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Some of the most important things we have learnt about using Yammer in over 3 years of collaborating and setting up client collaboration networks. But remember that Yammer is very versatile and can be set up in many different structures. If you are a large organization you should definitely seek expert help in getting it up and running in the beginning if you want to ensure its success and get the most out of it.

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Zipipop ultimate guide to using yammer

  1. 1. Ultimate Guide to Using Yammer February 2012 // Richard von Kaufmann // Zipipop Ltd.
  2. 2. Google*Managing projects via email attachment is not efficient. Luckily there is now an easier more effective option. *Google Apps can be combined with Yammer to create a complete collaboration environment
  3. 3. Enterprise Micro-bloggingEnterprise micro-blogging uses conventions developed fromconsumer social media: most notably Facebook and Twitter.The main difference is that enterprise micro-blogging servicesare only for the organization (and invited guests).
  4. 4. Why Yammer? If implemented correctly micro-blogging can provide some of the best gains for least cost and effort. “Yammer was the simplest to use and had a stable of applications and even some 3rd party apps. They seem to have the most momentum and the largest user base.” (Oct, 2009) “90,000 companies and organizations, including over 80% of the Fortune 500 use Yammer.” (Dec, 2010) Includes easily customizable tools forThere are many other enterprise managing businessmicro-blogging services, e.g.: processes
  5. 5. Facebook pioneered the development of the live “News Feed” stream. This interaction format is now widespread in many services and it is fast becoming a standard part of business software.
  6. 6. News Feedcomponents:• Real-time• Status Messages• Links• Likes• Comments
  7. 7. Micro-blogging Business software hasnow adapted the News Benefits:Feed and micro-blogging practices to improve • Improving awarenesscollaboration within and between organizations. • Requesting help • Finding people • Sharing tips, links, files • Coordinating • Reduces overall email traffic • Makes important email standout
  8. 8. Working with browsers• Use tabs• Keep windows open all day• If experiencing a problem try refreshing the browser• The more up-to-date your browser version is the better• Try Yammer Desktop app later (as can be blocked by firewalls)•
  9. 9. Gaining momentumWait until your project/organization has enough momentum before starting touse Yammer — as if the new users see an empty space they will not understandthe benefits.If you are experience the following it would probably be a good time to startYammering: • More than 4 people discussing in an email chain • More than 10 emails have been sent on the same topic • The project is actively being planned or is going on • The project will go for many weeks IMPORTANT: First co-ordinate with a few colleagues to pre-fill the space with some relevant content before inviting the wider group / community
  10. 10. New Yammer users• New Yammer users should go to:• And “Sign Up” using their emails
  11. 11. Existing users must “Log In”• Make sure you choose the “Log In” option• Do not use “Sign Up” otherwise it will create a new account.• Log in using the “same” email you originally used to create your Yammer account
  12. 12. Signing Up process• Don’t worry about selecting people to follow — you can do that later.• Don’t worry about downloading the desktop app — as working in the browser provides more features and sometimes firewalls can block the app• Do add a profile photo as soon as you can as it really helps build a Download later — get used to sense of community using browser access first
  13. 13. Followers• You can choose people to Follow• Means you can later filter the most important posts to follow• You can go to Members and change your Following settings at anytime.• You need to select “Followed Conversations”If you have previously Followedsomeone and then un-follow themtheir pervious messages will notdisappear
  14. 14. Yammer Networks Notifications Always use the same email with your Yammer accounts to keep them tied together in one space
  15. 15. Email notifications• Select the network• Select what type of notifications you want• We recommend you learn to keep Yammer open all day in your web browser — by doing that you will then need less and less email notifications
  16. 16. Usage guidelines
  17. 17. Social Media Toolbox It is more about guidelines and coaching than implementing technology. Campfire Basecamp
  18. 18. Yammer Usage:Home networkNEED: Generate better awareness and shareinformation within the communityBASIC RULES: Posts should mostly be ofinterest to the majority of the community andshould be kept shortish.
  19. 19. Avoid that spammyfeelingDon’t have privateconversations inside alarge open community!
  20. 20. Yammer Usage:GroupsEXAMPLE: Project coordinating networkNEED: Detailed knowledge sharing andgeneration through more in-depthdiscussion.BASIC RULES: Initial discussion topic orquestion is posted and comments are givenin reply. All comments should be given asreplies to keep them attached to theoriginal topic.
  21. 21. Groups Project• Groups are only accessible by Group members of the main network — they are internal future• Groups can be open or invite only Marketing Group company internal group• Groups can be shown in the shared home “parent” directory or hidden network future internal Finance group group
  22. 22. External NetworksYammer External Networks are agreat way to collaborate with future Partner externalexternal partners — as you can invite External Network networkpeople using their normal workemail. companyAdmins can choose to restrict homemembers from creating External “parent”Networks, and you can only create network futureGroups inside External Networks if Project externayou upgrade to Premium accounts. External Network network future external network
  23. 23. Creating a new collaboration space• You can create either an Internal Group or an External Network by clicking on Groups – create group
  24. 24. Internal Group settings• Enter name & details• Choose Public or Private
  25. 25. External Network settings• Enter name & details• Choose who can invite new members• After creating the network you can go to the Admin settings and choose if it is displayed in the directories for others to see.
  26. 26. Creating content• Delete a post by clicking on More and selecting Delete• You can remove graphical links that take up lots of space in the news feed.
  27. 27. Labeling content• When you use the # sign in front of a word it automatically becomes a Topic label.• You can find all the Topic labels from the side menu.• This makes it possible to categories content quickly – making it easier to search in the future.
  28. 28. Using @• Use @name to show that the message is particularly aimed a certain person or people• Using the @ will cause an email notification to be sent• Members names will appear automatically after you add the @
  29. 29. Without an audience,we are not motivated…
  30. 30. Yammer makes giving feedbackeasy : )
  31. 31. Search options• You can search all content and conversations.• You can also use the categories in the side menu to filter by: Files, Links, Images, etc.
  32. 32. Pages• Yammer Pages can be used to collaboratively generate text.• They are still very new and sometimes unstable, but are definitely worth trying.
  33. 33. Events• You can create and invite colleagues to events• You can even share with to your other calendar systems
  34. 34. Polls• You can create quick polls to make collaborative decisions, e.g. when to have a meeting
  35. 35. Other apps• Give praise• Ask questions• etc.Just experiment with them and findwhat works for you
  36. 36. Admin tips
  37. 37. Admin Power• Network settings• Invite users• Remove users
  38. 38. Procedure for inviting outsiders toExternal Networks• First send a normal email informing the new member that they will be receiving a Yammer invitation.• Emphasis in the email that they must follow the link provided in the invitation email – as it is a direct link to the right External Network• Tell them that during the Sign Up process they do not need to worry about selecting Followers and downloading the Desktop app — that can and should be done later.
  39. 39. Design CustomizationIf people are following multiple networks it is a good idea to modify the designsto help people be aware of which network they are looking at.
  40. 40. Community Support Multiple people can provide usage support.Initially expert advisers should be hired to get thingsup and running smoothly, however, the goal is beenable the community members to support eachother.In a survey conducted for the OSKE project themajority of users said that they would always ask acolleague first to solve an IT problem – micro-blogging facilitates this natural instinct.
  41. 41. Changing email• Select you name (top right)• Select “Edit Account”• Select “change”
  42. 42. Benefits: • Find out about each other. • Form teams, communities or informal groups. • Work together on the same work objects. • Discuss and comment on their work. • Identify relevant work. • Discover other people with common interests. Gartner, October 2009
  43. 43. Benefits: • Learn from others expertise. • Facilitating social interaction by helping people to establish and strengthen personal relationships, develop trust and, in the end, reduce friction and accelerate the business processes that people are engaged in. • Accessing relevant knowledge and expertise that can be used to formulate a plan of action when decisions need to be made. Gartner, October 2009
  44. 44. Online culture promotes:collaboration, meritocracy, transparency
  45. 45. How could you use Yammer?• Improve general awareness: news updates, announcements, decisions,• Share useful information and links: studies, research,• External project networks: planning, budgets, cvs.• Sharing tendering information• Share marketing material• etc.
  46. 46. Thanks!Richard von KaufmannConcepting Director, co-founderTel. +358 45 11 222 73Email: