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  • 1. QUALITY
  • 2. Definition of Quality; "Quality itself has been defined as fundamentally relational:  'Quality is the ongoing process of building and sustaining relationships by assessing, anticipating, and fulfilling stated and implied needs.' "Even those quality definitions which are not expressly relational have an implicit relational character.  Why do we try to do the right thing right, on time, every time?  To build and sustain relationships.  Why do we seek zero defects and conformance to requirements (or their modern counterpart, six sigma)?  To build and sustain relationships.  Why do we seek to structure features or characteristics of a product or service that bear on their ability to satisfy stated and implied needs?  To build and sustain relationships.  The focus of continuous improvement is, likewise, the building and sustaining of relationships.  It would be difficult to find a realistic definition of quality that did not have, implicit within the definition, a fundamental express or implied focus of building and sustaining relationships."
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  • 4. The above slide shows that there is a great relationship between Planning and execution so as to attain desired goals. The Mantra behind this is: Good Planning + Good Execution +Improvement (directly proportional to) Quality
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  • 6. Quality can be attained by the thumb rule that says, Under Commit, Over Deliver Quality is a very vast term:
  • 7.
    • Types of Quality:
    • Quality of Communication
    • Quality of Services
    • Quality of Products
    • Quality of Executions
    • Quality of thinking process
    • Quality of Teamwork
    • Quality of Equipments
    • Quality of Time
    • Quality of Work
    • If the above parameters are said to have attained, ‘ Quality becomes your Forte ’
  • 8. Lets take a simple example: There is an old saying:- ‘ Mistakes increases your experience & Experience decreases your mistakes. A better way to put this diagrammatically:
  • 9. An easier approach to attaining Quality, within a team is:
  • 10. Plan Your Experience OFFBEAT . ADVENTURE . LEARNING