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Powerpoint presentation highlighting my Program Management experience.

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Ziegler Experience Portfolio

  1. 1. William R. A. Ziegler, PMP Experience Portfolio wraz@verizon.net
  2. 2. EXPERIENCE SUMMARY ZIEGLER TECHNOLOGIES, LLC 2008-Present Founder and President of entrepreneurial consulting business catering to optical instrumentation in aerospace, optical communications, sensing and control, optical instrumentation in microbiology, defense and private industry. Focus is on program management, risk assessment, business development, strategic alliances, bid/proposal services and opto-mechanical design engineering services. OPTELECOM-NKF, INC. 2001 to 2008 Program Manager hired to revitalize the government contract services department of the Electro-Optics Group through innovative business tactics and strategies. Contributions include creation of a 7 company Fly-by-Light (FBL) Consortium to pursue major BAA contracts, authoring of a marketing business plan for product development investment and management of the annual DCAA Rates Review audit. Solely responsible for profit and loss of contracts and task orders. Assisted in ISO9000:2001 audits. PINN COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION 1994 to 2000 Director of Engineering hired to manage novel communications development effort including contracts and internal projects. Responsible for P&L, personnel, customer satisfaction and reports for full project/contract lifecycle. OPTEX CORPORATION 1988 TO 1996 Project Manager and startup engineer responsible for organizing the optical memory product development effort and obtaining $8M startup capital. Wrote and maintained all hardware specifications and documentation. Specified personnel requirements and hired initial management and technical team.
  3. 3. CAPABILITIES  Program/Project Management  PMI Certified  Concept through closure  DOD, DOE, NASA, Commercial Projects  Familiar with SBIR, CPFF, IDIQ, FFP  Familiar with ISO 9000-2001 Standards  Business Development  Proposal authoring  Excellent presentation and oral skills  Large contacts database  Opto-Mechanical Engineering  Free space and waveguide based systems  4 issued patents  AutoCAD expert
  4. 4. Software Experience  MS Office Software  Graphics Software  MS Project  Adobe Photoshop  MS Word  Corel Ulead Video Studio  MS Excel  Roxio Easy Creator  MS PowerPoint  Pinnacle Studio  MS Visio  Publishing Software  MS Outlook  Adobe Acrobat  Accounting Software  Quark Express  Intuit QuickBooks  MS Publisher  Engineering Software  Web Software  AutoCAD  Macromedia Dreamweaver  SolidWorks  Macromedia Generator  Adobe Premier
  5. 5. MANAGED PROGRAMS Fly-by-Light  AVE3I - AFRL Air Vehicle Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Immunity IDIQ contract with GE and Parker Aerospace (ITAR restricted). 2006 – 2007  VITS/EOC - Vehicle Integrated Test System Electro-Optics Control Interface fixed price development program with Boeing Phantom Works. 2004 – 2005  CMUS - Control of Multi-Mission UAV Systems fiber optic cable plant development effort for the X-45A and X-45C UCAV platforms. CPFF contract with Boeing Phantom Works and AFRL. 2002 – 2006  SBIR Phase II Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) development program for EMI immune fiber optic controls on aerospace UAV pressure IVHM Network corrosion systems. 2001 – 2003 strain ECS VMSC Motor Control  AVMT - Advanced Vehicle Management Technology program with temperature Interfaces actuators Boeing Phantom Works developing EMI immune flight control IMU systems for the X-45A. 2000 – 2003 Sensor Network fuel doors temperature cockpit pressure
  6. 6. MANAGED PROGRAMS Fiber Optic Applications  Smiths Aerospace fiber optic cabling contract for 787 fiber communications test bed. 2007  IXSEA - Managed international engineering development effort for a precision fiber optic gyro coil winding machine for French undersea exploration technology company. 2002 – 2004  NATO - Managed full lifecycle development of Mil-Spec four channel, fiber optic, E-1, secure communications link from concept through delivery (pilot line production) for German Patriot Missile Program. 1997
  7. 7. MANAGED PROGRAMS IR&D product development efforts. 2001 - 2007  Co-developed fiber optic switch technology (patent applied for). 2007  Designed Refueler Optical Alignment Guidance System (ROAGS) for UAV aerial refueler program. 2007  Designed photovoltaic powered remote fiber optic sensor array with RF communications node for SBI-NET application. 2005  Designed and built EMI immune passive fiber optic, absolute position sensing encoder for UAV actuation control system (patent applied for). 2004  Managed development of digital set-top box for interactive TV viewing. 1996
  8. 8. MANAGED PROGRAMS Other Programs  RAID5 - Online data warehousing server and eCommerce site. Implemented onsite and offsite servers for data integrity and zero downtime.  MBT – Co-developed Managed Bandwidth Technology for eCommerce e-Distribution solutions.  Class 10 Cleanroom – Managed full lifecycle design, proposal, contract award, build, and operations of the OPTEX Class 10 optical disk media fabrication cleanroom.  Microlab Diagnostics - Program Manager and principal opto-mechanical design engineer for the forensic DNA analyzer-on- a-chip program. Built prototype all inclusive DNA separation, amplification and analysis system with swab-to-output through time of less than 30 minutes.
  9. 9. PUBLICATIONS  High Temperature Optically Gated Switch White Paper – 2006  Fly-by-Light White Paper – 2004  Cleanroom operations and maintenance – 1993  GSFC Contamination Control Plan Boilerplate – 1986  Space Telescope Axial Replacement Contamination Control Plan – 1986  Optical disk overcoat applications operations and training manual – 1984  Optical disk defect analysis training for manufacturing personnel – 1983  Optical fabrication alignment techniques for manufacturing personnel – 1983
  10. 10. PATENTS  “Hermetically Sealed Disk Cartridge with Adjustable Optical Window” ,U.S. Patent # 4,542,495 Sept. 17,1985  “Three Laser Disk Drive for ETOM Media” , U.S. Patent # 5,113,387 May 12, 1992  “Optical Disk Structures for Electron Trapping Optical Memory Media” ,U.S. Patent # 5,128,849 July 7,1992  “Light Tight Cartridge Design for ETOM Media” U.S. Patent # 5,319,630 June 7,1994  “Fiber Optic Remote Reading Encoder” U.S. Patent Application #10/959,041 CIP  “Reconfigurable Optical Switch” U.S. Patent Application
  11. 11. MEMBERSHIPS & AWARDS PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS  Member of X3B11 Optical Data Storage Standards Committee 1989-1993  Optical Society of America  Member of Project Management Institute (PMI) AWARDS  Pride@Boeing Award