Internship Program at Zice Holidays - A Premier Destination Management Company


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Zice Holidays a premier Destination management company, presents a unique opportunity to get an Internship with Zice!

To call for an internship:

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Internship Program at Zice Holidays - A Premier Destination Management Company

  1. 1. Internship Program - Your future starts here ! ☺ Work at Zice Holidays! is extremely rewarding, quot;because each person has a chance to help shape the company and what it creates.quot; says Darpan, Product Development team. Shaping such a dynamic company at its start up stage has its challenges. According to Kishore, Operations Team, quot;Zice Holidays is an incredibly challenging place to work and the level of creativity is intoxicating, I've never worked anywhere else that had such a passionate drive from its employees. Zice Holidays Internships are full–time positions. Start and end dates are flexible with regard to academic schedules, but you'll be expected to commit to at least three months of full–work. We want to make sure we provide you a valuable learning experience and a deeper understanding of Zice Holidays work environment, culture, and delicious food. Mentoring and Training All interns receive ongoing mentorship and training throughout their time at Zice Holidays. You will be assigned an intern “host” who will inspire you, oversee your work, help you identify project goals, and help you develop as a professional. You will also attend various trainings specific to your group which will teach you all things at Zice Holidays. Talks and Company Meetings Working with your host and other members of your group will enable you to learn about the specific work done by your team, but the learning does not stop there. All interns can attend weekly offsite conducted by Zice Holidays for various Corporate, leaning about different products and services across the company. All interns are also given the opportunity to attend monthly company meetings. You get the latest news from the leaders of the company, and if you have a question, there's always time for Q&A. Salary and Relocation Assistance We offer all interns a competitive salary and relocation assistance. We want to make sure your move to Zice Holidays is a pleasant experience, so we'll give you recommendations on the best places to stay during your internship, and also give you an overview of the surrounding areas.