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You want to be as organized and effi cient as possible. Where to begin? The most important area to start is by focusing on how you store your consumable materials. A lot of time and money is invested in managing this part of your practice and we will help you streamline it. Being able to identify with color can be a very powerful tool and in the dental practice a very efficient and rewarding tool at that. The basic concept is that you take each procedure that you perform, assign a color to it and organize it.

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Practice Management Guide

  1. 1. STRESS FREEZONEHow do you feel when you’re organized? are about to find out.Practice Management GuideSTRESS FREEZONEZONEZONEZONEZONEZONEZONEZONE
  2. 2. 111.800.328.3899 | 21.800.328.3899 | zirc.comThis isn’t news to have seen color coding being implemented in someway, shape or form and understand the point behind it. Red means stop andgreen means go; blue is cold and red is hot...right? Being able to identify withcolor can be a very powerful tool and in the dental practice a very efficientand rewarding tool at that. The basic concept is that you take each procedurethat you perform, assign a color to it and organize it. For example, you couldassign Blue to your Endo procedure and then all materials will be placed in Blueorganizers and all instrumentation will be labeled with Blue color code rings.Color Code ConceptWhat your dental practice gets from Color Coding:· Improved Productivity (easy identification from setup to sterilization)· Improved Infection Control (Safe-Lok™ Covers help protect you & your staff)· Consistancy with every procedure (effortless employee trainning & instant recognition)What you get from Color Coding:· Peace of Mind· Control of Your Instruments, Materials & Procedures· Consistent Work Schedule & RoutineNeon Green is for Crown and Bridge.That is why the cassette and the Ringsare assigned the color Neon Green.How to Color Code as a Group Practice1 color for procedure:1 color for practitioner:Neon Pink is for the practitioner.That is why the Neon Pink Rings are applied.It shows ownership to the instruments.ProcedureColorPractitionerColorColor Code ChartThe time you’ll spend getting organized is nothingcompared to the time you waste being disorganized.Composite BlueSealant RedEndoGrayDr. Smith PinkDr. Jones OrangeCrown & Bridge NeonGreenSealants YellowHere’s an idea:Create a chart that shows theprocedure and the color assignedto it. This eliminates confusion andmakes trainning effortless.
  3. 3. 111.800.328.3899 | 31.800.328.3899 | zirc.comMaterial Storage:You want to be as organized and efficient as possible. Where to begin? The most important area to start is byfocusing on how you store your consumable materials. A lot of time and money is invested in managing thispart of your practice and we will help you streamline it.There are three areas you will be storing materials; here’s how it works:Area 1:Your operatory drawers. YIKES! For many offices, they are stocking theirdrawers with everything and anything needed for every procedure.Let’s simplify this by pulling out all items that are procedure-specific.Composite? Bonding agents? Etch? All go. Store only items that youuse in almost all procedures such as: saliva ejectors, gloves, bibs, cottonproducts, etc. This will make it a cinch to restock your drawers whenyou are only dealing with the “common items”. Junk drawer no more!Area 2:Procedure Tubs. So, you took those procedure-specific materials out ofyour operatory drawers…now what? Place these items into Tubs (which are like portable drawers) and storethem in a central area, such as your sterilization room. Getting ready for a procedure? Pull the needed Tub ofMaterials and bring into the operatory. Take out the materials you think you will need for that procedure andplace them on the tray. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Ingenious, right?Area 3:Bulk Storage Area. You have your common items in your operatory drawers and your“procedure-specifics” in Tubs. Where do the “extras” of these items go? This is up to youand depends on your space. Perhaps the cabinets in central sterilization, or a supply closet.Ideally, the bulk storage is near your Tubs which makes restocking and inventory control simple.Amalgam Endo Crown Prep SealantExamples of Procedure Tubs stocked & Color CodedHere’s an idea:Label the outside of your drawersand cabinetry to easily identifyyour bulk storage items.Ideally, the bulk storage is near your Tubs which makes restocking and inventory control simple.
  4. 4. CentralStorageOperatoriesSterilization4Procedure Set-up:Let’s talk chairside preparation. You need this to go quickly and the color code system accomplishes this.Remember, your patients also see this chair side set-up; are you portraying the image you want to?Let’s first start with what you need:· Procedure Tray with Safe-Lok™ CoverIt will hold your:· Instrument Cassette/Holder· Bur Holder· Color Code Rings and/or Tape on all instrumentation· Consumable Materials you will use for that procedureIt’s Go Time:Your Trays and Tubs should be stored in a central area (such as central sterilization). Pull the appropriate Tray and Tuband bring them to the operatory. Tray sits on your chair side bracket table. Tub sits on the counter. Now what? Pullthe materials you think you will use from the Tub and place them on the Tray. Lock the Cover back on the Tray untilthe patient is seated. “Set” the Tub Cover on Tub, but do not lock. This will allow you to easily access your materials ifneeded. Now you have: Everything at your fingertips. Attractive patient presentation. Your sanity saved.Procedure Breakdown:Another successful procedure completed. It’s turnaround time! We’ll give you some tips to get this done fast:· Dispose of all “trash” on your tray while still in the operatory, one less thing to deal with during sterilization· Place instruments, burs and endo files back in their holder· Surface disinfect the tub and any items that need to be stored back inside· Lock the covers back on your Tray and Tub· Finish with your normal surface disinfection process of other operatory equipment and remove any barriers usedYou are now ready for safe transportation of your instruments andmaterials…and OSHA/CDC Compliant:Remember, your patients also see this chair side set-up; are you portraying the image you want to?Color Code Rings and/or Tape on all instrumentationB-Lok Flat Tray and Safe-Lok™ CoverSee page 7 for product details.OSHA:OSHA 1910.1030(d) (2) (viii)These containers should be: Puncture Resistant,Labeled or color-coded in accordance with this standard,Leak-proof on the sides and bottomCDC:Minimize handling of loose contaminated instrumentsduring transport to the instrument processing area.Use workpractice controls (eg., carry instruments in acovered container) to minimize exposure potential.
  5. 5. Sterilization:Your Tub has been disinfected already and this can be stored back in its place.Let’s finish the rest:· Remove cover from tray· Place your instrument/bur/endo holders in the ultrasonic or washer disinfector· When complete, rinse and dry. Bag or wrap these items as you prefer and autoclave· Surface disinfect your Tray and Cover, move to “clean side” of sterilization· After the sterilization process is complete, place instrument/bur/endo holders back on tray and lock the cover on· Store in cabinetry and/or racks.Applying a color code system to your practice takes time, dedication and alot of patience, but in the end it will pay off immensely. You will have betterinventory control, a more efficient setup and sterilization process and you will have extra time to utilize towardsadditional patient appointments, helping out staff in other areas or just being able to work stress free and happy.What’s Next?Now you know the process behind an organized and efficient practice management system. Want to take yourpractice to the next level?Contact Zirc for a FREE Consultation:800.328.3899 | | zirc@zirc.comWatch a video on Practice this on your own with Zirc’s Procedure out the form on the next page and send it in to Zirc for a FREE consultation!111.800.328.3899 | 51.800.328.3899 | zirc.comHere’s an idea:Clear up your counter clutterwith a Multi-Mod Rack. It canhold cassettes, tubs and trays.See page 7 for product details.
  6. 6. We are here to help!Practice Name:__________________________________________ Contact:__________________________________Email:________________________________ Phone:__________________________ (a good time to call you):___________Address:___________________________________________________________________________________________________Dealer:_____________________________________________ Rep Name:____________________________________________Number of Doctors:_________Number of Hygienists:_________Number of Operatories:__________What would you like to improve at your practice? (Choose one or more.)Organization of Sterilization RoomOrganization of materials in operatory drawersImprove amount of time it takes for operatory set-up & breakdown Color Coding, organizing and protecting your instruments, burs, endo files, etc..Stress levelProcedurePatients seen weeklyfor this procedureCircle 8 colors that you would considerusing at your practice.List the procedures performed at your practice.Then list the amount of patients that are seen weekly andhow many instruments are used for that procedure.Have questions on this form? Call: 800.328.3899The below information will help us better understand your needs.Please fill out and fax or email it back to Zirc.Fax: 763.682.6604 | Email: zirc@zirc.comwww.zirc.comHow many instrumentsused for this procedureWhiteABlueBN.PinkSN.PurpleRN.OrangeQN.GreenPN.YellowON.BlueNLilacLTealJGrayIMauveHBeigeGRedMGreenDYellowC136
  7. 7. 137N. PinkSN. PurpleRN. OrangeQN. GreenPN. YellowON. BlueNRedMWhiteALilacLTealJGrayIMauveHBeigeGGreenDYellowCBlueBMB | Microban® 136o| Autoclavable to 136°C / 275°F S | Surface Disinfect | Washer-DisinfectorSafe-Lok™ Tray CoversB-Size• Fits B-Lok Flat and Divided Trays only• Side locking mechanism securely locks cover to tray• CLEAR- DO NOT HEAT STERILIZEDimensions: 13-7/8” x 9-7/8” x 3/4”Part Code: 20Z445B-Lok Flat Tray• Self-lubricating, high-gloss surface helps prevent stainingDimensions: 13-3/8” x 9-5/8” x 7/8”Part Code: 20Z401Color Code: (A-S)MB SS136oE-Z Jett® Cassette (5-Place)• Holds 5 instrumentDimensions: 8” x 3-1/8” x 1-3/16”Part Code: 50Z925Color Code: (A-S)E-Z Jett® Cassette (10-place)• Holds 10 instrumentsDimensions: 7-15/16” x 7” x 1-1/8”Part Code: 50Z930Color Code: (A-S)136oMB136oMB Compact Cassette• Holds 8 instrumentsDimensions: 7-1/8” x 3-7/8” x 5/8”Part Code: 50Z915Color Code: (A-S)136oMBColor Code: (A-S)12-Hole Bur Guard• Fits latch, friction grip and HP bursDimensions: 2-7/8” x 3/8” x 1-3/8”Part Code: 50Z406Color Code: (A-S)136oMB14-Hole Bur Block• Fits FG, RA and HP BursDimensions: 2-15/16” x 1-1/2” x 1/2”Part Code: 50Z403Color Code: (A-S)136oMBPart Code: 50Z925Color Code: (A-S)Steri-Endo Guard (Hand)* Engine style available• Organizes up to 16 hand files/reamersDimensions: 5-3/8” x 3/8” x 2-3/16”Part Code: 50Z450Color Code: (A-S)136oMBDimensions: 5-3/8” x 3/8” x 2-3/16”E-Z ID Rings• Prepackaged in an easy-to-use dispenser• Small and large sizes to fit most instrument handlesIndividual packs & systems available.136oE-Z ID Tape• Tape dispenser has built-in tape cutter• Dispenser roller prevents tape from twistingIndividual packs & systems available.136oMulti-Mod Rack (8-Place)* 8-Place available (Holds Trays, Tubs & Cassettes)• Holds 8 Trays or 4 Tubs with coversDimensions: 10-1/2” x 17.75”(Adjusts from 7.5” to 15.5”)Part Code: 21Z410So* 8-Place available (Holds Trays, Tubs & Cassettes)• Holds 8 Trays or 4 Tubs with coversProcedure Tub• Perfect pre-arranged starter kit for organizationIncludes:Procedure Tub | Tub Liner | Tub DividersCup/Cover Single | Cup/Cover DoubleDivided Slide Tray |Safe-Lok™ Cover for TubDimensions: 12-5/8” x 10-1/4” x 4”Part Code: 20Z455Color Code: (A-S)MB S
  8. 8. 13918 Highway 55 S.E. | Buffalo, MN 55313 | 800.328.3899 | www.zirc.com20Z330 REV A 05/12