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How to improve your brand reputation with social media
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How to improve your brand reputation with social media







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How to improve your brand reputation with social media How to improve your brand reputation with social media Presentation Transcript

  • How to improve your brand visibility and reputation with social media15.02.2012 Richard von Kaufmann // concepting director // co-founder
  • What is Zipipop?
  • Zipipop is the social mediacompany in FinlandZipipop has been leading the way in Finnish social media forover four years.We help with social media strategy, marketing, analysis, andorganizational collaboration.Our deep understanding of social media culture enables us togive your social media strategies a competitive edge.And we have the creativity and practical experience to makesure your social media activities add genuine value.Don’t just do social media – do smart social media. Best Early-Stage Startup Winner Bronze Effie Finland Barcelona 4 July 2008 Selected Startup
  • What’s the big deal?
  • What is social media?Sharing, discussing, and interacting with content in social networks.
  • No DoubtSocial media has change the way we do things. New contact booksNew encyclopedias New photo albums New diaries
  • Social media conversations http://www.hudsonhorizons.com/pub/images/conversationpic300x298.jpg
  • What’s it got to do with me?
  • Customers are becoming more socialThere are now 3 types of customers: • traditional • online • social
  • What do social customers do?• Use social networks
  • What do social customers do?• Use social networks• Buy more online
  • What do social customers do?• Use social networks• Buy more online• Provide more feedback
  • What do social customers do?• Use social networks• Buy more online• Provide more feedback• Read and create product reviews
  • What do social customers do?• Use social networks• Buy more online• Provide more feedback• Read and create product reviews• Trust in advice given by people online
  • What do social customers do?• Use social networks• Buy more online• Provide more feedback• Read and create product reviews• Trust in advice given by people online• Like to connect with like-minded people
  • What do social customers do?• Use social networks• Buy more online• Provide more feedback• Read and create product reviews• Trust in advice given by people online• Like to connect with like-minded people• Expect a better customer experience =
  • Just how influential are these social customers?
  • More social network users thanemail users salesforce.com, 2011
  • Users are spending more time inFacebook than the rest of the web salesforce.com, 2011
  • For many companies the FacebookFan Page has become as importantas the main website salesforce.com, 2011 www.company facebook.com/company
  • “Likes”are thecurrency of social media14 February 2012 Angry Birds has over 15 million fans
  • The viral effect
  • Customer support is marketingHappy customers tell a few friends.Unhappy customers tell many more. On average users have around 150 friends in Facebook
  • Spreading the message Share content that is useful, entertaining or relevant. share to a wall shared on company wall (240 likes) share to own wall (450 friends) 3 likes (with more than 1,500 friends)Shared to their own wall(300 friends) A total of nearly 2 likes and 1 share 27,000 people were (with a total of more than reached 1,000 friends) 15 likes
  • C M O ost of issed pportunitiesAsk not what is the the ROI of social mediaAsk what is the cost of not doing it
  • Oh my, that’s serious. But what can a small fish do about it?
  • listen moreFree monitoring tools fortracking social media discussions
  • A social media toolsIf you’re going to be a social media warrior you need theright weapons, e.g. a smart phone or a tablet http://www.rutgers.edu/
  • Participate in conversationsMonitoring can help find the spaceswere your community is.Go to them and start commenting.Start your own discussions too.
  • But I’m so small no one is going to listen to me
  • Story TellingMore than ever companies need acompelling story to stand out fromthe crowd.Social media is another channel fortelling your story http://www.sxc.hu/photo/103262 Innocent’s clear and likable story allowed them to grow rapidly and be bought by Coke
  • How to tell your storyThrough the social media channelscommunicate:• Why you are remarkable• What you stand for• Who you are• What are your goals• What you are doing
  • Be a purple cowTo get noticed you need to:• Be a purple cow*, i.e. be remarkable and stand out• Provide a genuinely lovable or useful service• Find interesting, authentic stories behind your team, brand, product or company * http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/67/purplecow.html
  • Be authentic• Social media rewards authentic • Learn from others but find your interesting voices own path• It’s a conversation with equals• Tap into your natural interests and personality• Select content that matches defined adjectives, e.g. innovative, creative, accessible, etc — but make sure you can live up to them• Reach out to related communities
  • That all sounds lovely but give me something concrete
  • Basecamp All roads lead back to your website The aim is to send people to your key landing page. Give people reasons to link back to you. By cross-linking between Main Website social media services you increase exposure and improve search results.
  • Start blogging Reach out and inform your community about what you are doing.A focused topical blog can beused to claim your space asan expert in the field.
  • Link social mediachannels to main website Blog Facebook
  • Co-ordinating social media contentOverall Account specific Timetable Timetable Separate space where admins canSeparate share andcollaboration discussspace / potentialwebsite to contentcoordinate allactivity Guidelines Access to Contact info Monitors more than oneInstructions community
  • What other social media channels should I use?
  • Main Social Media ChannelsConcentrate on one account at a time and do it properly; however, you shouldalso reserve your brand name in other accounts.Initial: Later:• Facebook Page • SlideShare• LinkedIn • YouTube• Blog • Google+• Twitter • Wikipedia (check the rules and recommendations before starting)
  • Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/pages• Start your Facebook Fan Page• Invite your friends• Customize your page• Convert you existing network friends into Likes• Engage and reward• Advertise with Facebook ads• Prepare advanced crisis response plan• Analysis the statistics
  • Anatomy of a Facebook Fan Page pictures wall posts logo settings & options tabs fans profile info company recommendationsfans & peopletalking about boughtthe content advertising Liked pages
  • Anatomy of the News Feed status messages linked or uploaded content share (to your wall) like comments message aimed at specific people
  • LinkedIn• Popular with business professionals• Invite existing network members to join an “open” discussion group• Use the products and services features• You can also update your status to keep visitors informed
  • Blog• Good for telling your story• Personal channel to the customers• Natural way to participate and guide the public debate• Increase the visibility of the company on the internet (search engines)• Invite guest writers
  • Twitter• Build up your network• Share links to interesting internal and external posts, e.g. news and articles.• Give thanks• Discover and share other people’s tweets• Observe how people you admire use Twitter
  • Google+• Powerful media content sharing facilities — particularly video• Flexible interaction (i.e. you can still edit after posting)• Easier and more intuitive ways to share with specific groups (Google Circles)
  • Social Media GuidelinesThe basics:• representing self• seeking permissions• avoiding offence• giving credit• asking questions• if in doubt don’t post lamunecadelasonrrisaalegre.blogspot.com
  • How should I get noticed?
  • Keskusvaalikone case-study
  • Influencers• Find ways to attract the attention of influential people
  • How did we do this?• In one day unique visits when up by over 5,000
  • We went to where the community is…
  • Many users chose to share the “live” poll results directly inside theFacebook Fan Pages of the Presidential candidates — generatingmuch discussion and sharing
  • Linking matters • Vaalikone 2012 • Reality Creating Media • Zipipop
  • Keeping eyes open• Find genuine connections to influencers and “hub” sites (i.e. sites that have many visitors and link out to many different spaces)
  • Social Media Benefits (some highlights) Improve brand visibility. Use new channels to get closer to customers. Influence real-time "conversations" concerning your brand. Make customer service more responsive and easier to interact with. Improve efficiencies and innovations though collaboration. New ways to support your employees to get their work done.
  • What should I think about in the long run?
  • Social companies / organizations Social media strategy and its implementation Channel selection and detailed training Social media monitoring Organizing social media monitoring LinkedIn Facebook Defining company social Creating social media media capabilities team & coordinating Twitter YouTube activity across departments Social media objectives Wikipedia Blogs and resources Initial training
  • Social media teamSpread and speed up the workload by involving experts from different departments —authentic knowledgable employees can be your best advocates Customer service Marketing Communications Management Sales Team members should be enthusiastic and comfortable with using social media R&D HR
  • What is a Community Manager?A Community Manager guidescommunities towards smoothand effective collaboration. http://www.fillmoregazette.com/arts-entertainment/ventura-college-symphony-orchestra-%E2%80%9Cwinner%E2%80%99s-circle%E2%80%9D-concert-october-25
  • Community Manager roles Content Manager Evangelist Chair Organizes the content Encourages Keeps discussions participation going smoothly Motivator Judge Takes care of release Solves disputes schedules
  • When will I see the benefits?
  • Brand Friend: Friendship Growth Community driven Intimate Friendship Acquaintance Awareness Growth Viral
  • Brand Friend: Friendship Growth Community driven strategy soc ial media Intimate Friendship Acquaintance Awareness Growth Viral
  • Brand Friend: monitoring Community driven Intimate Friendship Acquaintance Awareness Unaware Anger Indifference Avoidance Growth Viral Deterioration
  • Brand Friend: reacting quickly Community driven Intimate Friendship Acquaintance Awareness Unaware Anger Indifference Avoidance Growth Viral Deterioration
  • Gift givingInfluence is moving towards thosewho actively share and add valueto their communities.“You will gain more by sharingthan you will by hoarding.” GarryHamel (BBC, 16 May 2010)http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p007g9yr Image: Szaloncukor Képek (Google Images’s best guess)
  • Thanks!Richard von KaufmannConcepting Director // co-founderTel. 045 11 222 73Email: richard@zipipop.comTwitter: richievkwww.zipipop.com