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Summary of the recommendation made by the European Cluster Policy Group in September 2010

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Ecpg recommendations tenderix_bendo_092010

  1. 1. Final Recommendations of the European Cluster PolicyGroup (ECPG)- Summary -Zoltan BendoTenderix Consulting and ResearchSeptember 2010
  2. 2. The summary is based upon the document titledEuropean Cluster Policy GroupFinal Recommendations- A call for policy actionsSource: 2
  3. 3. During 18 months of operation of the ECPG 4 issues have been discussed in detail Discussed issues in the four meetings of ECPG 1. 2. Support for The role of clusters international in the development cooperation of emerging among clusters industries/services 3. 4. The efforts to raise Ways to create the excellence of better synergies cluster policies between and cluster Community organisations instruments with a cluster dimension 3
  4. 4. To meet the ambitions of the EUROPE 2020 strategy, the next stage of European cluster policy needs better embeddedness 3 principlesCluster programmes Public support for clusterneed to be leveraged Principle A Principle B programmes needs towith vigorous efforts to based on clusters’ abilitystrengthen Leveraged cluster Public support and willingness toframework programmes to to be based on upgrade in the face ofconditions strengthen clusters’ ability global competition framework A B and willingness conditions C to upgrade Principle C Cluster programmes in an integrated policy framework Cluster programmes need to be delivered in an integrated policy frame-work with clearly assigned roles and responsibilities for the Commission and EU Member States 4
  5. 5. The ECPG has developed policy recommendations to maximise the impact of previous and current cluster programmes 3 principles and 8 action recommendations1. Align funding priorities in 3. Review current profile of the EU budget with Principle A Principle B Principle B funding recipients at EU competitiveness and Member State level2. Enhance cluster–related Leveraged cluster Public support framework conditions Leveraged cluster Public support programmes to to be based on to be based on programmes to strengthen clusters’ ability strengthen clusters’ ability framework framework conditions AB and willingness and willingness to upgrade conditions C to upgrade Principle C Principle C Cluster programmes in an Cluster programmes in an integrated policy framework integrated policy framework4. Encourage better cluster 6. Improve coordination of cluster programmes at the EU programmes across DGs Member State level 7. Institutionalise the provision of5. Streamline EU funding for the cluster knowledge/data base clusters by creating a unified set 8. Enhance European platforms for of administrative procedures cluster collaboration 5
  6. 6. The ECPG directed its 8 action proposals to EU institutions and to the Member States Addressed institutions of the 8 action recommendations Action recommendation European European European Member Commission Council Parliament States 1. Align funding priorities in the EU budget with competitiveness 2. Enhance cluster–related framework conditions 3. Review current profile of funding recipients at EU and Member State level 4. Encourage better cluster programmes at the EU Member State level 5. Streamline EU funding for clusters by creating a unified set of administrative procedures 6. Improve coordination of cluster programmes across DGs 7. Institutionalise the provision of the cluster knowledge/data base 8. Enhance European platforms for cluster collaboration 6
  7. 7. BACKGROUND Definitions used by the ECPGClustersClusters are geographic agglomerations of companies, suppliers, service providers, andassociated institutions in a particular field, linked by externalities and complementaritiesof various typesCluster initiativesCluster initiatives are organised efforts taken by actors in a cluster to increase the cluster’sgrowth and competitivenessCluster programmesCluster programmes are organised efforts taken by government to increase the growthand competitiveness of clusters in its constituency 7
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