Social Infrastructure and Technology in India


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India has emerged as one of the leading economies in the world , Infrastructure has played a significant role in the growth of the Indian economy.

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Social Infrastructure and Technology in India

  1. 1. Zinnov Management Consulting Social Infrastructure and Technology in India April 2012This report is solely for the use of Zinnov Client and Zinnov Personnel. No Part of it may be quoted, circulated orreproduced for distribution outside the client organization without prior written approval from Zinnov.
  2. 2. India has emerged as one of the leading economies in the world Top Ten Countries by GDP (USD Tr, PPP), 2011 15.04 11.29 4.46 4.38 3.08 2.38 2.28 2.25 2.21 1.82 USA China India Japan Germany Russia Brazil UK France Italy India’s Position in the Global Economy • India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world • Infrastructure has played a significant role in the growth of the Indian economy • Further plans to invest $1 trillion in 12th five year plan(2012-2017) in the infrastructure sectorSource: IMF; Planning Commission of India; Zinnov Analysis 2Note:
  3. 3. Along with the overall growth, the IT market has also been growing rapidly Estimated Growth of IT Markets in 2011 (in Domestic Indian IT Market, USD billion USD) Hardware Services Software 3.6 India 20.7% 3.1 2.3 2.7 11.5 Russia 18.1% 1.8 9.5 8.0 8.4 1.4 6.1 4.7 Brazil 13.0% 10.0 10.1 12.2 6.9 8.6 9.2 China 12.0% FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 UK 6.0% Indian IT Market by Customer Segments, FY11, USD billion United States 5.0% 30 25 20 12.9 Japan -4.5% 15 27.3 10 6.9 Worldwide 5.7% 5 4.1 3.4 -10.0% 0.0% 10.0% 20.0% 30.0% 0 Total Large SMB Government Consumers EnterprisesSource: NASSCOM; Company Annual Reports; Press Releases; Dataquest; Primary Interviews with Stakeholders in the Indian IT Ecosystem; Zinnov Analysis 3Note:
  4. 4. Investments in IT are helping develop the social infrastructure of the country Social Infrastructure in India Transportation Healthcare Financial Inclusion Education Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) Training and Skill Development Smart Cities/ Citizen Services EnergySource: 4Note:
  5. 5. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation The rapid growth in healthcare is being driven by the use of IT The industry comprises of: a. Pharmaceuticals b. Healthcare Services c. Healthcare Equipment Market Size and Future Projections Role of IT in Healthcare Healthcare • IT can extend the reach of medical 300 280 treatment to the remotest parts of USD Billion 200 the country 90 100 • IT plays a vital role in bridging the 0 huge gap between demand and 2010 2020 Pharmaceuticals supply of healthcare facilities in India 25 20 USD Billion 20 15 • Government initiatives like the 10 7 HMIS1 portal can be useful in better 5 policy formation and health 0 monitoring in the country 2010 2020Source: News Articles; Industry Reports; Zinnov Analysis 5Note: 1Health Management Information System
  6. 6. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation Telemedicine is helping hospitals in India extend their services to the remote regions CISCO HealthPresence Solution Business Solution Benefits Objective To transform the Uses the network as a • End-to-end soln. for remote diagnosis delivery of healthcare platform, which integrates • Helps in scaling across and enhance care at a high-definition video, HealthPresence networks distance between advanced audio, medical patients, clinicians and devices, and collaboration • Enhances productivity and clinical specialists tools to deliver the service workflow Live Use Case • Adopted by Telerad RxDx, a hospital in Bangalore, India • RxDx is using Cisco’s HealthPresence to provide medical care to patients living in Raichur, North Karnataka Patient Terminal • Benefits: The average number of patients has increased 90 Expert Doctor per cent because of telemedicine operations Solution • Future Prospects: RxDx plans to increase deployment of Telecommunication Cisco’s telehealth services to continue to improve healthcare delivery in remote locationsSource: News Articles; Cisco Website; Zinnov Analysis 6Note:
  7. 7. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation Hospitals like Sankara Nethralaya are leveraging cloud computing to make available their digital records to other fellow hospitals Key Attributes Key Highlights Business • Facilitate seamless automated delivery Objective of ophthalmic services across hospitals • Electronic Medical Records on external Benefits cloud to store all data and clinical Key Solution images  Brings in standardization • Make EMR accessible to smaller  Quicker and easier access to data across hospitals based on a pay-per-use model hospitals  Improved sharing of medical records with academia and pharmaceutical companies for • Telemedicine using VSAT and e-learning R&D activities • EMR based studies through BI  Consistent quality of service followed in Other Initiatives • Mobility solutions leveraged to ensure clinical processes medical adherence by staying in touch with patients Technology Partner: TCSSource:; Zinnov Analysis 7Note:
  8. 8. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation Indian education system requires significant investments and efforts, which can be driven by the help of IT Education in India  About 45% of teachers teaching in schools in India are not even graduates  61% of schools don’t have access to electricity  Only 17% of schools have computer  Only 39 out of every 100 students reach 10th grade  Dropout rate after elementary education is 44%  One out of every three students in class 5th cannot read or writeSource: 8Note:
  9. 9. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation HP, in participation with NCERT, has introduced Lab-in-box to facilitate a mobile computing center for educational institutions HP - National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) - Lab-in-Box Benefits Features Objective Solution Fully integrated mobile solution with minimal • Remote delivery of classes costs A mobile • Printing of latest textbooks by HP’s Lab -in-Box computing center downloading them and using that overcomes Technology-equipped network printers Making quality the power, space, classroom housed in a education infrastructure and shipping container • Tracking school drop-outs accessible to all equipment challenges of • Access to predesigned remote locations 15 HP PCs, printers, education tutorial with different wireless connectivity and syllabuses a diesel electrical generatorSource: News Articles; Zinnov Analysis 9Note:
  10. 10. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation Everonn, an education company, is leveraging IT to make education more interactive as well as available to the masses Company Profile Services • Provides IT solutions to government schools through • Education company focusing on technology-enabled Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) model learning through VSAT-enabled virtual and interactive • Provides modules for school level education classrooms • Online education for job aspirants in domains such as IT, ITES, Management, Banking and Financial Services at • Provides services in the following domains- schools, college level colleges, web products, entrance examination guidance, retail, skill development, teachers’ training, education • Provides training in electricals, welding, plumbing, resources, e-governance, animation and gaming and textiles & accessories, etc. formal education segments. • Developed web products for online education and learning • Revenues: ~$600 million • Instituted programs for training of teachers and for promoting education in rural India Partnerships • Everonn has partnered with the National Skill Development Corporation’s (NSDC) mission • Launched of International Skills School to skill people • The average course fee is expected to be approximately $180 (INR 9,000) per person with the course ranging from 30 days to six months in nine sectors - Textile and Apparel, Retail, Hospitality, Automobile, Healthcare, Construction, IT and ITES, Basic Engineering, MultimediaSource: Company Websites; Zinnov Analysis 10Note:
  11. 11. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation The National Knowledge Network (NKN) is an initiative by the Government of India to extend information availability with the use of IT Educational Establishing connectivity for knowledge and Institutions information sharing Global Research Networks Labs (e.g. (e.g. CSIR) Facilitating an ultra high speed e-Governance GEANT5) backbone MPLS4 and NKN NKN will enable Facilitating distance education in specialized Broadband Stakeholder NIXI1 fields such as medicine, nanotechnology, etc. Clouds Ecosystem Enabling collaborative research in emerging areas Security National such as climate modeling Organization and State s (e.g. Cert- Data in3) Centers Acting as a test bed for research in the area of network EDUSAT2 and security and delivery models of various services Present Status and Future Outlook The National Knowledge Network (NKN) has been established to connect around 1,500 knowledge institutions across the country through high speed data communication networkSource: Government Websites; Zinnov Analysis`Note: : 1National Internet Exchange of India; 2Indian Educational Satellite; 3Indian Computer Emergency Response Team; 4Multiprotocol Label Switching; 5Pan-European 11Communications Infrastructure Network
  12. 12. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation IT is also playing a role in extending vocational training and skill development across India Skilling and Training Players Government Privately Controlled Held Managed by Industry Hybrid/ PPP Corporates NGO Government Association/ Industry Players Industrial Training CentersSource: 12Note:
  13. 13. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation Many enterprises are leveraging IT to provide training to their employees • Workers are trained on basics and best Classroom practices • Conducted by mid-level employees, highly Sessions experienced internal employees, experts from the industry, etc. • Focus on shop-floor training, machine usage, maintenance, quality and productivity Workshops management Modes of • Conducted by internal/ external stakeholders Training in Manufacturing Firms • Focus on training on a specific skill-set for a On-the-Job specified period of time • Mentored by an internal experienced Training employees • Slow paced training but most effective • High on effectiveness than classroom/ workshop training. Audio/ Visual • Prevalent in very few enterprises due to initial Training cost and content structuring • High acceptability for relevant contentSource: Primary Interviews, Zinnov Analysis 13Note:
  14. 14. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation The infrastructure for cities/ energy demands huge investments over the next decade Current Scenario Expected Requirement/ Shortage by 2020 • A housing shortage of 30 million dwelling units • Over 30% of Indian population living in urban areas • 200 million water connections required • India added ~2,800 towns in the last decade • Access to sewage for 350 million people • ~30% AT&C1 loss in power sector • Extra 160 GW of power generating capacity • 215 million people in India to migrate to cities by 2015 • The number of vehicles on roads expected to increase fivefold Key Government/ Private Sector Policy and Initiatives Urban Development Schemes Technology Partnerships Electricity Distribution Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal R-APDRP: Leveraging IT applications for IBM partnership with The Bureau of Mission: parameters under consideration energy accounting/auditing and IT-based include sanitation, sewerage and solid Energy Efficiency in India to create waste management, urban transport, etc. country’s first smart grid project consumer service centers in the power sector Smart Traffic Smart Homes State administration like Kerala and West Private sector players like Mantri Bengal government are implementing Developers and Lavasa Corporation are smart traffic management systems for tying up with technology companies for intelligent policing smart homesSource: Zinnov analysis, News articles, Industry reports, Company websites 14Note: 1Aggregate Technical & Commercial
  15. 15. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation Cisco’s smart connected community is driving a variety of urbanization initiatives in the country Cisco has rolled out its smart+ connected solutions for industry, communities, government, homes, etc. Smart + Connected Communities 6,000 people added • An effort to embed networking and internet since 2007 technologies into buildings and cities • 827 customer CXOs from around the world visiting the campus in Bangalore 16 VPs and SVPs with Global Roles • 35 projects around the world, all of it managed Multiple from India Global • The EMC office in Bangalore and the Vodafone 104 Directors with Initiatives office in Pune have adopted Cisco’s Global Responsibilities Smart+Connected Communities technologies from India • Cisco’s Bangalore campus - a Smart+Connected Community campus 722 Patents • Mahindra and Cisco have collaborated in India to build smarter, connected communities. The first project under this initiative intended to be the Mahindra Innovation ParkSource: News Articles; Cisco Website; Zinnov Analysis 15Note:
  16. 16. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation IBM has launched The Smarter City initiative in India IBM – The Smarter City • IBM is working with cities and governments on issues ranging from transport, water, health care and energy efficiency • Targeting municipalities and local administrative bodies in cities across the country • Company currently running pilot projects across cities in India • Plans to start operations in 40 Indian cities by 2013 IBM Smarter Cities Challenge As a part of the “Smarter” initiative, IBM has tied up • IBM had issued Smarter Cities Challenge grants to with Ingersoll Rand to provide Remote Energy and 33 cities in the 2012 round of the three-year, $50 Asset Management solutions in India which would million program to help improve conditions in drive greater energy efficiencies for organizations urban environments throughout the world • Pune and Ahmedabad are the two cities recipient of this challenge in 2012Source: News Articles; IBM Website; Zinnov Analysis 16Note:
  17. 17. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation A number of other case studies are also available to highlight the use case of IT in Indian housing/ power segment  IBM has collaborated with The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in India for energy efficiency India’s first smart grid Partnerships  The objective of the project is to create a cost benefit analysis for smart grid project activities as part of the National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE)  Siemens won an order from the State Electricity Distribution Company of Maharashtra for the installation of turnkey supervisory control and data acquisition technology for the power distribution networks in eight cities Help improve grid Smart Grid  Expected to improve the availability and transparency of the distribution efficiencies in India networks and cut the related power losses by as much as 15 percent  Contract volume includes entire project management along with development, manufacture, implementation and commissioning of supervisory control centers  Mantri Developers collaborated with Cisco to develop new ICT-enabled real Examples of smart home estate models ‘Mantri Connected Communities and Smart Homes Smart Cities  Similar collaboration between Lavasa, Wipro and Cisco to develop India’s first initiatives by the private sector sustainable, connected and intelligent citySource: Company Websites; News Articles; Zinnov Analysis 17Note:
  18. 18. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation In recent years, the government has been spending on e-governance to improve the citizen services in the country 8,000 7,578 Investment Outlay All figures in USD million 7,000 6,000 5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,331 1,200 1,149 1,024 1,000 1,000 787 556 156 - 1 NeGP 2 NKN Automation of 4 R-APDRP 5 NME-ICT Project Arrow 6 NPR 7 IAF CICP8 3 PDS e-maintenance (Indian Army) Program Many IT vendors have established closed relationships with the government to steer the NeGP initiative, for instance, IBSG, the strategic arm of Cisco, has been closely associated with the Department of Information Technology (DIT) to provide advice on accelerating the implementation of NeGPSource: : Ministry of Information and Communication Technology; News Articles; Zinnov AnalysisNote: : 1National e-Governance Plan; 2National Knowledge Network; 3Public Distribution System; 4Restructured-Accelarated Power Development and Reform Program; 5National 18Mission on Education through Infrastructure and Communication Technology; 6National Population Register; 7Indian Airforce; 8Computerized Inventory Control Project
  19. 19. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation The creation of Unique Identification(UID) will help extend services to the unreached strata of the Indian society UID Stakeholder Ecosystem Biometric Solution Providers Contact Centre System UIDAI will make use of biometric Biometric Systems Contract for setting up and operating systems to effectively de-duplicate contact centers for providing services identities in official languages has been 16 companies have been shortlisted Biometric Middleware awarded to Intelenet Global Services including HCL, Accenture, TCS, etc. Logistics Interface Admin Portal FD Analytics UID Central Application Contact Centre Knowledge Management Interface MindTree Ltd. has been chosen as HCL Infosystems has been hired for UID App Server the application software design, development, maintenance development, maintenance and and support of intranet and Enrolment Authentication support partner for the UID central knowledge management portal of application UIDAI e-Governance Cloud-Infrastructure Data Centre Web Portal Data Centre Infra Management Wipro has been hired for supply, TCS has been awarded the contract for the re-designing, development, installation and commissioning of maintenance and support of UIDAI data centers web portal Six telecom companies (Aircel, Bharti Airtel, BSNL, Reliance, Tata Contracts for various projects under UIDAI are awarded communications and through tenders Railtel) have been empanelled to provide Piped Data ServicesSource: UIDAI; RFPs; News Articles; Zinnov Analysis 19Note:
  20. 20. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation SDCs are being set up across all states and UTs acting as a secure IT infrastructure to host e-Gov. applications and enable seamless delivery of services The SDCs are being set up on a BOOT4 model with two specified phases Design, Supply, Installation and Operation and Maintenance Commissioning Phase1 Phase1 Current Status • Designing of the data centre • System, network and application • 16 operational SDCs • Supply and installation of all IT and maintenance • 2 SDCs in non-IT components • Backend services (mail, messaging, • Testing and security assurance etc.) implementation phase • Application hosting • Back up and restore services • Training • Bandwidth management services • Documentation • Infrastructure management Illustrative list of IT companies which have won SDC contracts SDC projects are awarded by the state governments • Maharashtra • Jammu and Kashmir • Mizoram • Kerala • West Bengal • Haryana • Gujarat • Nagaland • Andhra PradeshSource: Ministry of Information and Communication Technology; RFPs; CSC-India; News Articles; Zinnov Analysis 20Note: 1Illustrative list; not exhaustive
  21. 21. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation IT is also being leveraged to bring efficiency and transparency in the governance system Ministry of Home Affairs • Wipro has been selected by the MHA for developing the core software for a crime and criminal tracking network system To create a nation-wide IT- • Also to develop core application for digitization of criminal enabled criminal tracking CCTNS1, a project executed by Wipro records system • Once deployed, the project will cover 14,000 police stations, 6,000 higher offices, and other police departments Gujarat Government To enhance accountability • E-literacy and e-usage increased from 20% to 95% Integrated Workflow and • 10 tonnes of paper saved in 18 months and reduce paperwork and Documentation Management System • 1800 Acts/Rules and 1000 Government Orders are now movement across available in the knowledge repository for ready access/sharing hierarchies (DigiGov) developed by TCS • Overall improvement in efficiency Andhra Pradesh Government • A delivery model, bridging the digital divide, access to the government for all at all times with single sign on To offer citizen centric • Resulted in increased transparency and accountability of APOnline, an e-governance gateway services through a single government interactions and hence enhanced citizen developed by TCS window satisfaction • Scalable kiosks model under PPP for employment to citizens • Replicated successfully in Madhya Pradesh and BiharSource: Government Websites; News Articles; Zinnov Analysis 21Note: 1Crime And Criminal Tracking Network System
  22. 22. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation Illustrative list of government projects currently under implementation by key private players TCS Providing its technology to the External External Affairs Ministry for the Passport Seva Project to TCS is providing its technology to the Affairs Ministry for the Passport Seva Project to automate TCS issuance of passports of passports and cut delays, the Home Ministryand police reform projects. automate issuance and cut delays, as well as to it is implementing for managing SDCs and SWANs in many states WIPRO Working on a project for Employees State Insurance Corporation which will connect 1,200 WIPRO dispensaries, 400 hospitals and 100 offices. Affairs to implement the CCTNS state MMP across the Wipro is working with the Ministry of Home country and has won three SDC deals. It is an active player in setting up CSCs in rural areas INFOSYS lementingis implementing thethe DepartmenttheIndustrial PolicyIndustrial Policy and Promotion. This Infosys the eBiz Project of eBiz Project of of Department of and Promotion. Involves creating a INFOSYS platform tocreating a platform to give the access to community access tosimplified procedures. involves give the business community business fast information and fast information and simplified procedures ORACLE Partnering SBI and Sahaj on Financial Inclusion project to take banking services to NREGA ORACLE beneficiaries through 28,000 CSCs Sahaj on Financial Inclusion project to take banking services to Oracle is partnering with SBI and NREGA1 beneficiaries through 28,000 CSCs CISCO Collaborating with NIOS with NIOS2 toIT curriculum curriculum in six selected institutes and with the Cisco is collaborating to introduce introduce IT in six selected vocational vocational institutes and CISCO Railways for unreservedunreserved ticketing solutions. It is implementing SWAN and SDCs with many with the Railways for ticketing solution; Implementing SWAN and SDCs with many states states and is the key player in the R-APDRP schemeSource: e- Courts; National Crime Records Bureau; News Articles; Zinnov Analysis 22Note: 1National Rural Employment Guarantee Act; 2National Institute of Open Schooling
  23. 23. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation With the second largest base of SMBs worldwide, India is a land of MSMBs with significant economic contribution 8 Russia Of total GDP contribution 17% Mn Medium ~1.3 enterprises Mn 100-1000 14 Brazil employees Of all enterprises 98% Mn Small enterprises ~16.0 26 US Of the total workforce 40% 11-100 employees Mn Mn 47 India Of total manufacturing output 45% Mn Micro enterprises ~29.7 1-10 Employees in Home/ office Setting Mn 50+ China Of total exports from India 40% Mn IT Spend Contribution = 47% IT Spend Contribution = 25% IT Spend Large Enterprises IT Spend (Total 5,000 Units) Contribution = 15% MSMBs Contribution = 12% (Total 47 Mn Units) Government Consumers (Total 220 Mn HHs)Source: Zinnov Analysis 23Note:
  24. 24. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation Cloud based Cluster Area Network (CAN) established in the Tirupur is allowing SMBs to leverage IT at an affordable cost 4,000 micro and small manufacturing firms can make use of this initiative by TEA Benefits • Reduce the cost of owning • One time fee of INR solutions such as ERP Tirupur Export • No cost of maintenance at Association 10,000 followed by a monthly fee of INR the firm level Cloud 3,000-4,000 • Helps better track G-Tech Solution consignments and avoid Cloud based • Includes modules Special Purpose delayed shipments and Platform ERP such as order Vehicle associated cost of air monitoring and shipments • Facilitate Training inventory Tirupur is a textile • Helps firms compete • Spread Awareness management cluster with export effectively with competitors • Identify relevant oriented firms. The in Bangladesh and China implementation cluster losses appox. partner INR 10 billion due to delayed shipments and lack of effective HW Vendors SW Vendors order management Customize Service Providers Home- grown Implementation ERP solution on Azure platform Help spread Provide Training Maintenance awarenessSource: News Articles; Zinnov Analysis 24Note:
  25. 25. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation IT vendors are providing solutions to help SMBs grow faster in the country• Offering: India Get Your Business • Offering: Vertical Specific • Offering: Provides end-to-end • Offering: Broad functional ERP/ Online’ initiative – to help SMBs get communication solutions for SMBs business IT enablement in a CRM capabilities, delivered on- online with a free website, customized form to SMBs demand as a software-as-a service personalized domain and hosting • Key highlights: EMI for equipment (Infrastructure and POS solution) (SaaS) will be clubbed with monthly rental• Partner: HostGator, a web hosting of Airtel • Key highlights: India’s first • Key highlights: Powerful, provider, to also provide free multilingual POS printer designed integrated analytics to help SMBs support in creating, hosting and • MoU with a bank to provide exclusively for the needs of rural make better and more informed managing the website for a period financial assistance to SMBs to buy retailers decisions at lowered price ($89 per of one year without any cost the solution user per month) through its toll free call center • Built-in unicode support for Indian • Consultancy services to understand languages including English, Hindi, • Customer focus: SMBs that need to• Partner: Federation of Indian Micro the needs of the customers and Marathi and others replace point solutions, manual and Small & Medium Enterprises also provide a maintenance processes and spreadsheets (FISME), will work with Google contract • Capacity to work for 4-5 hours India to help SMBs get online during power failures, has small • Focus verticals: Professional through direct customer outreach • Focus verticals: Agricultural footprint and absolutely no services, Wholesale distribution, and events implements, Diesel engine, Motor chances of crashing the hard disc manufacturing and pump manufacturers, Power• Customer Focus: To get 500,000 looms, Textile hosieries • Focus verticals: Rural retailers SMBs online in next three years looking for a multilingual printing through this program solution for receipts, barcodes, labels and ticketsSource: News Articles; Company Websites; Zinnov Analysis 25Note:
  26. 26. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation Millions of people in rural areas of India can benefit from the IT-backed financial inclusion initiatives Thousands of people have already benefitted from the Financial Inclusion initiatives of the government 1 Number of No-Frill Number of rural Number of Kisan Number of GCC accounts - bank branches - Number of POS - Credit Cards - issued by PSBs - 41.5 million 31,727 522,148 76 million 152,842 Going forward, information technology can help further extend the benefits of Financial Inclusion • Use of technologies such as mobile Key government initiatives are benefitting phones (by Union Bank), VSATs (by from IT Bank of India) and biometric mobile • Payments of MNREGA done online ATMs (by Canara Bank) might help • UID will further empower people with banks reach out to customers in electronic identities rural areas IT Enabled FI • Equipped with laptops, data cards • IT can help improve financial literacy and biometric devices, initiatives among people, both urban and rural, such as “Bank on Bikes” by the State with initiatives such as Project Bank of India can provide banking Financial Literacy by RBI facilities to the unbankedSource: DNB; Reserve Bank of India; Zinnov Analysis 26Note: 12009 data
  27. 27. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation IT based startups are increasing the reach of financial inclusion to the unbanked in India Mega Opportunity Solution • Mobile Enabled Rural Customer • Current banking penetration in India is 35%; 75+ banks with 80,000 branches and 400 million accounts – huge potential base to tap into • Local mom and pop store is the customer service point/ banker Customer Insight • USSD driven mobile banking platform • Mobile Short Code replaces bank • One in every second India has mobile device account but most do not have a bank account • Most times family members in cities would • Transactions driven via USSD- like to transfer funds to their relatives in rural *3454*9902099374*500* areas who have no accounts • My Account Number* Recipient Mobile Number * Amount to be paidSource: Eko Website; News Articles; Zinnov Analysis 27Note:
  28. 28. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation The Fasal initiative by Intuit is helping Indian farmers with updated price information and agriculture education FASAL: A free SMS based platform offering real time price information to Indian farmers about their crops Intuit Fasal Advantage: Reach:  To bridge the information gap between the farmers and market conditions to get the right price for their crop  More than 470,000 farmers in Gujarat  To enhance price transparency and availability of right  More than 250,000 farmers in Andhra Pradesh information  ~8,000 farmers signing up with Fasal every week  To help organizations to connect well with farmers to provide services and advisorySource:; News Articles; Zinnov Analysis 28Note:
  29. 29. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation Indian aviation is rapidly growing and needs strong IT infrastructure as its backbone… Passenger Handling Capacity of Indian Airports Key Highlights of Indian Aviation Sector (million) Current Status  9th largest civil aviation market in the world  Current worth of Indian aviation industry - $12 billion  Total investments by private sector (last 5 years) ~ $6 billion 143  By 2011, five Indian carriers operating on International routes 72  Key recent activities through PPP model: • greenfield airports in Hyderabad and Bangalore • modernization of Delhi and Mumbai airports FY06 FY11 Future Prospects Key Policy Initiatives by the Government  According to estimates, Indian aviation industry would require investments of $13 billion in next 5 year plan, out of which $10 billion will come from private sector • New Airports: the Ministry of Civil Aviation has approved 15 greenfield airports in India Key Challenges: • FDI in Aviation: Still under consideration, plans to introduce 24% – 49% FDI in the sector  Spiraling jet fuel prices – airline industry in India suffers from huge debts • Air Cargo Policy: Currently planning an Air Cargo Policy to encourage cargo operators in the country  Lack of availability of foreign capital as FDI is prohibited • Pricing and Taxing Issues: Initiating discussions on improving  Stiff interest regime the pricing and taxing regulation scene in India  Intense competition  Lack of trained manpowerSource: Ministry of Civil Aviation, New articles, Zinnov analysis 29Note:
  30. 30. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation …as a result the airport infrastructure segment is providing a lot of opportunities for the IT companies in India  Few years back, Siemens won a major order (in consortium with L&T and Unique Zurich Airport) to build the international airport in Bangalore  The Delhi Duty Free Services Pvt. Ltd.1 selected Cisco as a technology solution provider for its anchor duty- free stores at the IGI airport at Delhi  The solution provided by Cisco to offer integration and inter-operability of Cisco LAN, Unified Communications, Wireless, Cisco Video Surveillance and Cisco Physical Access Management with the network as the platform  IBM provided GMR Hyderabad International Airport (GHIAL) with end-to-end support including hardware, software and services for its integrated decision making system  IBM also provided support to capture and integrate historical data into a data warehouse which would act as a single source of information to GHIAL’s management and operation teams  The Delhi Cargo Services Center selected Siemens to set up a cargo handling equipment for the integrated cargo complex at the Delhi International Airport (for ~$35 million)  Besides automation of the center, the deal also includes IT solutions to support the system The govt. usually forms a JV between its agencies and private sector to manage Route airports, e.g., DIAL – a JV between GMR Group, Airports Authority of India, Fraport and Malaysian AirportsSource: News Articles; Company Websites; Zinnov Analysis 30Note:
  31. 31. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation Similarly, the Indian Railways and the Metro Rail Network are also opening up large opportunities of growth Indian Railways Future Prospects • 4th largest railway network in the world • 4th largest employer in the world (over 1.4 million • Government focus during next five years on five areas: tracks, employees) bridges, signaling, rolling stock and stations • Total revenue of Indian Railways is ~$22 billion Metro Rail • Modernization of 19,000 km of railway tracks • Currently operating in Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore • Construction underway in Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai and • Plans to invest $147 billion during the five-year plan period Hyderabad running from 2012 to 2017 • Private players entering into metro projects of Gurgaon and Hyderabad Key Government Policy Initiatives • Expansion of metro transit system to Indian cities like Jaipur, Bhopal, etc.; proposal to set up metro service Metro Rail Expansion in all Indian cities with population over 2 million Railway Infrastructure • Rolling out projects for capacity expansion, electrification of tracks, upgradation of railways, empowering trains Expansion with GIS, etc. • Initiating steps to improve railway ticketing portal and make available the tickets from alternate sources Narrowing the Digital Divide such as post offices, etc. Manufacturing Units • Rolling out projects to construct manufacturing plants across India External Source Funding • The government is sourcing funds for its projects from external agencies such as World Bank and JICASource: IBEF, Ministry of Railways, Zinnov Analysis 31Note:
  32. 32. Healthcare Education Skill Development Smart Cities/ Energy Citizen Services SMBs Financial Inclusion Transportation Key IT investments are being made in the railways sector • Siemens is providing complete rail solutions from electrification and signaling to SI to Rapid Metro Rail Gurgaon Ltd.; the deal also includes provisioning of metro coaches Metro Rail • Earlier Siemens equipped Delhi Metro with signaling equipment and railway communications systems Crew Management – Indian • IBM has helped Indian Railways to implement a biometrics-enabled crew management Railways system (CMS) to automate the day-to-day management of staffing on board its train Ticketing System – Indian • CISCO is providing solutions to the Indian Railways for their unreserved ticketing system Railways (UTS) Railways Manufacturing • Players like Siemens, due to their diversified focus, are winning contracts for end-to-end manufacturing plant creation across various parts of India. The IT establishment is Plants Contracts generally included as a part of these projects Many railway projects are rolled out by the Central for Railway Players like Cisco are forming partnerships with fellow IT vendors (e.g. Information Systems (CRIS) HCL) to indirectly compete for government projects in the railway sectorSource: News Articles; Company Websites; Zinnov Analysis 32Note:
  33. 33. Zinnov Management Consulting 69 "Prathiba Complex", 4th A Cross, Koramangala Ind. Layout 5th Block, Koramangala Thank You Bangalore – 560095 Phone: +91-80-41127925/6 11, First Floor, Paras Downtown Center, Golf Course Road, Sector 53, Gurgaon – 122002 Phone: +91-124- 4028888 3701 Patrick Henry Dr. Building 7 Santa Clara CA – 95054 Phone: +1-408-716-8432 21, Waterway Ave, Suite 300 The Woodlands TX – 77380 Phone: +1-281-362-2773 @zinnovThis report is solely for the use of Zinnov client and Zinnov personnel. No part of it may be circulated, quoted, or reproduced for distribution outside the client 3organization without prior written approval from Zinnov 3
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