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Process Journal20/05/2012I had previously shot a lot of footage, and had written a three page script onCrowdfunding. After...
10. I got the artist to depict a altered version of my own story, the big difference being in  the end, instead of making ...
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Process journal


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Transcript of "Process journal"

  1. 1. Process Journal20/05/2012I had previously shot a lot of footage, and had written a three page script onCrowdfunding. After watching the footage however, I realized it was incomprehensiblebecause of the surrounding noise. I also realized that making a video of a debate was notthe best idea. While it would certainly have been very informative, it also would be veryboring, and I didn’t want to trouble Jaffar again to help record for me. I then decided tobrainstorm for a new idea. I still knew the topic I wanted to share, which was crowdfunding.I thought about if for half an hour, and after careful evaluation, I came across the idea ofcreating an animation. The pro’s of this would be that it would be short and and interestingto view. While it probably wasn’t as informative as a debate, it would be more informativethan those video’s where someone pops up and goes “Hello There!”. It’s cons were that itrequired quite a bit of equipment. A whiteboard, markers and a good camera. Thankfully Imanaged to get hold of all of those from my dad. It wasn’t a stroke of luck however, one ofthe reasons why I though of doing an animation was because I knew my dad had thoseobjects with him. I also considered using stykiv, but it was a little too cumbersome anddidn’t give me the freedom I wanted.Steps I took1. Collected equipment: Markers, Whiteboard, Dry and Wet Cloth, Camera, Chair, Books, Table, Good lighting.2. I Set the whiteboard and made sure the camera is in a good position to take pictures of it. Used table and books as a tripod.3. I imagined in my head what I wanted to say and then came up with a story that depicted it. I first planned the basics of my story, from start to finish, trying to make sure all the points were answered. Then I worked out in detail the actual scenes of the opening sequence.4. My first scene involved an artist running in a park. To achieve this effect, I made modified the position of his legs on every picture and moved the try across the picture. His body remained the same however.5. Then I made the artist wave by altering his arm position.6. Then I made him hold up a sign that said, “Support my Art”.7. After that Donation’s started flying in. I depicted a different type of person every time. There was a girl, a guy, hat guy, a fat guy, mustache man, glasses man. There were two quite out of place characters also included, an alien and a black hated man who instead of giving money, gave a those chatter tooth. Those were for fun, and the black hat man is a reference to XKCD, which helped influence my video.8. I got the artist to buy paint, and set him out to work.9. After this I again took time to plan the later stages of my video. I decided that this video should be both self referential, as well as as make a reference the ‘The Artist’.
  2. 2. 10. I got the artist to depict a altered version of my own story, the big difference being in the end, instead of making a movie about his adventure, the artist just painted a portrait.11. After that was completed. I depicted a scene where the artist gave a copy of his movie to one of his donors.12. I packed up all the equipment I had used except for the camera, which I would need tomorrow to get the pictures out and begin editing.21/05/2012Today I had to edit my video. It was a fairly simple process. I wished I had a more powerfuleditor than iMovie, but it all worked out in the end. The biggest problem was getting thetitle text that I wanted, and making sure the font was identical throughout the video. I hadto manually change the font of each title text for that.Steps I took1. I uploaded all the pictures I took from my camera into my computer.2. I created a new event in iMovie and added a new project titled An Artist.3. I added all the pictures I took into my project.4. I made sure to change the cropping setting to fit for all the pictures.5. I changed the time for each picture to a second each.6. Then I removed the pictures I felt didn’t fit as well.7. Then I added the titles in the beginning.8. Then I played through the entire animation a couple of times, and made minor adjustments. Mostly to the time of the frames as well as the cropping of it.9. Then I added the text that helped progress the story, like in B&W silent film.10. I played through it again a couple of times, and again made minor adjustments.11. Finally I looked through some creative commons sites for music to add to my project. It was cumbersome to find any songs that fit my video, and even then they weren’t too good so I just used a song from John Coltrane, from his album My Favorite Things.12. The next day I showed it to Miss Krengal, and she approved of it