Project 2: True Spirit E-Commere Website
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Project 2: True Spirit E-Commere Website






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Project 2: True Spirit E-Commere Website Project 2: True Spirit E-Commere Website Presentation Transcript

  • Design by: Zoe Fisher 
 Student Project. General Assembly UXDI Winter 2013
  • About the Product: 
 True Spirit is an internet retailer for schools and parents who want a modern school uniform for K-12 children. It offers updated uniform fashion including pants for girls and zip-up hoodies, provides a “must-haves” checklist from the school’s administrator for each school year, and recommends accessories allowed by the school’s dress code. Unlike traditional suppliers such as Lands End and True Grits, True Spirit encourages visitors to express their tastes–with some limits. ! About the Project: 
 This project consisted of developing a prototype for a mock uniform website called True Spirit. The goals were to provide a clear way to find your school, browse and purchase on the website. I was looking to create an appropriate experience for our mock persona John (the persona information was provided by the instructional team).

  • screens
  • Research Method: ! I researched a variety of ! e-commerce websites. (Gap, Lands End, French Toast, Target, Walmart, Warby Parker, Anthropologie ).! ! Findings: ! There is definitely a market for trying to provide hip and modern school uniforms.
 Opportunities Identified: ! !
  • Scenarios Method: ! I was provided 3 personas by the instructional team. Two parents; Sarah, and John and one administrator; Kim. I began with a task flow to identify what steps would need to be taken to purchase clothing on a uniform website. 
 My next step was to create a site map of my True Spirit website.! ! AWARENESS 
 Awareness of the product! ! SET UP AND FIRST RUN
 Opportunities Identified: ! ! !
  • Design Iteration 1 Method: ! I began with sketches for the homepage, a category page and product detail page. ! Findings: 
 LE P AM S It was challenging to identify what information I should include in the website. The True Spirit brand promoted a modern and open feel and I tried my best to incorporate that feel in to my design. ! ! Opportunities Identified: ! Design a website that would be easy to convert to mobile or table application in the future. This would allow for a more open feel to the website.! ! !
  • Design Iteration 2 - Hypothesis Method: ! I updated my design in electronic format.
 LE MP SA ! Opportunities Identified: ! ! !
  • Prototype Method: ! I created a prototype in OmniGraffle and InVision that captured the screen-based version of the experience. ! ! AWARENESS 
 Awareness of the product! AM S LE P ! SET UP AND FIRST RUN" First time experience
 - searching for school checklist information
 CORE PRODUCT EXPERIENCE! Finding school checklist information! Viewing product category and detail page! Adding to bag! Checking out
  • High Level Features John: ! John wanted a shopping experience that was efficient, detailed and easy to navigate.! ! Features: ! - Clear global navigation! - Large ‘Find Your School’ search graphic’! - The ability to save for later (John had limited amount of time to purchase today)! - The ability to navigate to your checklist quickly! ! ! ! ! 
  • THANK YOU Zoe Fisher