Utilization Of Green Products


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Utilization Of Green Products

  1. 1. Utilization of Green Products Making Your Organization Greener By:The Gateway
  2. 2. Is Green something new ? Is it something commercial ? Is it an ideal ? Where does this “ Green “ thinking derive from?
  3. 3. Go Green with Action .
  4. 4. Green Environment
  5. 5. Get LED lamps for FREE and instantly save up to 90% Save electricity, substantial money, CO2 and our planet  Pay the service fee out of your huge monthly saving! Create the social responsibility with RentAlite technologiesThe insurance of always light in your building. No frequent costly replacements. Always in the front seat with new saving Technologies.
  6. 6. GO GREEN - INSTANT SAVINGS - NO INVESTMENT Robust aluminium fixture and high power lamp in one. 50% more light than the conventional tube, dimmable in 4 steps. Top components, TUV/KEMA tested, 6 years full warranty. Optimal light design and awareness for you visitors.(2500 lumen) Start immediately, instant savings, no investment, extra cash profits. Easy to install, easy to service, no costly interim services. Theft and vandalism proof, water resistant IP65 alu fixture and lens. Fits in any parking garage, metro, trainstation, etc. We use the same components as Philips lighting, CREE leds. Heavilly tested and approved, our LED technology is mature
  7. 7. Light in weight, approximately 8 kg/m² (can be used on many roofs without any necessary adjustments) Can be made to a weight of 35 kg/m². Removable and reusable. Noise absorbing (Particularly at steel constructions). Completely recyclable (possibilities C2C are currently being studied). User-friendly Easy installation Expands the life of the underlying roof. In case of bitumen the life is even expanded 2 to 4 times! (depending on the type of bitumen) Prevents odor of bitumen Cable entry possible below the panels Normal foot traffic is possible Anti-slip Prevents virtually all growth Low maintenance Burglary resistant
  8. 9. GEO A 3 rd Generation polymer used in the construction industry. The product is an alternative to the presently widely used Bentonite, In short what is the purpose of the product? What are the advantages compared to other products? Why is the product :green? The G3® system is environmentally safe and friendly. The G3® system was designed having the environment as a major concern; after treated, the slurry can be disposed of to sewer systems, water streams etc.
  9. 10. Utilization of Green Products www.asiavisory.com/ib/projects.html
  10. 11. Q&A www.asiavisory.com/ib/projects.html
  11. 12. Thank You