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  • 1. Business ProposalPrepared for: Dr Ettie ZilberPrepared by: Zhiyan FooNovember 8, 2011
  • 2. School LoungeDear Dr Ettie ZilberIn the time you have spent in this school, we think you have done some extraordinarywork and are an exceptional headmistress. One more project we feel you couldaccomplish in your tenure at BISS would be to set up a school lounge for students.We have put together a detailed report, on all the necessary data that you would requireto go forward with this idea.BackgroundIn a survey that was done on the high school students of our school, we found that 25% ofthe people spent their time in teachers classroom, 9.4% in the library, 37% playingoutside and 53% other. Now if you add all those percentages up you get more than a100%, that means that some respondents clicked more than one answer. In this surveythe majority, of the respondents, 53.4%, clicked on other, and in the responses we got ofwhat “other” was, most of them said spending their time walking on the track, just walkingaround aimlessly and hanging out back at the playground area.ObjectiveEven before we did the survey, we knew that the most of the student body, almost all thegirls and some of the boys, did not play sports had no specific place to be duringlunchtime. Many of them spent their time wandering about aimlessly, on the track orthrough the corridors. Grade’s 11 and 12 hanged out in the teachers room. Those whohanged out in the library would repeatedly be shushed and eventually kicked out. Ourgroup decided that creating a room where students could call their own, work and play inwould be good for both the students and the school.
  • 3. SpecificationsThese are the basic specifications for our lounge that our project proposes• A room large enough to accommodate approximately twenty students• A room that would be decorated with artwork from the students themselves• A room that would have shelves supplied by DT class.• A room that would have Jazz music tuesdays, and Classical music thursdays.• A room which would showcase acclaimed books and comics to encourage school literacy.• A room that would have a copy of all the necessary textbooks an IB student would need.• A room that would showcase student projects and achievements.• A room that would broadcast all school events and activities• A room where students can relax and interact• A room where students can work individually and as a team• A room while would be free for use during the elementary schools lunch time, but would not be built for elementary school.• A room limited to a certain two set amount of grades at a time. 6-8, 9-12.At any one point only one set of grades would be allowed into the room. First the right ofthe room would be given to the 9-12, to maintain use of the room, the grades must at leastpay 7 kuai everyday. If the grade does not pay enough three days in a row, then the rightto use the room would be transferred back to the grade 6-8. If they don’t cough upenough then it would be back to the grade 9-12. This is how who uses the room would bedecided. The money would go back to the school for the cost of the room, and anyupgrades to the room would also be payed by this money.
  • 4. ImplementationWe would achieve each of the following specifications in this ways• The room we are hoping to get is the Mrs Krengels current CT room. Mrs Krengrel said she would be happy to move especially if it means she would be on the third flour with the rest of the classrooms. We are hoping move her classroom to the PE room, room 345, which was what we did last year for CT and as there is no PE for grade 11 and 12 and since 90% of the time we are outside anyway, we thought the CT class could move there and PE be conducted in the courtyard or the annex.• The artwork by the student to decorate the room would naturally come from the art class. Just like the way the school is decorated with our art work the room would be too. We would have to consider size and make sure theres a variety in the art. Large installations would not be there for a long time, there would be a lot of paintings on the walls and there would be enough space for a sculpture or two.• To help inspire students to expand the variety of music listen to and encourage open mindedness, every tuesday we would have a selection of jazz music and every thursday a selection of classical music to be played. I could contribute and so would Mr Dutton. Miss Lindsay might help also. We would need some decent speakers to play this music.• The room would have a shelves to display out schools greatest achievements and current achievements. This could be provided by the DT class just as the shelves outside where.• We would have a one iMac which we would use it to play the music, store all school photos and events, showcase all the drama skits that have been recorded, plays, all the music the school has recorded and a general computer for students to use. This would also be connected to the projector.• There would be a white board that could be decorated and all new announcements written on it.• We would showcase books in a similar way Miss Laing does it in her classroom
  • 5. • We would have a shelve provided by the DT classroom that contains all the textbooks.• We would have coaches and sofas and small tables for people to seat in, this would be bought.• We would have a carpet and cushions for people to seat in, bought.• We would have tables and chairs for people to work in, bought.• A money box where donated money could be kept; made by the DT class.ClosingNaturally any changes you feel should be made could and would be made. This is justour proposal of what a school lounge would look like. Back when we where firstbrainstorming we thought of a having a lounge outside. We sent a survey out and 73%said they wanted one. We later decided that although a wooden log cabin lounge wouldbe a fine thing to have, it would not be as feasible as one indoor. Now although it maycome in a different form we still hope this school’s students get their lounge. When canwe get started?Best WishesBISS Student, Zhiyan Foo