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  • 1. Berlin, March 2014
  • 2. Content •  Status •  Strategy •  Team / Investors •  Backup © Zoobe message entertainment GmbH
  • 3. Zoobe Status
  • 4. Zoobe exists to build a future where avatars are a part of the daily personal communication. Our Mission © Zoobe message entertainment GmbH
  • 5. •  Zoobe - a unique 3D animated video message service, based on a patented voice recognition technology to lip-sync a recorded voice message with an emotive avatar to share a unique video message •  1.2 million Downloads with Zoobe (iOS, Android) •  Over 10 million Videos in March 2014 •  Characters like The Smurfs, Streetfighter, Warner Bros. Keinohrhase, Maya the Bee and many more •  Technology partner for EU avatar projects •  Zoobe team counts 30 heads based in Berlin (character and animation experts, amazing mobile developer, strong sales and marketing team) © Zoobe message entertainment GmbH Key Facts / Status
  • 6. Zoobe shop launched in December 2013 BackgroundsPackages Video ListPackage Shop
  • 7. In-App Shop: Zoobe Animations – biweekly new content
  • 8. License Partner: The Smurfs ™
  • 9. License Partner: Street Fighter ™
  • 10. Marketing Cooperation: Warner Bros.
  • 11. Everyday use cases
  • 12. Zoobe Strategy
  • 13. Licensed content Viber White Label Games, consoles etc. Zoobe App 250 Mio Installs (20 Mio DAU) Fans, Marketing ... > 1 million InstallsZoobe content Content platforms & Studios > 1.500 Mio Zoobe Marketplace – Distributionplatform for animated Avatars Zoobe Marketplace 2D Stickers 3D Animations Messenger...
  • 14. Content Variety offered to all age user groups Zoobe IP Brands Stars & People Character Worlds Zoobe content Licensing and cooperations&
  • 15. Zoobe Team
  • 16. Our management team © Zoobe message entertainment GmbH Lenard F. Krawinkel (CEO) Lenard is an award winning filmmaker and director, with a particular passion for the world of animation. After directing and producing films such as the 2004 release ‘Return to Gaya’, Lenard’s attention switched to the possibilities of utilising the kind of animated assets used in film projects for personal communication. Norbert R. Meinike (CMO) A marketing and brand expert with over 15 years experience, Norbert gained his early experience as an account manager at global advertising agency J. Walter Thompson. Following this, he raised the profile of web service provider to become one of the leading online tele-communication companies in Germany. Norbert was also on board for the opening of virtual versions of Berlin, London, and Singapore for - a realty based 3D Avatar World - as Head of Marketing. Most recently he was responsible for marketing at e-commerce company mirapodo (Otto Group) before joining Zoobe. Sascha Gechter (CFO) Sascha Gechter has been Zoobe's Chief Financial Officer since May 2013. His extensive career has seen him operate within a number of international firms, including as a partner and member of the management strategy consulting Kienbaum. In 2006 Gechter joined as a managing partner for the Meininger group, aiding the strategic development and expansion of the international hotel chain . Stephen Sacher (Creative Director) Zoobe's Creative Director since 2011, Stephan Sacher is responsible for character development and animation. Prior to graduating from HFF Potsdam Babelsberg with a degree in animation in 2009, Stephen worked on a freelance basis gaining experience in the fields of advertising, commercial animation and illustration. Previous experience includes work as art director for the development of an animated series for Playmobil, and as supervising animator on the Comedy Central redesign 2010. Dr. Sascha Fagel (CTO) Sascha is a recognized authority in computer and communication science, especially as concerns audiovisual speech processing and its applications in facial animation. Sascha holds an M.A. and a Doctoral degree in Communication & Computer Science. Prior to joining Zoobe, he was a Senior Lecturer in Media Informatics at Berlin University of Applied Sciences; implemented speech animation interfaces for smart home environments at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories; was Senior Researcher at the Institute for Speech, Image and Signal Processing in Grenoble. He has successfully raised funds for a number of national and European R&D projects.
  • 17. Our investors Thomas A. Curran (former Deutsche Telekom CTO) Rayk Reitenbach (IBB VC Technologie Fonds) Lars Dittrich Karl-Heinz Brandenburg (Brandenburg Ventures) Christophe Maire (Atlantic Internet) Dario Suter (DCM) Udo Schlömer (Jmes) Jens de Gruyter © Zoobe message entertainment GmbH
  • 18. Zoobe message entertainment GmbH Kurfürstendamm 226 10719 Berlin, Germany Norbert Richard Meinike, CMO +49 160 855 5511 Disclaimer: This business plan summary is neither an offer to sell (or invitation to subscribe for) securities nor a solicitation of an offer to buy securities. zoobe message entertainment GmbH has supplied the contents of this confidential private business plan summary including all pro forma financial data. No person is authorised in connection with any offering made hereby to give or make any representations other than as contained in this confidential private business plan summary. All representations as to future prospects and earnings are based on certain forward-looking assumptions. The information contained in this business plan summary is confidential and is intended only for the person to whom it is delivered by zoobe message entertain- ment GmbH. Any reproduction of its contents in whole or in part without prior written consent of zoobe message entertainment GmbH is prohibited. Get in contact with Zoobe