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Process journal
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Process journal


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Process JournalBy Zhiyan Foo ShiyuanFor his Personal Project
  • 2. Dear Process JournalThis is my first entry into my process journal. I have just looked through the criteriaand my understanding of the Process Journal has changed. I had thought it was aplace where you documented everything for the project. Apparently it should be onlyused to• demonstrate organizational skills, showing time and self management.• communicate and collaborate with the supervisors• demonstrate information literacy, thinking and reflectionand that it is only worth 4/28 or 1/7 of the marks and each entry should not be thatextensive. It also says that there should be about 10-20 entries into the processjournal. Now there about 100 days before our personal reports are due, which Iimagine also mean most if not all of our process journal is due by then, I should clarifythis with Miss Laing. If I were to divide the sum of days left by the number of entrieswhich I have to do which would be about 12 entries, I would get an entry every 8 daysor just about every week. That gives me a rough guideline to follow.Second EntryDear Process JournalThis is the second entry. There is one point I’m trying to make here. This project isbased on my CT project and that’s is fine. I know this because I’ve checked with bothMrs Krengal, Miss Lindsay and Miss Fredricks. It would be based on my CT projectyes but its not a copy paste thing. The actual product would be different, my productwould be 3D digital models of the room while my CT product was a business proposaland specifications. The report would be different, it would be written from scratch, andthe CT work referred, and maybe in a few areas copied, but would stand alone as areport and be distinctively different from my CT page. The Process Journal would bedifferent. So its a whole different thing altogether.
  • 3. Third EntryI’ve noticed that in the guidelines for the Process Journal it says that it should not be astatic document with only one format. So I’ve decided to make an audio recording ofmy interview with Charlie -, Dr Zilber and Miss Fredricks, that I am trying to arrangewith little success so far. Im also going to see Miss Laing tomorrow also beforehomeroom but I won’t be recording that. Today’s the 2nd of January.Fourth EntryDear Process JournalSo last week I spoke with Dr Zilber and Charlie Chan. The interviews didn’t go well.For my CT proposal I had given a presentation on my project to Dr Zilber. Lastthursday, January the 19th, I hoped to get feedback on my project from her.Unfortunately it was apparent by that time that Dr Zilber had completely forgottenabout my presentation and project. The only comment she made was that I shouldlook over my Project and see whether it would fit the specifications because shedidn’t think it would. And she was so encouraging during my presentation too. I didmention that this was the only project that Miss Laing approved of. The secondinterview, with Charlie Chan, was done on the same day, during lunchtime. When Isaw him I realized he wasn’t the man I thought he was. Back when I did thepresentation there were three teachers present to evaluate. The male one I thoughtwas called Charlie, apparently his Henry Wrong. Anyway I still had the interview withwith Charlie, since he was the facilities manager. He painted a bleak picture, theschool had no space at all even for existing projects, it wasn’t likely they wouldapprove a space for a school lounge. However they say that necessity is the motherof invention and after mentioning my predicament to miss Krengal she suggested Icreate a dual classroom/common room. Since I’m creating three designs, one of MissKrengal’s room, the other of Miss Wiklin, I could do another one as a dual classroom/common room.
  • 4. Fifth EntryDearSo I rewrote my report. I moved my justifications to my research paper, and left theoriginal document, the one that says Report, with just the defining the goal section. Iadded a whole bunch of specifications. I’m kind of stuck at the research stage causethere isn’t actually much scholarly papers on common rooms being done. So I’mgoing to write up some survey’s, hard copy this time, and also interview Miss Fredrickand Mr Henry Wong. Hopefully I would get the right people this time, and hopefullythey would have remembered my presentation.Sixth EntryDear Process JournalToday during lunchtime, I was in room 345 and hard at work cause I’m a very diligentstudent, while other people were chatting and having fun. In the middle of lunchtimehowever Miss Rankin kicked us out because apparently we needed a teacher’ssupervision. She did say however that if we approached student council and askedthem to set a rule to use a particular room as a social room we could. So apparentlywe can’t just use other teachers room’s as we please during lunchtime, who wouldhave thought.Seventh EntryDear Process JournalI have just changed all the headers in my Process Journal from ‘Dear Reader’ to ‘DearProcess Journal’. I have done this not only because I love and cherish my ProcessJournal, but also because writing ‘Dear Reader‘ every time, kept reminding that I onlyhad a single reader.
  • 5. I met with Miss Laing earlier this week. She said my Process Journal was on the rightpath but still had a long way to go, in a manner of speaking. She asked me to goback and look at criteria, which I have done. Upon reading it once more I noticed thatin bold that extracts of our process journal would be sent for moderation and that,“ The student must take responsibility for making the appropriate extractsavailable to the supervisor.” Now all my teachers know I’m a very responsiblestudent and so I’ll try to make this paragraph suitable for extraction and moderation,achieving only the highest level in all the level descriptors. Just yesterday I kept anappointment with my cousin, a student of architecture who had just finished aninternship at an architectural firm. He had done a lot of interior design for thatcompany, using the same software that I would use for my models. He gave me abrief introduction to it’s features and highlighted common mistakes that could beeasily resolved. I made another appointment for when he would come to my house forchinese new and resolved to create a model draft for room 345 by then to show him.One of the problem’s that the project has to overcome, as mentioned in a previouspost, was the school’s lack of room space and therefore hesitation in building a roomfor students. Upon further thinking, I have decided to create a survey to judge thestudent’s population eagerness for the project. Also their attitude towards a classroomthat would also feature as a student room. The results are still coming in, but thesurvey is available in my report.Eight EntryDear Process JournalI’ve almost finished one of the sketchup model for my room, I just need to add insome window’s. I showed Miss Laing a previous incarnation of it. She didn’t really saymuch about it design wise, other than it should accommodate more people. Aftersome thought, I decided to remove the pool table as it was taking up too muchspace. I’ve in it’s place added a red carpeted area, with bean bags and cushions,where people could lie down and rest instead. This arrangement also leaves morespace for the tables, and the sofa. The lack of accommodations for people should besolved as a result. One thing I have suddenly remembered to do, and have regret not
  • 6. doing is saving older versions of the model so I can show my progress. I mustremember to do this for all my future models.Ninth EntryDear Process JournalHere are pictures of the finished model. There is also a video that revels each layerslowly. I’m not sure how this is all going to look on my wikispace or whether if Itransfer it it would be viewable. The dimensions of the room correspond with theactual room.
  • 7. VideoTenth EntryDear Process JournalToday was Career Week. One of the persons I visited was a graphic designer. Afterour session I asked her if I could come back and show her my design. Heres arecording of most of the second part of the conversation.In case you didn’t manage to listen to that, here are the main points she made. shesaid that windows are very important, and that a person subconsciously does notwant his/her back facing the window. That means I’ll have to move the sofa and chairsaround, and even maybe the rug set. Also looking back at my specifications, I saidthere should be a place to showcase student achievements and I need an iMac so Ineed to ad those two things. And here I was thinking I was done with my first model.
  • 8. Eleventh EntryDear Process JournalI think I’m finally done with my first model. Here are pictures of the latest model.
  • 9. 6 5 4 3 2 1 Previous Version Latest VersionI have nicely highlighted all the aspects of the model I have changed. As you can seeit’s numerous, but nothing too drastic.1. I’ve added an iMac2. I’ve rotated and moved the carpeted relaxation area3. I’ve moved Michealangelo4. Moved the Sofa5. Created a trophy cabinet with a display on top. I created the cabinet myself and am particularly proud about this display. Here it is again.6. Moved the bookshelf
  • 10. While the changes have been minor this time round, I felt they have really created atighter product. A lot of it was basically following the parameters that were set by thegraphics designer in our interview. One thing I didn’t do that she recommended wasmove the group work tables away from in front of the door, as it wasn’t desirable thatthe first thing that a newcomer into the room would see the long row of tables.However to move that away and leave all the rest of the furniture i wanted in the roomintact would have been physically impossible so I didnt change that aspect of thedesign.The only thing left to do now for this design would be to add windows and get itchecked by my interior design cousin. I just remembered I had an aunt that alsoworked as an interior designer, maybe I’ll run it by her too. It’s sometimes good havinga really extended family.Twelve EntryDear Process JournalI’ve been working quite hard on my second model. It’s almost complete, still a fewmajor points to deal with, but it’s come a long way.
  • 11. So far I’ve been rather happy with the design. It still has a bit to quite a bit to do, botha few major and minor touches are needed. The main problem I’m currently facing isthe lack of an extra group work table. Ive got quite a lot of single work space alreadybut I haven’t got space for my second one, and barely got space for my sofa set. Ireally don’t want the furniture to get too cluttered but I do have a awful lot to add. Iprobably solve this buy getting rid of some of the single work tables and then movethings around, like rotate the pool table. But if I do that then I’ll probably also have tomove the trophy cabinet/display and I particular like where it is right now. In fact I likethe whole inverted L shaped region of my design which I have highlighted. I think it fitsnicely, and is both pragmatic and attractive. I spent ages designing a nice chair andcoffee table for the design, and one I was finished I decided it was terribly ugly andhad to scour the net for an alternative. I think the new ones work very nicely, and theylook comfortable.