo production alternative,be sure to consider theseaspects… Awards & Fulfillment Distribution
  • 7. The CrowdWho comprises the crowd that willcontribute to your project? Seek Promotionsplatforms that have a track recordof being able to produce Managementpromotional videos targetingaudiences that are relevant to your Awards &company. FulfillmentCheck out Zooppacampaigns from… DistributionHormel FoodsHorizon MilkZappos
  • 8. The CrowdSmart and consistent calls to Promotionsaction are key to getting the rightprojects in front of the right Managementcrowd members. Ask whatchannels your partner uses tocommunicate these Awards &opportunities to their crowd. Fulfillment Distribution
  • 9. The CrowdDoes the platform provide a Promotionsdedicated level ofmanagement to ensure your Managementcampaign stays on track?What metrics do they follow?What kind of support do they Awards &provide to their community? Fulfillment Distribution
  • 10. The CrowdCash is king, but consider what Promotionother awards, like future work sopportunities, trips or cool Managementproducts, would excite andmotivate your crowd to create.How would your partner offer to Awards &help fulfill these awards? Fulfillment Distribution
  • 11. The Crowd PromotionsOffering a bundled distributionsolution can expedite the Managementcrowdsourced video process andguarantee views within yourtargeted audience. Awards & Fulfillment Distribution
  • 12. View the original blog post hereZooppa generates high quality video and graphic designcontent for top advertisers and brand marketers throughcrowdsourcing.• Twitter: @CrowdCreativity Receive a demo of our platform, that’s customized to• Blog: your needs!• Email: Contact us today
  • 13. IMAGE CREDITs:Title Page Slide Slide Into the Masses Slide Slide & Fulfillment Slide