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Skyfall Presentation


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  • 2. Pre-Production - 1 Skyfall is a sequel to the 23 film series. The five latest ones include: The World Is Not Enough (1993), Die Another Day (2002), Casino Royale (2006), Quantum Of Solace (2008) and then Skyfall is in 2012. Sam Mendes is Skyfall’s director.
  • 3. Pre-Production - 2 Eon Productions and Pinewood Studios. $200,000,000 (estimation) Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris. Green lighting restarted on 11th January 2011, and was in the process until the release date of November 9th 2012.
  • 4. Production In the UK (Pinewood Studios, London, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Scotland), in Japan (Hashima Island), in Turkey (Instabul, Adana) and in China (Shanghai).Skyfall was filmed using IMAX, using mainly Arri Alexa cameras. It is a 2D film using CGI of around 500 shots. They were unhappy with the IMAX tests made from their footage as the colours "didn't look great", following with retests without using IMAX Corporations proprietary re-mastering process finding it looked much better with this removal. Production faced criticism for allegedly damaging buildings while filming a motorcycle chase across rooftops in the city.
  • 5. Post Production The Komodo Dragon and the whole shot including the background was CGI. Also the lake by Skyfall when Silva arrives by helicopter, and Skyfall on fire was digitally composed, as was the fog and the icy breath. The DB5 which was destroyed was actually 3D printed because they didn't want to destroy a real one, and damage was added digitally too. A very, very large part of Skyfall is special effects, so I'd class it as being reliant on them. They decided that James Bond "wasn't ready for 3D" so they went down the route of IMAX instead. They never created any of Skyfall in 3D and are not planning on it at all either. There isn't any reporting of reshoots being required, they kept everything that was originally done.
  • 6. Marketing –Premiere Skyfalls premiere took place on October 23rd, 2012 in Londons Royal Albert Hall.
  • 7. Marketing – Heineken Beer A £28.2 million deal was made for a product placement deal. Daniel Craig said it was necessary to tie it in for such an expensive project like Skyfall. The Heineken cost covered almost a third of the film's estimated £93.7m ($150m) production budget. Marketing – Tom Ford Tailoring Tom Ford says that he's "thrilled" with the results of dressing Daniel Craig as James Bond in the new Skyfall film. The designer has created the entire wardrobe for Craig in the film.
  • 8. Marketing – The Olympics A video was made in collaboration between the Olympic Committee, MGM, and Sony Pictures, Bond escorts The Queen herself from Buckingham Palace to the stadium. Marketing – Sony Xperia James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) uses a Sony Xperia™ T mobile phone in the movie SkyFall. A special SkyFall edition of the phone is now available, which is called "The Bond Phone" by Sony.
  • 9. Marketing – US and Worldwide Trailers Official Trailer
  • 10. Thank you for watching my presentation – Zoe Cole