Top 5 Olympic Fitness Moments


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Top 5 Olympic Fitness Moments

  1. 1. Our favorite part of the Olympics?Watching determined folksovercome unbelievable setbacksto achieve athletic greatness.Next time you feel “too tired to goto the gym,” think of these fivephenoms… CONFIDENTIAL 1
  2. 2. The four-man team not only hailed from a tropical country, but also had very little practice with bobsleds. But they arrived at the 1988 Games, borrowed equipment in hand, and eager to compete. And they did. Despite leaving medal- less, they surprised crowds and judges by showing significant improvement during the games. But their biggest impact was touching people’s hearts. Other athletes volunteered advice and guidance. And when the beloved “underdog” team emerged from their crashed sled and walked to the finish line, the entire audience erupted in applausePhoto: AFP/ Getty Images CONFIDENTIAL 2
  3. 3. American diver Louganis was attempting a 2 ½ pike during the preliminaries when he struck his head on the diving board, suffering cuts and a concussion. A concussion carries serious risks for anyone, but for a swimmer it also means the possibility of losing consciousness under water. But Louganis got himself stitched up and went on to complete the highest-scored dive of the qualifying round. He repeated this during the finals, winning the gold by a massive margin.Photo: Getty Images CONFIDENTIAL 3
  4. 4. Halfway through the 400-meter semifinals, Redmond, a British sprinter, tore his hamstring…which hurts. A LOT. A favorite to win, he got up and attempted to keep running despite being in intense pain. Seeing his struggle and will to finish the race, Redmond’s father Jim jumped over the barriers and broke through security to join his son on the track and support him through the end of the race. As they approached the finish line to the sound of crowd’s cheers, Jim let go of Derek, allowing him to finish the race by himself.Photo: Getty Images CONFIDENTIAL 4
  5. 5. When gymnast Strug, a member of the beloved “Magnificent Seven,” fell on her first vault and injured her ankle, all of America held its breath. The all-star team had given the U.S its first ever hope of winning this event, but now things were looking bleak. What did Strug do? She endured the pain, landed her second vault to secure the gold and immediately collapsed in pain. She had to be carried up to the podium to accept the landmark medal.Photo: Getty Images CONFIDENTIAL 5
  6. 6. The day of his 500 and 1000 meter races at the 1988 Olympics, speed skater Jansen, who was a favorite for the gold, learned that his sister Jane had died of leukemia. The news affected his performance, leading him to fall twice and lose both events. Guess whether or not that deterred him. He came back to the 1994 Games and surprised everyone by not only winning his first (and only) gold, but also by setting a world speed record. He dedicated the win to his sister, skating a victory lap holding his baby daughter…Jane.Photo: Chris Cole/Getty Images CONFIDENTIAL 6