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management development programs

  1. 1. Zice teamACT! - Management Development Programs (MDP’s) Introduction: Specific Management Development Program (MDP’s) organized by Zice teamACT! Enable participants to see the organization as more than the sum of its parts. And to learn how to use this broader vision to formulate effective management decisions. Shaped by business trends and technology innovations, the program's cutting-edge approach to leadership offered participants an unparalleled opportunity to: • Focus on key business functions to understand how the various areas interrelate and impact their roles • Gain knowledge and insight into state-of-the-art management techniques and technologies • Learn to recognize vast, new opportunities in the global marketplace—then capitalize on them ahead of the competition The objective of our Management Development Programs is to help organizations realize the power and potential of their employees and to prepare them for the business ahead through experiential learning and unique framework of Self Directive Modeling to strive for Effectiveness & Efficiency. Our use and practice of 'action learning' - utilizing concrete experiences as a learning tool - helps participants gain immediate and powerful insights into their work behavior. | Teambuilding and Leadership Initiatives | D9 Gulmohar Park | New Delhi
  2. 2. The importance of teamwork, communication, planning, and delegation get highlighted automatically during this process. The consequences of every wrong action are immediately faced by the participants and similarly the fruits of right actions are also immediately savored by them. Trained facilitators help them relate the fantastic and FunFilled experiences to their real work place experiences. The programs ensure to bring about the required transition from Managerial Perspective to Leadership Development which enables every participant to: Lead your organization in development through on-going transformation. Lead your people by gaining their commitment vs. compliance. Coach those you manage by using their own self evaluation as the cornerstone for their continuous development. Recognize another’s behavioral style and adapt to develop your leadership effectiveness. Manage sales teams for greater focus and results. Understand the difference between planning and implementing and the unique leadership skills required to put plans into action. Effectively manage others through the human side of organizational development | Teambuilding and Leadership Initiatives | D9 Gulmohar Park | New Delhi
  3. 3. Approach & Methodology: The design of each exercises, activities and games is developed keeping in mind specific learning objectives. ‘Learning’ by participants is ensured through the post-exercise ‘review’ or ‘evaluation’ of the ‘process’ and ‘behavior’ demonstrated by the participants while going through the exercise. Each of the exercise is meant to provide the participants with a certain amount of self - discovery and self-understanding and introspection with its attendant outcome of self-development. There is also of course the joy and thrill of participating in such outdoor activities which will refresh and rejuvenate the participants, both physically and mentally. In addition, the activities present a challenging environment, which stretches the “normally assumed “capabilities of the participants and helps them break out of their self-imposed ‘limitations’. All these effects become evident by the physical and mental ‘high’, which the participants exhibit in their work place after they return from the Outbound Training Program. Marching towards the journey of providing unique Management Development Programs (MDP’s), Zice teamACT! Has been chosen as the Hi Impact Outbound Training Partner for Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (IIML) & Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon, one more initiative towards transforming individuals into diversity of effectiveness and excellence. | Teambuilding and Leadership Initiatives | D9 Gulmohar Park | New Delhi
  4. 4. About teamACT Training teamACT™ the outbound training company, aims to provide tangible and sustainable positive changes in the work culture and leadership of organizations. Since the company’s foundation in 2003, teamACT™ has become India’s Premier Outbound Training House in the Research, Development and Execution of outbound training programs and modules. teamACT is supported by Zice Holidays, an established travel services firm. . Every module challenges participants to think and manage more effectively in a changing business world. Participant Organizations have gained immensely from our outbound modules. The success is a combination of many things including our commitment to independent and ongoing research, high delivery standards, reputed panel of trainers and our relentless pursuit of excellence. We're getting better every day. We think about and work towards increasing the participating ORGANIZATION’S PROFITABILTY. Few Clients Associated with US! Adobe Apollo International Barista Oracle Deccan Chronicles Cisco SAP Mondial Assistance IBM GFOL E Value Serve HCL ICICI Arvind Brands Kelly Services | Teambuilding and Leadership Initiatives | D9 Gulmohar Park | New Delhi