Zoolz Business Cloud Backup with Cold Storage Technology


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A Detailed overview about Zoolz Business Platform, With Cold Storage Technology, and how to use Zoolz to Backup Big data and store it for a life time

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Zoolz Business Cloud Backup with Cold Storage Technology

  1. 1. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Zoolz Business Overview Feb / 2015
  2. 2. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com What is Zoolz? • Complete cloud backup system • Zoolz is designed to backup, store, and archive all your personal/business data that can range from One GB to One Petabyte+ (1000TB+) at an extremely affordable price • Zoolz resides on world-renowned Amazon AWS infrastructure
  3. 3. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com How to start? (3 Easy Steps) 1. Sign Up 2. Download Download client software on your PC/Mac or deploy it remotely via Active Directory or adding users 3. Manage Configure everything from the web or the client, select what data to backup, settings. Configure everything through the client or remotely.
  4. 4. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Interface / User experience • Clean and easy to use interface • Well designed user experience. Years of research and user feedback to make it smart and elegant
  5. 5. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Amazon AWS Infrastructure • Zoolz stores its data on Amazon AWS • Highly reputable Cloud Infrastructure • 1000s of businesses and government agencies trust Amazon • Data is redundantly stored across multiple facilities and locations; ensuring 0% data loss http://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/
  6. 6. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Amazon AWS Data Center Locations
  7. 7. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Use Cases (When to use Zoolz): Your Business data: 100% cloud centralized management to backup all your business Desktops, Laptops, Servers. Easy to use with pay as you use pricing Huge amount of data: Zoolz team developed Cold Storage Technology to allow business to store huge amount of data starting from 1 TB – 1000 TB (Unlike others, your data will never be deleted even if you disconnect your drive) Zoolz Cold Storage is the world first Solution to offer a low cost solution for businesses/professionals to store huge amount of data for centuries that is cheaper than tape and on-premises solutions You can always use Zoolz Copy, Encrypt and Ship Service to move all your data to the cloud and bypass the internet anytime, not just the first time
  8. 8. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Security and Encryption: 1. Zoolz encrypts your data before it leaves your device with a password you choose (Optional) using AES 256 Encryption (Military grade encryption) 2. Zoolz transfers data over a Secure Connection (HTTPS) 3. Zoolz encrypts your data a second time using Server Side Encryption, with a 256 AES rotational key So rest assure, your data is highly secure and no one can access it; not even Zoolz nor Amazon Zoolz Implements Zero Knowledge technology on all layers; including Copy, Encrypt and Ship service, your data will be shipped and processed in its encrypted form
  9. 9. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Client Walkthrough
  10. 10. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Client Walkthrough 1. Install Zoolz Client All the above can be done remotely if you choose to configure it from the cloud via policies 2. Sign In 3. 2-Step Wizard to configure: • Select your data • Set your Settings • Security • Schedule • Hybrid+
  11. 11. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Client Walkthrough (First time Wizard) Data Selection: • Smart Selection: Desktop, Documents, Music, Photos, etc… backed up to Instant Storage • My Computer: Select files/folders easily from any location your windows explorer can access to be backed up to Instant Storage • Cold Storage: Choose specific data to be stored and archived on cold storage from any location; Internal storage, Map drives, external or network drives All the above can be done remotely if you choose to configure it from the cloud
  12. 12. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Client Walkthrough (First time Wizard) All the above can be done remotely if you choose to configure it from the cloud Schedule: The ability to schedule your backup to run on your preference • Run after a specific period of time (Starting from 3 minutes) • Ability to perform full system scan silently to capture new and changed files from drives that can not be watched like certain types of network drives • Run on schedule • Define start time • Define end time (optional) • Define days
  13. 13. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Client Walkthrough (First time Wizard) Set Security: Zoolz is highly secure, you have total control over your encryption, unlike others, you can encrypt your data before it leaves your computer • Use your own custom encryption password • Data transferred using HTTPS (Secure socket layer) • Data stored and encrypted with Server Side Encryption
  14. 14. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Client Walkthrough (First time Wizard) Enable Hybrid+ (Optional): Hybrid will automatically copy all your backed up files to a local destination while uploading it to the cloud; ensuring faster restore. • You can choose any location to store your hybrid copy (Local, External, NAS...) • You can set storage limit size so Hybrid+ will auto delete older files to copy newer ones • Ability to set Hybrid filters to specify what to store on Hybrid+ • Ability to start Hybrid anytime and re-copy all files back to the Hybrid storage All the above can be done remotely if you choose to configure it from the cloud More info about Hybrid+ Please check below, Hybrid+ Slide
  15. 15. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com You are done Client Walkthrough (First time Wizard)
  16. 16. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Client Walkthrough Dashboard • A real-time overview about your backup status • Pause/Resume anytime • Switch between Turbo Mode and Smart Mode • View Pending Files • Search, Skip and Remove any file • Skip/Remove any files instantly • Speed Status / Adjust upload Speed • Cloud Space Usage • Instant Storage • Cold Storage • Other computers’ usage
  17. 17. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Client Walkthrough Settings • Performance • Allow multithreaded upload for super speed backup • Enable/Disable Bandwidth throttling • Limit the upload Speed • Schedule your throttling • Control Connection Upload mode • LAN • WI-FI (specify network names) • 3G • Presentation / Game Mode • Battery Mode for Laptops All the above can be done remotely if you choose to configure it from the cloud
  18. 18. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Client Walkthrough Settings • Schedule • Control backup schedule • Run every (3mins – 24 hours) • Run Full Scan: Track all files modified on drives that are not supported by the watcher such as Network drives or when Zoolz was shut down • On Schedule • Define start time • Define end time (Optional) • Define days to run All the above can be done remotely if you choose to configure it from the cloud
  19. 19. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Client Walkthrough Settings • Advanced Settings • Backup hidden files • Start Zoolz when computer starts • Enable/Disable Backup Markers • Enable Windows right-click options • Generate RAW image preview • Generate JPEG image preview • Enable/Disable SSL connection • Configure Proxy Server settings • Define Block level for specific file types • Force Open File Backup on specific file types All the above can be done remotely if you choose to configure it from the cloud
  20. 20. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Client Walkthrough Restore: • Supports Multiple Machines • Restore multiple files/folder or everything • Ability to restore to same location or different location • Restore files within a specific date range • Versions Restore • Restore Deleted files • Intelligently priorities restoring from Hybrid+ if available instead of restoring from the web • Cold Storage restore • Resume restore even if you shutdown/restart your computer • Zero restore cost by restoring all files within the Amazon Glacier free restore quota accounted to all Zoolz users
  21. 21. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Client Walkthrough System Tray Icon: • Automatic Monitoring your system • Pause/Resume • Check for Update • Quick Status • Search • Control Speed
  22. 22. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Client Walkthrough Windows System Integration can be enabled/disabled for users from Cloud Policy. Windows System Integration • Backup Markers, an icon overlay to show the status of backed up files (backed up, modified, and not backed up) • Add/Remove any file or folder from backup by right-clicking on any file • Share files or folders with a right click • Show versions with a right click
  23. 23. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Web Walkthrough
  24. 24. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Web Walkthrough Dashboard: Quick Summary to show: • Users usage and info • Servers usage and info • Account Information • Instant Storage usage • Cold Storage usage • Activity stream and alerts • Quick links • Quick Download button
  25. 25. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Web Walkthrough My Computers: • Switch between multiple computers • Show Archived Computers • Browse all your data easily and smoothly • Instant Search by name or wildcards • Show versions • Show deleted items • Sort • Upload files • Create Folders • Download multiple Files/Folders Instantly • Share Files/Folders • Share by link, email, social post • Password protection • Add Expiry date to the share • Manage Shares (Edit shares and unshare) • Photo preview
  26. 26. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Web Walkthrough Users: • Add Users • Manual Add • Invite by email • Bulk user add (CSV import) • Active Directory deployment • Organize users by adding Labels • Apply or remove backup policies • Manage users • Suspend Users • Delete Users • Archive Users • Add Computer under users • Set Storage/Cold Storage Limit • Set Multiple Admins • View users computers • View users data (optional) • Each user can have up to 3 active computers, and the ability to archive inactive computers
  27. 27. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Web Walkthrough Servers: • Add Server • Buy server seats on demand • Suspend / Delete • Archive Old Servers • Set Policy to a server remotely • Manage server settings from the cloud • All Settings can be controlled from the cloud, what to backup, settings, security, Hybrid+, etc... • Set Instant Storage / Cold Storage Limit / Quota for each server. • Supports Windows 2003 and Up (All Windows Servers) • Supports Open/Locked File Backup • Run while Logged off / on • Supports Unlimited Servers
  28. 28. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Web Walkthrough: All the above settings, can be configured manually from the client Policies: Create a policy and assign it to any user or computer, instantly it will be deployed • Instant Storage Data • Smart Data Selection: Desktop, Documents, Photos, Music, etc.. • Add any file • Add any folder • 20+ Variables available • Like users folders, windows folders, documents, etc… • File filtering by regular expressions or extensions
  29. 29. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Web Walkthrough All the above settings, can be configured manually from the client Policies: • Cold Storage Data • Add any file • Add any folder • File filtering by regular expressions or extensions • 20+ Variables available • Like users folders, windows folders, documents, etc… • File and folder location could be any location; External Storage, Internal Storage or Network location
  30. 30. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Web Walkthrough: All the above settings, can be configured manually from the client Polices: • Global Exclude • Exclude any file extension • Exclude any folder; supports folder variables
  31. 31. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Web Walkthrough: All the above settings, can be configured manually from the client Polices: • Hybrid+ • Enable/Disable Hybrid+ • Select Hybrid+ Location • Limit Hybrid+ Size • Add filters to Hybrid backup
  32. 32. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Web Walkthrough: Polices: • Settings • General Settings • Include Hidden files • Enable Zoolz Explorer Markers • Enable Battery Mode • Enable Presentation Mode • Enable Context menu integration • Generate RAW image preview • Generate JPG image preview • Use Multithreaded upload • Start Zoolz on every computer restart • Set what connection type to upload on (WiFi, 3G or LAN) • Security Settings • Allow user to set encryption password • Enable/Disable SSL • Allow users to exit Zoolz • Start Zoolz when computers start • Set Backup Schedule • Set Bandwidth throttling preferences
  33. 33. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Web Walkthrough: Polices: • Privileges • Web Privileges • Enable Delete Data • Enable Sharing • Allow the ability to edit sign in email • Client Privileges • Enable Run Now • Enable Pause/Resume • Allow users to exit Zoolz • Enable Sharing • Enable removing file/folder • Enable Adding files/folders from context menu • Enable uninstalling Zoolz • Set Client Passcode
  34. 34. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Web Walkthrough: Global Settings: • General • File Retention • By number of versions • By Days • Performance • Run full scan interval • Extensions to force Open file backup on • Block Level Extensions
  35. 35. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Web Walkthrough: Global Settings: • Smart Selection Extensions • Edit extensions of • eBooks and PDF • Office Files • Financial Files
  36. 36. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Web Walkthrough: Global Settings: • Reporting • When to inform the admin that a computer has not backed up • Email Reports
  37. 37. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Web Walkthrough: Reporting: • Bandwidth Usage • Billing • Deployment Errors • Client Locator • Storage Usage
  38. 38. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Web Walkthrough: Reporting-cont: • Users Activity: Day-by-day history on backups and restores • Alerts on full storage, Computers and servers that have not backed up
  39. 39. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Pricing 2 different pricing schemas to suit all needs Terabyte Cloud Storage • Bestseller • Unlimited Users / Computers • Unlimited Servers • Cold Storage • Suitable for storing huge amounts of data for centuries Mix and Match • Pay as you go • Add users, servers and storage • Upgrade instantly whenever needed • Cold Storage and Instant Storage
  40. 40. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Speed Technology: After years of research and development, Zoolz utilizes state of the art technology for lighting speed backup and performance • Global Deduplication • We check the file unique hash to see if a file like it been uploaded or not (not supported on custom encryption) • Compression and machine level encryption • All files are compressed and encrypted in a single step before uploaded using a resource friendly algorithm that is super fast. If you download a file from the web, Zoolz will use on- the-fly decompression and decryption to restore the file in its original format • Grouping • To save multiple server requests and upload, all small files are grouped and sent in one batch • For example, if you got 1000 small files (1 KB), instead of uploading each file (creating 1000 uploads and 1000+ requests) Zoolz will group them in a 1 MB batch and send only 1 file with 1 request, reducing the backup time from 1000 to 3 seconds, and everything is done on the fly, with zero knowledge • Multiple threads (Optional) • The use can choose multiple thread to utilize the entire network’s bandwidth. This is optimal for a large company to schedule backups outside business hours increasing the backup speed to 4X
  41. 41. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Restore On New Computers Zoolz provide an easy way to migrate to a new computers or to resume your backup without having to restart from the beginning For example: You have 2 drives C:, D:. A new Windows installation was installed on the C drive. After installing Zoolz, you can choose to resume, Zoolz will automatically import your previous settings and database and will resume where it left off; all files on D will not be uploaded to the cloud again
  42. 42. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Global Deduplication: Deduplication works on 3 levels; • Machine, • Company, • Global. Files are checked for duplication before they are processed and uploaded, the file will be compared with a hash to make sure there is no reference before uploading If the files are encrypted with custom encryption, the files will be checked, however, in most cases no global reference will be found
  43. 43. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Cold Storage Technology • Cold Storage is a very low cost storage service, it provide same features as any cloud storage like instant upload, browsing, search, previews for photos and raw images • The only difference is that it takes around 3 hours for the first file to be restored then everything will go instantly • For example: If you upload 1 TB and you requested 1 file, it will take 3 hours for the file to be prepared. However, if you restore 1000 files, the first file will take 3 hours, then everything will be recovered instantly • During these 3 hours (Warming Period) you can shut down your computer, and once its on and Zoolz starts, it will restore the files without intervention Cold Storage = Instant Normal Storage + 3 Hours delay in restore time
  44. 44. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Cold Storage Technology • Cold Storage is suitable for storing huge amount of data for a centuries • It supports all Zoolz features like Compression, Grouping, Encryption, backup Internal drives, External drives, Mapped drives and Network drives • Zoolz Cold Storage will never delete your data even if you disconnect your drive, once its uploaded it will never be deleted unless you explicitly delete it. Learn more on why Cold Storage Technology is even better than Glacier https://www.zoolz.com/zoolzvsamazon
  45. 45. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Copy, Encrypt and Ship Service(TM) • Use at anytime, not just initial seed: Just start the service at anytime, Zoolz will copy and encrypt the files, and once completed, Zoolz will resume backup online. • View all shipped files instantly on the web: All files will automatically appear on the web while waiting for processing and will become available as soon as they are processed. • Zero Knowledge processing: All files are encrypted with your password on the external and processed encrypted when they arrive. • Zero Tampering Policy: Zoolz hashes the entire drive before shipping and compares the hash upon arrival to ensure the data is intact. • Unlimited number of drives: You can send all your data on a single drive or numerous drives; there are no restrictions on size or number or drives that can be sent. Created to allow large amounts of data to bypass the internet by shipping all files directly to our datacenters
  46. 46. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Zoolz Photographers (RAW Support) While designing Zoolz, we wanted to address photographers' specific requirements for an online backup service. In fact, we hired professional photographers as consultants to help us design Zoolz in order to meet those needs. • Zoolz generates photo previews of all photos including RAW Photos • Copy, Encrypt and Ship support • Low Cost using Cold Storage • Small and large photo previews are generated for the users with no extra charge for easier access. This feature is also supported on Cold Storage Zoolz Photographers with cold storage view
  47. 47. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Automatic Updates ● Continuous update service ● Updates are silently checked on a daily basis ● Update on the spot or on next reboot ● System reboot not required
  48. 48. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Zoolz is constantly evolving Zoolz enhancements are constantly being generated from Feedback Utilizing social media to gather feedback CRM database R&D Brainstorming/brain writing Study analytics Usability testing Competitors