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Interest of the_day

  1. 1. INTEREST OF THE DAY Design by: Zoe Fisher 
 Student Project. General Assembly UXDI Winter 2013
  2. 2. About the Product: 
 Interest of the Day is a mobile shopping application for people who are interested in shopping, learning detailed information about products and buying all in one app. Interest of the Day has a simple way to view a detailed history of the product as well as view reviews, books, articles and blogs about the product. Interest of the Day users are also able to save products to their ‘Favorites’ and view what other users are searching for in the ‘Community’ section. ! ! About the Project: 
 Interest of the Day is a new start-up based in the Bay Area. The Interest of the Day team was looking to create an appropriate experience for their target customer that could be delivered via web and mobile channels. 
 The team was given the constraint of targeting iPhone, Android and the web as primary delivery channels.

  3. 3.!/projects/52917843afd83be95f000264/mockups/ 52924f68d7e2b2b05f000613 Home Screen Product Detail Screen Saved to Favorites Screen
  4. 4. CASE STUDY
  5. 5. DESIGN RESEARCH Method: I interviewed Michael Bush and had him start by sketching out his daily routine so that we could identify patterns and interests of his. I then asked Michael specific questions about his life and interests and made note of his answers. 
 Michael spends a lot of time reading articles from online news websites. He loves to learn, loves coffee and strives to develop a taste for aesthetic experiences. 
 Opportunities Identified: Create a mobile shopping application that allows Michael to find out as much information about a product before he buys. Create an application that aggregates content from across the web so that Michael does not have to leave the application to find out more information about a product. I identified three types of potential users for this product: ! 1). People who enjoy learning/gaining new knowledge 2). People who dislike looking at various sites to find out reviews and opinions about a product.
 3). People who want to easily get detailed information about a product before they buy.
  6. 6. DESIGN ITERATION | DESIGN HYPOTHESIS Method: ITERATION 1 I tested 4 users with a paper prototype in a participatory design session. I had them verbalize whether or not they found the app to be easy to use and understand. I also had the user suggest any improvements if they found the app to be confusing and/or difficult to maneuver. ! Findings: 
 4 out of 4 found it difficult to understand the concept. 2 out 4 found the checkout process to be unclear. 2 out of 4 found the icons unclear.! 1 out of 4 found navigation confusing.! ! Opportunities Identified: Outline a more clear ‘pitch’ of what the app would provide the user.! Improve the checkout process by having the ‘Shipping’ and ‘Payment’ information on separate pages. ! Add titles under the icons so that the user immediately understands what the icon represents.! Add a menu tab in the top left hand corner for easy navigation throughout the app. ! A menu tab could help to ‘clean up’ the look and feel of the app. ! Improve the layout of the ‘detailed information’ section (description, history, ratings, books etc.)! ! ! ! AM S LE P
  7. 7. DESIGN ITERATIONS | PROTOTYPE Method: I created a prototype using the POP app that captured the screen-based version of the experience. ! AWARENESS 
 Awareness of the product ! LE P SET UP AND FIRST RUN" First time experience
 - Register to purchase Interest of the Day item. 
 AM S Core Product Experience Search for product on home screen! Specify search screen! Choose product to view! Add to favorites! Add to cart! View menu bar! View Community screen! View Favorites screen! View and checkout Cart screen! Sign In and Register to purchase! 
  8. 8. THANK YOU Zoe Fisher