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Education Tech market & trends

  1. 1. 谁来啃教育这块硬骨头? EdTech Salon Moderators: Yuan Zhao, Ivy Guo, Jay Wu
  2. 2. Introduction:Education Market Edu is one of the last territory for innovation to penetrate Current big players: Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Kaplan, Kumon 新东方,学而思,百度教育,沪江网校
  3. 3. Sub-Verticals of EdTech Industry CONTENT/CU RRICULUM CLASSROOM NEEDS TUTORING CAUSAL LEARNING/ GAMIFICATI ON CORPORATE LEARNING MOOC Class Dojo InstaEDU MindSnacks SuccessFactor sLearning Udemy LearnBoost Tutorspree TreeHouse Udemy for Organization Skillshare Piazza Chegg Code Academy Bloomfire Noodle EDU Lore TutorVista Jive Software
  4. 4. Dissecting Edu Market Sub-vertical Key products Pain Points Value Proposition Funding Biz Model Competitive adv and weakness Applicability in Chinese context
  5. 5. Sub-Vertical: Content and Curriculum MOOC (Coursera, Udacity…) Udemy/SkillShare Pain Point Lack of access to high-quality content from prestigious institutes/individuals lack of platform and marketplace for user-created video-based instruction; under-utilized asset and capacity Value Prop Free, high-quality instructional content platform and marketplace that enable anyone to teach and learn Funding 16M, 6M, 63M 1M, 3M, 12M Biz Model Accreditation, university partnership, content licensing, job placement A la carte course fee; corporate training licensing fee Competitive Adv/Weak Free content; star instructors; low engagement and completion rate ; questionable effectiveness in learning Powerful platform for content authoring and delivery; active marketplace; low- cost for instructor (one time labor); prepackaged, not personal CN Market Applicability High if partnered with accrediting institutes High if it’s of high-quality content and easy user experience
  6. 6. Sub-Vertical: Classroom Needs Class Dojo Piazza Pain Point Guess what's the most challenging part of teaching an elementary class in the US? students/teachers of higher ed classes don't have a central platform to communicate Value Prop classroom behavior management app through digital stickers, badges online course-based discussion forum Funding 1.6M 1.5M, 6M Biz Model free for now; bottom-up adoption strategy free for now, probably bottom- up adoption, embedded online learning Competitive Adv/Weak free, fast adoption rate (3.5 m teachers in 35 countries in 10 months!) sticky (2-3 hrs/day on average); fast adoption, high engagement; no revenue CN Market Applicability low medium high
  7. 7. Sub-Vertical: Tutoring InstaEDU Chegg Pain Point Private tutoring/learning is geographically limited; access for star private instructors is limited with your area; high cost of private tutoring Lack of access to affordable ad-hoc homework help on-demand Value Prop On-demand 24/7 online tutoring and private lessons through video chat and online collaboration tools; access to instructors world-wide; scheduling, payment and delivery platform On-demand 24/7 homework help (posted online); no video etc. Funding 1M, 4M 2M, 4M, 25M (195M so far) Biz Model Hourly rate ($24, $20 goes to tutors) Monthly fee of $14.99 Competitive Adv/Weak One-to-one private lesson at affordable rate; great platform Textbook rental helps it get foot into the door of auxiliary services; competitive pricing; homework help is ad hoc and pragmatic; no private or personal interaction CN Market Applicability High if tutor screening and good UX is provided Medium-high for middle-high schools, low for higher-ed
  8. 8. Sub-Vertical: Casual Learning/Gamification Mindsnacks Code Academy/TreeHouse Pain Point lack of short, quick, educational content needed a breakthrough in using internet for teaching programming; Value Prop Engaging short language learning games on mobile web-based, game-based, video-based learning platform Funding 1.2M, 6.5M 2.5M, 10M Biz Model app fee, ad placement free (codeacademy), monthly fee $25 treehouse), job placement, corporate content licensing Competitive Adv/Weak great execution, great founders, lightweight and not preachy, easy to use on the go, brainteaser fast adoption, high engagement rate CN Market Applicability medium high if it’s of good UX and high-quality content
  9. 9. Sub-Vertical: Corporate Learning Bloomfire Udemy for Organization Pain Point Content/knowledge are usually separate from social networking. Lack/high cost of content Value Prop End-to-End solution that unites content management, file sharing, collaboration, learning management, and social business software. platform and marketplace that enable anyone to teach and learn Funding 10M, 8M, 2M 1M, 3M, 12M Biz Model $200 /month/ 25 users, $300 /month 50 users, ... $99 / month / 50 users $349 /month / 250 users Competitive Adv/Weak - Pro: Tackles the sales learning problem - Con: Self-produced content - Pro: large content lib - Con: just the learning, no CMS or social CN Market Applicability
  10. 10. Edu with Chinese Characteristics 中国式教育产品: 盘子大,平台化, 垂直少 切入点 代表产品 学历教育 开课吧 名师效应 华图,沪江网校 应试教育 猿题库 统一教学大纲 学而思 作业为重心 一起作业吧
  11. 11. 开课吧 | 猿题库 | 学而思 | 一起作业
  12. 12. 开课吧 Coursera + Lynda Content: IT education Partnership: Higher ed, companies, experts Curriculum: Cloud-based, customized, +++ video quality Edu mode: Flipped classroom, online + offline (learning center for assessment) Accreditation: Credits, certificate
  13. 13. 猿题库 Content: 行测,申论,司法 Partnership: 传统行业公司 Curriculum: 一堆题库 Edu mode: Big data, personalized Accreditation: 人人都喜欢做题 Future: K-12, GRE, etc.
  14. 14. 学而思 Content: K-12 Partnership: 名师们 Curriculum: Video-based 教学大纲 Edu mode: Online (二三线城市)
  15. 15. 一起作业 Content: English hw Partnership: 小学,地方政府(体制认证),家长 Curriculum: 教学大纲 Edu mode: 作业管理,老师课件分享
  16. 16. Challenges: 为啥这块骨头这么硬? Quality of content and measurable results: dilemma Biz model challenge: freemium, pro bono; bottom- up sales strategy Distribution channel: tightly controlled; Exit challenge: IPO, acquisition;