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Zifeng Wang's World


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my story

my story

Published in: Career, Education, Business
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  • 1.
  • 2. My motto is: “Man is the artificer of his own happiness!” Smile every day, because happiness is the most important!
  • 3. “Life is an attitude…” by Chairman Mao
  • 4. I grow up in Beijing, and I miss my hometown so much in every day, every hour, every moment.
  • 5. I have been to Toronto for 5 years since I graduated from my high school. Definitely, this is my most important experience in my life! This great experience changes me a lot. Living alone in Toronto means that everyday is a new day, and life means challenging you have to overcome and go through the darkness to reach the light.
  • 6. HIG HLIG HTS O F Q U ALIFICATIO N S  Three years of experience in media promotion  Knowledge of Business Management and Marketing  Sound leadership skills  Strong communication abilities  Required computer skills  Directed a best modern drama in high school, and received “Best Director” in the competition
  • 7. WO RK EXPERIEN CE In 2009, I worked in China Central Television (Music Channel) as an office assistant.  Arranged time for director to meet and negotiate with singers  Wrote weekly report about the show we made per week and published the report on the official websites, and collected feedbacks from audiences or e-friends  Trained 4 employees on the new program, called<Pepsi Music Charts>  Recorded preparations and organized meeting for management
  • 8.
  • 9. WOR K EX PER IEN C E In 2010-Prent, I worked in China Central Television as assistant director.  Invited 3 singers per week to perform  Contacted with singers and negotiated with them  Assisted with director to prepare the rehearsal for 8 hours for almost 2 days a week  Provided the show, which increase the audience rating to 2.9%  Received “Employee of the Month” award for three months
  • 10. • Beijing Foreign Language School • Beijing Concord College of Sino-Canada • York University • Centennial College
  • 11. Short term goals: - Graduate from Centennial College in August Long term goals: - Plan to study in the Peking University for MBA in next 5 years - To learn more media theories, business management and marketing to Improve myself by taking some courses Dreams: To be a successful man between Media and Business.
  • 12. Contacts: Email: Hotmail: Web: Twitter: @BJ_Vanillamocha Sina Weibo: @VanillaMocha Instagram: BJ_Vanmocha