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Ponencia de Lucas Walker: Herramienta de Monitorización
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Ponencia de Lucas Walker: Herramienta de Monitorización


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 2. What Gets Measured Gets Done A look at Social Media and Web analytic tools Lucas Walker ORGANIZA
  • 3. Contents• The importance of measuring• Back to basics• Subscribers• Shares• Content views
  • 4. Importance of Measuring Según su origen… ORGANIZA
  • 5. Benchmarking• Sets the standard of where you are• Basis of goals• Typical stats: o Likes/follows o Media views o Subscribers
  • 6. Types of measurement• Subscribers o Have made an effort to receive your content • Followed, liked, subscribed• Shares o Sharing content with their network • Fowarding an email, retweeting, sharing• Content Views o Number of views you have • Website, picture, video, blog post
  • 7. Back to Basics Según su origen… ORGANIZA
  • 8. Stats 101• Get comfortable with Excel• Statistics o Watch some videos from the Khan Academy o Sampling o Standard deviation o Linear regression
  • 9. Subscribers• Facebook page likes• Twitter, Google+ followers• RSS subscribers• Mailing lists
  • 10. Twitter• Purchase a small ad buy• Access to Twitter’s dashboard• Key insights o Follow / unfollow tracking o Clicks o Retweets o Replies
  • 11. Facebook• Track likes and hidden from timeline• Reactions to posts• Demographics o Age, gender• Referrals o How people came to your page• Views vs. unique visitors
  • 12. RSS and Email Lists• Feedburner o Keep track of subscribers o Easy to use• MailChimp o Newsletter creation and management o Stylish, fun UI o Easy management
  • 13. Social Sharing Según su origen… ORGANIZA
  • 14. Tracking the social web• Facebook o Talking about this• Twitter o Basic search, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite• Premium tools o Allow you to see all social media in one place o Keep track over time o Advanced analytics
  • 15. Facebook and Twitter• Facebook o “Talking about this” o Walled garden, mostly private• Twitter o Simple searching o Setting up columns in Tweetdeck/Hootsuite
  • 16. Facebook Insights
  • 17. Twitter Insights
  • 18. Tweetdeck
  • 19. Sysomos• MAP o Ad-hoc research o Unlimited searches, unlimited results o Full analytic suite• Heartbeat o Ongoing monitoring o Workflow and micro CRM o Full analytic suite
  • 20. EPC 2012 Analysis• Content will be added in closer to the conference• Influencers• Wordcloud• Demographics
  • 21. Content Views Según su origen… ORGANIZA
  • 22. What viewing trends are there?• Going viral• Viewing your internal content o Website, corporate blog, forums• Video views• Image views• Google Analytics
  • 23. Video Dashboards• YouTube o Track comments, views, lots of traffic o Lots of amateur content• Vimeo o More professional setting o Full analytic suite o Less traffic
  • 24. Photo Sharing• Facebook o High traffic and engagement• Flickr o Losing market share, still huge• Twitter Pictures o Twitter pics, Twitpic• Instagram o Create a following, share photos
  • 25. Google Analytics• Leader in website analytics• Provides you with key information o Demographics o Referrals o Time spent on your page o Bounce rate
  • 26. Google Analytics• Screenshots of Google Analytics
  • 27. Questions?Contact @walkerlucas Thank You!